Monday, 29 December 2014

RAISE UR PAW & MAKE A PACT - Preventing Animal Cruelty Together.

Don't Just Make a Resolution this New Year - Make A Pact!

As we quickly move towards a new year, and take the opportunity to reflect upon the year in which we had – it is imperative that we continue to not only set new aims and goals for ourselves but to also make each year an opportunity to make a difference in the world that we live in and for the lives that reside within it.

   I know that right now many are probably thinking I am talking about making those “famous” resolutions that everyone makes each year – but in this case, it’s not so much making a resolution, but making it a mission: establishing purposes and ambitions – whether big or small – to fulfill and achieve in order to make an impact or a difference.

“Every Step Taken is a Step Further Then What You Took Before!”

   It is important to realize that this form of mission, is not just for animal activists/advocates but for all humanity, a way that we can come together as a unity and work as one to make 2015 and future years, periods of progress - focusing on strategies and methods in order to achieve not only our aims and goals, but results as well.

 "When We Help And Care For The Helpless And Uncared For, We Become Angels In Human Form!" ~ Anthony Douglas Williams.

     It is time for us to not only focus on the here and now, but on the "what lies ahead" what we will be leaving to our future generations - considering that the steps in which we take are the steps that they may follow... and isn't it important to give them a world that they can enjoy to live in, to be proud of?

    Please Join along with us and RAISE UR PAW - become involved with making a stand and speaking out to help our voiceless.. Make the PACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty Together) - Let's become a United World.

Thank You



Sunday, 21 December 2014


Dear Dr. Laura;
    As an animal activist/advocate and president of the not-for-profit Incorporation, RAISE UR PAW, I want to express my views and thoughts about not only the statements in which you made about beloved pitbulls, but also in regards to your apology which you posted on facebook.
    Earlier this week, you took it upon yourself to make comments in which were not only inappropriate but also very cruel towards the pitbull breed – which not only stirred up outrage and negativity of individuals around the world, but also added fuel towards the image and reputation that many have put forth towards this breed of innocent life.
    As I am sure by now you are witnessing & maybe even experiencing – negativity can do a great amount of damage towards an individual’s reputation, making it extremely hard to regain and restore it back to a positive outlook – even with an apology being made.
    This experience and image, which in the eyes of many, you are now standing in – is exactly where these innocent living beings have been placed for some time – except for them they are being sentenced to death or condemned to an image created by mere ignorance and fear – discriminated against all because of their breed.
The Apology By Dr. Laura -->
    I understand that everyone has the rights to their views and opinions, but I do have to ask, with the statement that you made – would you want to see that hung over the heads of your children, grandchildren, future generations of your family – just because you made one view known that sparked this issue --- leading them down a road where they are discriminated against or place them in a category which was designed by fear and hate.  Of Course Not! And yet this is exactly the same shoe that pitbulls wear on a daily basis by some individuals.
     In closing,  I truly hope that this is a lesson learned – that hatred and negativity towards any life, can do more damage to not only the reputation of the individual, but to your own reputation as well – and that even to apologize may not be enough to restore the outcome of what spreading hate and negativity can do.
Thank You



Thursday, 18 December 2014

THE CASE OF BELA --- A Companion Is Not Property!


   We at RAISE UR PAW, a not-for-profit incorporation, are continuously fighting for the rights/welfare of animals and when we first laid eyes upon the story of "Bela" we simply couldn't ignore the situation.

    We understand that as pet owners, we all want what is best for our companion animals if by chance anything was to happen to us - as we would for our own children, such as who would take care of our beloved furry family members? would our companions be taken care of properly and lovingly if in the even of our passing etc.? These and other questions, I am sure that many of us have thought of --- However, when it comes to the final decision, would we put it in our wills to have our pets euthanized, in the event of our passing- so that we could be buried together?

   This is exactly the situation is in "Bela's" case and it has not only raised eyebrows of many, but some negativity and outrage as well.

   The more I read the article the more disturbed I was, and the disturbance of this matter didn't really turn to extreme outrage until I read the part where the owner's lawyer stated that the German Shepherd is his client's "property" and she was free to do with him as she wished.

   That right there was the straw that broke the camel's back with me - I understand that even without that statement I would still fight to help "Bela" but with just that remark was enough to really send me forward, not only to save the life of this innocent being, but to show the world that an animal is not/nor should ever be considered "Property".

   This lawyer's statement is not only disgraceful in my opinion, but also totally unacceptable and I believe that if this is indeed the law, and that this is how law sees companion animals, then there is some real changes that need to be made immediately.. for this will stir up more problems and issues, especially with animal abusers/killers by using this as a loophole to get away with their crimes against nature.

    I am hoping that with Bela's case and story more individuals will come together united to save this beloved animal from a fate that was legally signed & sealed - and to also raise our paws and voices against companion animals being considered "property" - for they are living, breathing beings and to some "our children" and should not be permitted to be labelled in this way.  

    Please Support and Take part in the efforts to Save "Bela" - We are his voice, and it is time for his voice to be heard.

SIGN THE PETITION --> "Animals are Living Beings NOT property!"

Thank You


Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Dear Readers:

   We at RAISE UR PAW, a Not-For-Profit Incorporation, are in urgent request for your help and assistance in hopes of saving the life of an innocent Doberman Pinscher named "DUNAJ" - a life on death row who has one last chance to survive - but it is your voices and help that can achieve this goal.

    Thanks to one of our animal angels "Miss Stef", we were informed by her about the desperate and urgent need of voices and support to help save this innocent life, and we were more than happy to help and support the fight in any way that we could - and now we are reaching out for your voices and hearts to join along with countless others.

     As we read the NEWS ARTICLE in which we found -- it is apparent that Dunaj was not the one at fault in this issue, but a mere victim of cruel actions by one inebriated individual - and yet it is this dear life that will pay with his life, unless we can come together united and speak for his survival.

    According to an eye witness - it was stated that Dunaj was leashed outside a downtown store that his owner owned, when a man who was intoxicated kicked the innocent dog in the head without provocation - the dog immediately responded to the drunk man's violent act by barking at him, but in no way biting the individual.  

    The inebriated individual then began barking back at the dog - apparently getting directly into the face of the animal.  It was then that the witness ran over and shoved the man away and stood between the individual and the dog - the witness called 911 and the man was arrested by the North Bay Police.

    However, the article also stated that "Dunaj" was taken from his owner by the Health Unit and placed with the Humane Society -- and now the dear innocent animal is facing not only the tribunal, but also the fight for his life.

The Pre-hearing Teleconference between the dog owner or his representatives and lawyer of the North Bay Health Unit, Christian Tremblay, is to take place Tuesday December 16th, 2014 and Wednesday December 17th, 2014 - which will apparently be closed to the public. 

There is already a FACEBOOK PAGE for Support For Dunaj

    We are hoping and pleaing that individuals will take part in raising their paws and voices in hopes of saving Dunaj - for time is ticking for this innocent life in need - and we at RAISE UR PAW, will also be writing to City Council of North Bay and even reaching out to get media attention to join the countless others in spreading this message and speaking out for man's best friend.

Please Support #SaveDunaj - Raise Ur Paw and Show you Care. 

Thank You
Raise Ur Paw.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Taiji Dolphin Slaughter - Boycott Japan Strategy?

  As I am sure that many of you know, the outrage and pleas to stop the horrific dolphin slaughter/enslavement in Taiji, Japan is escalating with each passing day that this brutal massacre is permitted to happen. There has even been many that are now uniting as one and suggesting a #BoycottJapan method in order to finally solve and bring to an end the drive fisheries issue that is claiming and enslaving the lives of countless dolphins.

     This strategy is not only gaining support, but not everyone shares the same views of this form of method, some even stating that if there was a boycott on Japan, countless individuals residing in this country would suffer greatly - considering that not everyone is guilty of these crimes, and that some don't even know that such a massacre is occurring. 

    Now please don't get me wrong, but I do see both sides of the situation at hand - it must be understood that people worldwide are becoming not only frustrated and outraged at what is happening, but also at Government and Media for not participating in helping deal with this issue that is at hand, and spreading the word in order to save the lives of these innocent creatures.

   It is clearly obvious that Government Officials know what is taking place - due to the fact that law enforcement are protecting these fishermen and not to mention keeping activists at bay.  So with saying that the Government must also know about the health concerns that consumption of dolphin meat can subject individuals too - due to high levels of mercury and who knows what other toxins in the meat - and it is truly a shame that Media is not letting the public know - in order to not only protect the dolphins, but individual's health and well-being as well.

   Do I believe that individuals should be punished for crimes of others in the country? Of course not - just like I would not believe in individuals in our country being punished for the crimes of individuals that are inflicting upon animal life -- However, I do agree that necessary action needs to be taken, and that action needs to be taken by the Government and Media  to flex and exercise their power to not only stop this slaughter, but to also bring it to the public's attention so that they have the choice to become involved - instead of being blindfolded from the truth.

    Now I am sure that there is going to be many who will disagree with me, and I truly understand that - Because I am one who is also as frustrated and outraged as countless others that this slaughter/enslavement hasn't ended - and that certain Government Officials are only voicing their concerns and not taking appropriate action to do something to stop this.

What is your opinion on this situation? 



STOP THE DOG MEAT TRADE: Standing On The Frontlines

   When it comes to the fight against the dog meat trade – many would say that what activists are doing is the frontlines of this war – a desperate and dangerous struggle in order to not only save the lives of thousands of dogs a year, but to also stop this brutal and lucrative trade.

    But even with the countless angels working determined and dedicated, there are some individuals who state that bringing an end to this savage and barbaric trade, which claims millions of dogs a year, is an immense and dangerous challenge, not only for the innocent dogs but for those that are participating in ending this slaughter as well.

   This trade is not about Survival or Culture, but PROFIT, and it is due to this blood money that is making smugglers and gangs switch their tactics in attempts to ward off the threats to their huge-profit trade.

    As you can very well see, the many activists and those involved on the ground to help the fight to end this trade are not only putting their time, money, dedication to help save our companion animals, but they are literally putting their lives on the line – and these animal angels are not backing down.

     With these stakes being raised, it is truly important that the world unites to help and support – and not just individuals of the world, but Governments and media as well need to step forward and bring light and solution to this issue, to flex and exercise their power to bring an end to not only the threat of this trade, but to the whole trade itself.

     It has always been shown that we as a world, and humanity, do not back away from the threats of “terrorism”, and although many may state that this situation is not terrorism, I believe that in some way it truly is – because those involved in these high criminal organizations dealing with the dog meat trade, will and use violent acts in order to establish fear in order to stop/prevent those from doing what is right, and those jeopardizing their “blood money” business.

     It is time to urge the Government to bring in laws that can and will be enforced in order to protect and save the lives of our companion animals, to create new and tougher laws that would carry a maximum penalty and fine, and slam the hammer down to make the selling, abuse/cruelty, and market for dog/cat meat illegal.

Please Join & Raise Ur Paw Against the Dog/Cat Meat Trade – Let’s show the Greatness of our Nation by Uniting as One Voice Making a Stand.

Thank You


Sunday, 14 December 2014


"The Greatest Give You Can Give A Life Is Your Time, Even though It May Not Seem Like Much, It Is Truly Valuable By Those In Need!"

Dear Readers;

    As we prepare and become involved in the Christmas Holiday, the busyness of the season also grows - leading many to rush around in search for that perfect material present to give, creating lists that we rush ourselves to complete in order to create the perfect holiday season - but it is extremely important that we stop for a mere moment to remember that the value and true spirit of Christmas is not by the material objects in which we receive and give, but by the value of the heart and thought that goes into the gift of giving that we present to another soul - and that is kindness, love, help and the true meaning of peace.

    We at RAISE UR PAW, a Not-For-Profit Incorporation, is extending an invitation to all, in hopes that countless individuals will help support and participate in our campaign "SANTA PAWS" an idea in which came from my 10-year-old daughter, Dakota, after she came across a commercial that was calling out for help and aid for sheltered animals in need.

     Although each year, we give a donation to our local animal shelter - this idea for SANTA PAWS was truly an inspiration that we hope will unite the World in showing the Spirit of Christmas by helping innocent sheltered animals in need - whether it be through donations, volunteering or just giving that special gift to a life in need at your local animal shelters or humane societies.

     Please Share this message to an array of individuals, whether it be to friends/family, social network etc - For innocent sheltered lives need our voices and helping hands, not just for Christmas but all year round.  We hope that you will Raise Ur Paw and be a #SANTAPAWS.

Merry Christmas






Saturday, 13 December 2014


  "A wish for Arturo, a bear in despair, reaching out for help from people everywhere. This fragile life is in desperate need, so Raise Ur Paw United - a fight to succeed" ~ Ben Sterling.

    The heartbreaking life story of Arturo, the "Polar Bear in Despair", is one that has not only reached many individuals around the world, but has touched their hearts as well.  Now fragile and slowly perishing, due to the extreme heat and conditions of the environment in which he resides (Mendoza Zoo), the hope for his freedom and sanctuary is fading just as quickly.. a sad reality that many animal angels around the globe are trying desperately to stop from occurring.

But more of the World's Help and Support is Needed! - for even if we do not succeed, at least we are raising awareness and opening eyes to the damaging conditions and environments that others, like Arturo, are living in and subjected to on a daily basis - an issue that is not only physically damaging to the innocent lives, but also psychologically.

  As I am sure that many are aware, Arturo is not just a polar bear, but a symbol of the cruelty and inhumanity of enslavement and exploitation - and how desperately it is needed for the Governments to flex and exercise their powers to help & save the innocent beings that endure this type of inhumanity regularly and prevent the damaging effects of confinement and taken from their natural habitats to environments that are unsuitable and inappropriate for these living beings.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION FOR ARTURO - Be One of A Million Who Shows they Care

   It is imperative that we use our voices to not only help those lives in need, but to also take the appropriate steps to make sure that such cruelty & inhumanity is prevented from occurring & that the lives in which are enduring this now is stopped once and for all.

We need to better our World for all life - not just only for humanity.  Please take part and Raise Ur Paw for Life in need - A change and difference needs to be made, if we want the hope for a compassionate and better World to succeed.

Thank You




Friday, 12 December 2014

WHOA WALMART! Our Open Letter To Walmart To Ban Gestation Crates

To The Executives of Walmart;

    We at Raise Ur Paw, a not-for-profit Incorporation, and countless voices of the world, are requesting that you take the appropriate measures against the use of gestation crates, an inhumane and cruel practice in which you support within your supply chains of pork.

    This horrific display of cruelty is in no means appropriate for a civilized society - and the fact that you as a corporation are taking part in such an act is not only shameful, but a damaging effect upon your reputation, which is leading many to rethink their consumer contribution to your company - an outcome that I am sure you don't want to occur.

    You must understand that Gestation Crates are damaging to the physical and psychological development and well-being of these intelligent and innocent animals - and to play a role in this inhumane practice is simply unacceptable, and we hope that you will take the steps along with countless others to remove your role and participation from this cruel display and be part of compassion and respect to life.

     These babies are not objects or possessions for profit, they are living beings that deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and compassion - and these gestation crates that many industries are supporting, are simply prisons for profit that absolutely NO LIFE should have to endure or be prisoners of.

Please RAISE UR PAW and Ban the Use of Gestation Crates - it is time that the world becomes united and protect/save the lives of innocent animals - for they are more important than the almighty dollar.

Thank You





Wednesday, 10 December 2014

PIGGY PRISON - The Horrors of Gestation Crates

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, and this little piggy spends the rest of its life inside a gestation crate, unable to move, cruelly crammed inside.

   According to information collected, GESTATION CRATES are used in intensive pig farming - where sows are kept during pregnancy and in effect for most of their adult lives.  These crates measure 6.6FT X 2.0 FT and can house sows weighing up to 900 lbs - not much room for a living being.

    It is just this concern and issue that is giving negative attention to these "piggy prisons", stirring up outrage worldwide about the unhealthy and cruel conditions, which is leading many to protest and petition Governments and their officials to put a ban on the use of such "Crates of Cruelty".

    But it seems that those that are for these gestation crates, are arguing and firing back saying that such gestation crates are needed for these lives, because without them the pigs would develop a social heirarchy and fight between themselves.

If this is truly the case of the matter --- then why are these crates not bigger or expanded so that these innocent lives at least are able to move and enjoy somewhat of their lives, instead of being crammed in a limited spot, creating unhealthy conditions, not only physically but perhaps psychologically as well.

    It is important that we understand and acknowledge the intelligence level of such animals - highly social, curious, form cooperative and sophisticated social groups, not to mention they feel pain, stress and fear - and it is clearly observed that such development is being damaged by such confinement and conditions of these crates - immobilized, creating suffering not only to the physical aspect of these living beings, but psychological as well (frustration, distress).

     According to further research, it seems that more companies are now moving away from the "Gestation Crate" Practice, due to these concerns and issues that these innocent beings are being subjected too and that individuals nationwide (including celebrities) are uniting their voices together to get legislation to get this practice outlawed - which in my opinion is a great idea, because this practice is not only cruel and inhumane, but I believe it to be a violation of the rights/welfare of these animals - which is a true crime against nature.


    We must not only gain the support and voices of individuals worldwide, but also the Government and Media Voices and Attention as well - for they hold certain powers and push that can make these crates of cruelty a thing of the past and to show that such inherently cruel methods of inhumanity have no place in a civilized society.

    It is time to put the rights and welfare of innocent animals first for a change, instead of the almighty dollar.  Cruelty to living beings is unacceptable, and therefore needs to be stopped - for if such display of inhumanity was being put upon humanity, it would have been banned before it was even started - Let's give Animals the same respect and compassion... Join the Fight to Stop the Use of Gestation Crates.

Thank You


Monday, 8 December 2014

MAKE A CHANGE - Speak Against Taiji

To Whom it May Concern;

      We at Raise Ur Paw, a Not-For-Profit Incorporation, are constantly following the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter/Enslavement that is occurring in Taiji, Japan from September to March every year.  We must say that such actions against these beautiful and intelligent creatures is truly a crime against nature, and unacceptable in a civilized and humane world that we reside in.

     As the continuous outrage and pleas for the banning of this inhumanity escalates, we as a united world are also observing that Government Officials are continuing to ignore and turn a blind eye from the truth that they are allowing to take place, and that truth is inhumanity and cruelty for the mere almighty dollar – a piece of paper that has the blood of innocent lives upon it and on the hands of those that are involved.

    This inhumanity is staining a beautiful country with negativity on its reputation, and also subjecting the individuals of the country with health issues that are linked to the many concerns of consuming dolphin meat (high levels of mercury and perhaps other toxins that cause health issues.) and it’s clear to see that such issues, along with the countless lives that are lost and tortured, are not showing any importance to the Government, for they continue to allow this brutality and it is time for a change.

    We at Raise Ur Paw take to heart the quote that Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to perfect is to change often” – and although change can be scary sometimes, it can also be a truly important educational and world changing experience – thus meaning, that if we can show the greatness of a nation by making a change for the better, then perhaps many others will follow our footsteps in creating a more compassionate and humane world in which we live in.

     Many animal angels so far have contributed so much dedication, time, effort, money, etc to be part of getting this slaughter/enslavement stopped – individuals who have gone above and beyond their call of duty to help save lives that are truly important, and now the support and power of the Government is needed – whether it be from the Government of Japan, to USA, to Canada – and that support should be more than just concerns, it needs to be actions – for actions speak louder than words.

     This being said, such change does not have to just relate to the dolphin slaughter /enslavement of Taiji, but to all issues that our voiceless face on a daily basis, and if Governments truly do hear and speak for the voices of the world, then they will take part in raising their paws along with us to help save and protect the innocent lives that have every reason to be in this world as we do, and that laws are desperately needed to be set and to be enforced – for if we continue on down this path of destruction of our voiceless, then we have truly failed as a world and as humanity.

      Please Spread this message and speak up for our voiceless, for we are more than just their guardians but their voices as well.

Thank You


Sunday, 7 December 2014


Innocent lives are being kidnapped from their mothers and Government Officials are not hearing the pleas that such actions could cost these babies their lives.

   Heartbreaking and disturbing baby elephants are being kidnapped from their mothers and the Government of Zimbabwe has admitted to capturing these lives for export to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and that the warning from conservation groups aren't being heard that taking these babies from their mothers could kill them.

   According to the articles in which I read, Saviour Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe's environment minister, stated that it was normal for wildlife to be captured in the country's largest game reserve and exported from time to time, but along with this statement he denied reports that the animals were destined for Chinese Zoos, saying they were destined for the UAE - but we have to truly ask ourselves if that is really what is going on - or is there more behind the story then meets the eye? 


    The Zimbabwe's National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA) state that they are urgently investigating the alleged sale - trying to speak to those who they believe brokered the deal and check on the welfare of the captured animals. 


    We must understand and acknowledge that when it comes to LIVE EXPORT, there is absolutely no telling what the conditions will be of these living beings, especially since their health and welfare are already at risk from being taken away from their mothers at such a young age.  Sometimes live export just wants to get the shipment to their destination and leads to the neglect of certain aspects and strategies that could have serious consequences to the safety and well-being of these babies, which sometimes leads to heartbreaking and angering outcomes.... Death!

     The Governments are obviously not taking this into account, not understanding that these babies' lives and health are not only at risk, but should be considered more important than the money and profit that comes from the selling of them - that these babies are fully dependent on their mothers, not only for the milk in which their mothers provide, which they need until at least the fifth year of their lives, but also the nurturing aspect. Therefore, if taken away from them, their health will surely diminish, leading many of them to die.

    The blame should not only be put upon the Governments that have hand in this situation, but LIVE EXPORT as well, for accepting to take part in this unethical cruelty - and also the brokers that have a role in this.  

 Such animal cruelty and inhumane actions need to be prevented and stopped immediately, and we hope that each individual of the world will take part in raising their paws and voices to stand up and speak out in support. 


Thank You!



Thursday, 4 December 2014



    Raise Ur Paw Inc. has created it's official "Santa Paws" Campaign - a campaign established to reach out globally to all individuals in hopes that they will give the gift of love this holiday season.

    Our mission is to involve a nationwide network of individuals to help, not only raise donations for local animal shelters and humane societies, but to also raise social consciousness about the innocent lives that are residing within these places - lives that are in desperate need of loving homes and families.

    During this time of year, many are purchasing young companion animals as presents - and some will later on find themselves in these shelters/humane societies - whether they be kill shelters or no-kill shelters - it is extremely important that we remind others that animals are not presents but living beings, and that taking care of our voiceless is a lifetime commitment, as it would be if you were bringing a human child into your home. 

    We are hoping that our "SANTA PAWS" event will unite nationwide voices, support and helping hands to make the wishes of sheltered animals come true. Whether it be a special individual opening their hearts and home to an animal in need, volunteering a moment of your time to show these innocent lives you care, or even donate (money, food, etc) to your local animal shelters/humane societies - a special gesture that would mean so much.

   Take part this year in making "SANTA PAWS" a global event, not only as a helping gesture - but also a gesture of hope, faith, love and a unity showing the greatness of our nation.  Christmas is a time of love and Giving, so let's raise our paws together and share this love to not only mankind, but to animals as well - spread the spirit of Christmas worldwide, and bring happiness into the lives that so desperately need us.

Thank You
Raise Ur Paw



Sunday, 23 November 2014

Stop Gadhimai Slaughter - Our Open Letter to Government of Nepal.

Dear Government of Nepal,
       We as humanity, are coming to you in hopes of pleading one last time to put a stop to the World's largest animal sacrifice - during the Gadhimai Festival on Nov. 28th and 29th - in which you hold every five years.
      We truly understand that every person nationwide has their religion, their beliefs in what is right and wrong, and also the honor of tradition aiming at showing pride and respect towards a God or Goddess in which they worship and believe in - but we also understand that sacrificing approx. 500 thousand living animals - or even sacrificing one - in not only wrong, but also a mass mistreatment and torture to these living souls for the sake of a tradition and religion. 
    To slaughter so many in such inhumane and disrespectful ways, is an outrage and disgrace, not only to others around the world, but to also many residents of your country - believing that this slaughter is not a "religious act" but as a primary profitable enterprise, and there is no justifiable reason to permit such extreme cruel and inhumane actions - whether it be religious or profitable - murder is wrong.
    Please understand that no amount of money (profit) is worth this brutality and inhumanity that this mass slaughter brings - and the fear and terror that these beautiful beings endure is more than just heartbreaking but has no place in a civilized world today - and it's important that we step away from the violence and mercilessness towards animals, and show the Greatness of Our Nation by sowing compassion in honor of those in which we believe, and not shed the blood of the innocent.
    So we plead, for the Greatness of your Nation, Ban this ritual - Don't Sacrifice The Innocent, End the Brutality and Animal Sacrifice.

Raise Ur Paw, and humanity of the World.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

FESTIVAL OF BLOOD - Ban The Gadhimai Ritual Slaughter Festival


   That's right folks, 500,000 innocent souls will be brutally slaughtered over the course of the two day festival that Nepal will be holding - a festival that is considered to be one of the largest "religious" slaughters after the Eid-ul-Azha festival which was held by the muslims.

   This blood bath festival is celebrated once every five years, and according to sources the animal sacrifices are due to be performed on November 28th and 29th, 2014 - which will welcome hundreds of thousands of individuals to the Bara District.

    At this moment the rise of voices and the outcries are growing worldwide, flooding social media and stemming out, joining hand in hand against the festival's treatment and actions against these innocent animals, hoping and praying that something will be done to protect and save these lives from a fate that is worse than death.  

    Unfortunately, it seems that such outcries and pleas are falling upon deaf ears - considering that the organized committee has turned away from the requests and pleas of humanity and decided to go ahead with the festival as planned and thus means the beheading of buffalo while they are conscious, animals slaughtered using anything, starved for days so these poor babies are weak and can't resist the killers and so much more :(

It is just this ignoring that makes many of us not only become outraged, but question where humanity has went too when such inhumane celebrations such as this is permitted to continue, not only towards those involved but Government officials that are allowing it also - and to use the words "religious" or "culture" , many believe that these are mere excuses in order to treat and kill life so disrespectfully and inhumanely, an out-dated cruelty that needs to be stopped.



    This "festival" is nothing more than barbarism - claiming hundreds of thousands of lives, and showing the world that such acts of inhumanity exist and being permitted - without any form of punishment or justice against those who are involved.  NOT TO MENTION -  the involvement of LIVE EXPORT playing a major role by transporting many of these animals to such cruel and barbaric deaths.


    We are requesting and pleading that everyone nationwide will join together and urge officials to take action to ban these sacrifices of animals - and to also urge LIVE EXPORT not to be involved in such inhumantiy. We need to understand that without the pressure of the World, these festivals will continue, and more and more innocent blood will be shed - do we really want such cruelty and display of inhumane actions to stain our world and hands? Of course not - but we need your help and support to stop this slaughter.

Please RAISE UR PAW along with us and lets make an impact worldwide.

Thank You

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


   As not only an advocate/activist, but someone who has contributed to charities as well, I understand that we all want to contribute to a healthy population - whether it be to raise awareness, contribute our own dollars in hopes of helping in anyway possible to find cures for diseases/illnesses that are plaguing humanity, or just raising a voice to shine light on these issues.

   But although our hearts and caring natures are in the right places, there are those that are severely suffering due to this battle to find these cures, and those victims are the innocent animals that are continuously being tested on in the most horrific ways.

   According to much research, it is said that the best expectation for the prevention or cure of many of these diseases is an adopted appropriate and developmental non-animal research methods, and considering we reside within a technology world, such methods should be able to be used and developed without the subjection of suffering, pain and death to innocent life.


   The concern about the use of these ineffective and out-dated animal research that many causes and research development are still using - is decreasing the support in the main goal, finding a cure.  This is because many individuals are now keeping themselves at bay from donating and participating in finding cures and raising awareness for these illnesses/diseases -- or redirecting their support and generosity to charities and organizations that support, sponsor and use more humane methods.

    Because my dear readers, let's be truthful, would you donated to a cause or organization that used, let's say, infant humans as test subjects - permitting them to endure constant suffering, pain and even death --- or would you go the direction of supporting a cause that uses more humane and technological methods to achieve their goals?

 It's like what Pamela Anderson said, " Trying to cure human diseases by relying on outdated and ineffective animal experiments isn't only cruel -- it's a grave disservice to people who desperately need cures!"


   We need to become united and acknowledge that animal testing is NO LONGER appropriate or needed, and urge Governments and Organizations to change their strategies to more effective and humane methods, without the use and abuse of innocent animals.

    Such urging and acknowledgement, will permit the adopting of strategies and methods, that will not only protect/save the countless lives of innocent beings, but will also bring upon more awareness and more donations that are needed to achieve the aims and goals that have been set, so that research and development can be furthered in a more humane and compassionate way.

Please Check Out - HumaneSeal.Org

    Although these are my opinions, I do not want people to think that I am against helping save the lives of those who have these diseases/illnesses, or that I don't care what happens to these people as long as the animals are saved --- that is NOT what I am sending out.  I am merely stating that lives can be saved without the torture, suffering and loss of life from others - that we are living in a world that has accomplished so much, that I believe that finding more humane and non-animal related research can be obtained and developed - creating a sort of win-win situation.

Please Take Part and Say NO to ANIMAL TESTING - let's RAISE OUR PAWS UNITED.

Thank You





Tuesday, 18 November 2014

An Animal Angel - Our Open Letter to Sam Simon

Dear Mr. Simon;

    As a member of animal activism/advocacy, I want to personally say how truly heartfelt and generous you are by donating $100 Million to animal rights and other charities, and that our thoughts, prayers and much support goes out to you during this time.

    Although I do not know you personally, I want to say how truly inspirational you are, for being that beacon of light for those in need, and even though going through your own personal hardships you are still beaming your light for the innocent lives that need the voices of the world so desperately.

        It is individuals like yourself and animal angels that are the reason that compassion for our voiceless still exists, and although there are some that try so hard to keep us silent, we still continue to move forward not only shining our light, but creating a path for future generations to take to continue the journey in which we have traveled. 

    I truly hope that one day, I too can make a difference that you have - to step upon the stones in which you have placed and make a mark that will not only be remembered but also followed.

   I wanted to write this letter to you, to let you know that I and countless others will forever be grateful for your dedication and love that you have for animals, and the impact that you have made in this world, which will forever shine.

Thank You for being not only a voice, but a compassionate soul and showing the world that angels truly walk among us.

Ben Sterling
Raise Ur Paw



Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Heartbreaking Letter From A Gas Chamber Man in An Animal Shelter

  At this moment, I am literally brought to tears - trying hard to write this blog entry to express how important it is to BAN GAS CHAMBERS, and how crucial it is to write to your Government Officials and urge them to become involved and use their power to end once and for all these "boxes of death" 

    After reading this one letter that I came across, although dated June 22,2011, it still struck the heartstrings and truly opened my eyes to the hardships and torture that not only the living beings have to endure, but those that have to make that final step and flip the switch.

Here is the Letter: (Petition To Ban Gas Chambers On the Bottom)

A Letter from a Gas Chamber Man in an Animal Shelter

This where your pups will end up, I put dogs in the gas chamber Yes, I Gas Dogs and Cats for a Living.
I'm an Animal Control officer in a very small town in central North Carolina. I'm in my mid thirties, and have been working for the town in different positions since high school. There is not much work here, and working for the county provides good pay and benefits for a person like me without a higher education. I'm the person you all write about how horrible I am.

More... I'm the one that gasses the dogs and cats and makes them suffer. I'm the one that pulls their dead corpses out smelling of Carbon Monoxide and throws them into green plastic bags. But I'm also the one that hates my job and hates what I have to do.

First off, all you people out there that judge me, don't. God is judging me, and I know I'm going to Hell. Yes, I'm going to hell. I wont lie, it's despicable, cold, cruel and I feel like a serial killer. I'm not all to blame, if the law would mandate spay and neuter, lots of these dogs and cats wouldn't be here for me to gas. I'm the devil, I know it, but I want you people to see that there is another side to me the devil Gas Chamber man.

The shelter usually gasses on Friday morning.

Friday's are the day that most people look forward to, this is the day that I hate, and wish that time will stand still on Thursday night. Thursday night, late, after nobody's around, my friend and I go through a fast food line, and buy 50 dollars worth of cheeseburgers and fries, and chicken. I'm not allowed to feed the dogs on Thursday, for I'm told that they will make a mess in the gas chamber, and why waste the food.

So, Thursday night, with the lights still closed, I go into the saddest room that anyone can every imagine, and let all the doomed dogs out of their cages.

I have never been bit, and in all my years doing this, the dogs have never fought over the food. My buddy and I, open each wrapper of cheeseburger and chicken sandwich, and feed them to the skinny, starving dogs. They swallow the food so fast, that I don't believe they even taste it. There tails are wagging, and some don't even go for the food, they roll on their backs wanting a scratch on their bellies. They start running, jumping and kissing me and my buddy.

They go back to their food, and come back to us. All their eyes are on us with such trust and hope, and their tails wag so fast, that I have come out with black and blues on my thighs.. They devour the food, then it's time for them to devour some love and peace. My buddy and I sit down on the dirty, pee stained concrete floor, and we let the dogs jump on us. They lick us, they put their butts in the air to play, and they play with each other. Some lick each other, but most are glued on me and my buddy.

I look into the eyes of each dog. I give each dog a name. They will not die without a name. I give each dog 5 minutes of unconditional love and touch. I talk to them, and tell them that I'm so sorry that tomorrow they will die a gruesome, long, torturous death at the hands of me in the gas chamber. Some tilt their heads to try to understand. I tell them, that they will be in a better place, and I beg them not to hate me. I tell them that I know I'm going to hell, but they will all be playing with all the dogs and cats in heaven. After about 30 minutes, I take each dog individually, into their feces filled concrete jail cell, and pet them and scratch them under their chins. Some give me their paw, and I just want to die. I just want to die.

I close the jail cell on each dog, and ask them to forgive me. As my buddy and I are walking out, we watch as every dog is smiling at us and them don't even move their heads. They will sleep, with a full belly, and a false sense of security. As we walk out of the doomed dog room, my buddy and I go to the cat room. We take our box, and put the very friendly kittens and pregnant cats in our box. The shelter doesn't keep tabs on the cats, like they do the dogs. As I hand pick which cats are going to make it out, I feel like I'm playing God, deciding whose going to live and die.

We take the cats into my truck, and put them on blankets in the back. Usually, as soon as we start to drive away, there are purring cats sitting on our necks or rubbing against us. My buddy and I take our one way two hour trip to a county that is very wealthy and they use injection to kill animals. We go to exclusive neighborhoods, and let one or two cats out at a time. They don't want to run, they want to stay with us. We shoo them away, which makes me feel sad. I tell them that these rich people will adopt them, and if worse comes to worse and they do get put down, they will be put down with a painless needle being cradled by a loving veterinarian. After the last cat is free, we drive back to our town.

It's about 5 in the morning now, about two hours until I have to gas my best friends.

I go home, take a shower, take my 4 anti-anxiety pills and drive to work.. I don't eat, I can't eat. It's now time, to put these animals in the gas chamber. I put my ear plugs in, and when I go to the collect the dogs, the dogs are so excited to see me, that they jump up to kiss me and think they are going to play. I put them in the rolling cage and take them to the gas chamber. They know. They just know. They can smell the death.. They can smell the fear. They start whimpering the second I put them in the box. The boss tells me to squeeze in as many as I can to save on gas. He watches. He knows I hate him, he knows I hate my job. I do as I'm told. He watches until all the dogs, and cats (thrown in together) are fighting and screaming. The sounds is very muffled to me because of my ear plugs.

He walks out, I turn the gas on, and walk out.

I walk out as fast as I can. I walk into the bathroom, and I take a pin and draw blood from my hand. Why? The pain and blood takes my brain off of what I just did. In 40 minutes, I have to go back and unload the dead animals. I pray that none survived, which happens when I overstuff the chamber. I pull them out with thick gloves, and the smell of carbon monoxide makes me sick. So does the vomit and blood, and all the bowel movements. I pull them out, put them in plastic bags.

They are in heaven now, I tell myself. I then start cleaning up the mess, the mess, that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not spay or neutering your animals. The mess that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not demanding that a vet come in and do this humanely. You ARE THE TAXPAYERS, DEMAND that this practice STOP!

So, don't call me the monster, the devil, the gasser, call the politicians, the shelter directors, and the county people, the devil. Heck, call the governor, tell him to make it stop.

As usual, I will take sleeping pills tonight to drown out the screams I heard in the past, before I discovered the ear plugs. I will jump and twitch in my sleep, and I believe I'm starting to hallucinate.

This is my life. Don't judge me. Believe me, I judge myself enough. 

     This is why it is important for the world to come together and make our voices heard, to work united to get the Governments and Individual's attention on this issue, and show them that there are more humane methods, so that this sort of torturous death will never again take place.  Please Raise Ur Paw and help BAN GAS CHAMBERS, without your voices this inhumanity will continue and be permitted by Governments - It's time to stand up and speak out.

 Without Your Voices -- more innocent lives will take their last gasp of life.

Thank You

Saturday, 8 November 2014


    When a video surfaced showing a pregnant orca named Kalia caught between a metal bar of a gate and the wall as the gate closes on her at SeaWorld San Diego, it not only captured the attention of many animal lovers and activists, but also SeaWorld as well.

    This recent footage of the trapped orca, which was filmed by one of the visitors at the park, once again flooded social media with outcries and outrage from animal angels, sparking more negativity against this company of captivity, and shining the light once more on the dangers of holding these innocent beings captive.


     The nine-year-old captive-born female is said to be due in December, this being her first calf – so many are concerned that this incident might have not only injured the momma, but the unborn life as well – considering that according to the footage, Kalia was trapped for a full minute until the gate finally opened and freed her.

     According to past history, an incident such as this is not the first of its kind to darken the doorway of SeaWorld – apparently a wild-caught male named Kotar, who is the genetic “grandfather” of Kalia, had reportedly died when he was approx. 17 years old when a gate closed on his head, causing a fracture, which lead to severe blood loss at SeaWorld San Antonio in 1995 – another apparent “playing with the gate!”

     With the incident with Kalia, SeaWorld jumped in to defend itself by stating that the gates of Shamu Stadium use a small amount of pressure, and open and close slowly.  The whales can easily move them when the trainers begin the gate cycle.  They then proceed to say that Gate Play is an enjoyable game for whales, when a whale plays with a gate trainers are always nearby.

     Now with SeaWorld already facing much negativity and backlash – since the documentary “Blackfish” appeared, many can’t help but believe that SeaWorld is merely fabricating the “Gate Play” story, so that further negative attention doesn’t continue to do more damage to their industry – considering the damage that they have already faced.  But in all honesty I don’t think that many are buying what SeaWorld is selling? and this incident is just another danger that is added to the list of many contributed to captivity.

    I do believe that if this was an accident, then SeaWorld needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility, because that is what is damaging their reputation is the amount of excuses that they are making in order to make captivity alright - they need to stop putting the blame on the life they hold captive and put the blame on the real culprit “captivity”.

But that is my opinion...  what do you think?

Thank You