Sunday, 30 March 2014

Open Letter to Government Of Canada - Message of Mercy

Dear Government of Canada;

    I am writing this open letter to you in hopes that you will hear our pleas for mercy, and acknowledge the voices of not just many Canadians, but voices of the world as well to end the Canadian Seal Hunt and spare the lives of the innocent.

    We are coming to you to show that your promotion for the commercial seal hunt is not an economical necessary activity, that there is nothing "humane" about stealing the lives of innocent animals for mere profit, no matter how much you try to sugar coat or justify this crime against nature - for that is what it is, a crime, and as a crime it needs to be stopped before it is too late.

   As a Canadian, I truly understand that measures need to be taken in order to boost our country's economy, but shedding the innocent blood of beings is not a method that should be permitted - that clubbing seals with hakapiks, a long club with a spike on one end, or shooting these babies should not be considered "humane" - it is far from this, destroying families and lives for something that is no longer required... we need to develop more compassionate approaches to build our economy instead of slaughtering those who co-habit this land with us - that animals need to be respected and protected, as we, humanity want to be respected and protected. 

    But it seems that such protection and respect only goes as far as humanity in many cases - leaving innocent animals to be tortured, abused etc because of the fact that they are voiceless and mere animals in many eyes.  According to articles that I have come across - there is apparently documentation of such cruelty and violation of Marine Mammal Restrictions in the past years - such as sealers leaving injured seals to die slowly, hooking and dragging animals that are still consciously struggling and in pain - even to the point that some are skinned while still alive --- so I ask how is this industry "humane" again?  

   The purpose that we are coming to you is because the Government subsidizes this out-dated and no longer necessary industry - apparently spending millions of dollars on this failed hunt - millions which could be put towards more useful activities and such things as education, health care, other industries that can boost up our economy, other than taking lives that do not deserve to be stolen.

     It is necessary to take steps towards a more compassionate future - so that future generations can truly be proud that we worked together to respect and care for life, instead of seeing these living souls, that we were meant to be guardians for, as mere profit making possessions - for no one should have the right to put a being through pain, suffering and death in order to make the almighty dollar.  That is not what humanity should be about.

We are hoping that you will open your eyes and your hearts and see the truth - that the commercial seal hunt is nothing more that pain and anguish which desperately needs to be stopped once and for all - We must work together and unite our voices for animals in need, and that begins with our own backyards. 


Saturday, 29 March 2014

SHUT DOWN COPENHAGEN ZOO - Where is the Respect for Life?

When you hear the name COPENHAGEN ZOO, what comes to mind???

     According to many, the name and business stirs up outrage, fueling a wildfire of negativity due to the fact that this ZOO had previously killed and dissected a healthy giraffe named "MARIUS".  A death that became a worldwide topic, especially when this slaughter was permitted to be witnessed by an audience, with young children included.   The whole ordeal got much of the world's attention, bringing upon negative comments and even some support over this crime against nature --- but it seems that the COPENHAGEN ZOO didn't let this negative publicity get to them - for once again they sharpened their executioner's axes and took the lives of four living beings (LIONS) shedding their innocent blood - a 16 year old male lion, a 14 year old lioness, and 2 baby cubs.

     This horrific killing was brought upon, when the zoo got another male lion, making way for a new pride according to the countless articles that I read.  With this new addition into the picture, the ZOO became worried and took it upon themselves to end the lives of these four babies as part of a "GENERATIONAL SHIFT" to avoid the risk of inbreeding -- 4 deaths that could have been avoided if they only took the time to arrange and take the time to take more humane measures.  

      According to the EAZA (European Association of ZOOS & AQUARIA) the Copenhagen Zoo has not broken any codes of conduct or acted inhumanely - although the EAZA regrets the deaths of these innocent living beings, they also recognize the RIGHT of the ZOO to humanely cull them in line with their policies.

This statement right here by the EAZA is just plain ridiculous and angering, stating that this is permitted to occur because the zoo broke no codes of conduct -- the COPENHAGEN ZOO failed their obligations to these innocent animals, slaughtering four innocent lives to make room for one, and not taking an ounce of time to reach out to other places to accept these animals instead of having them butchered -- what happened to being compassionate and respectful to living life - to protect and show mercy upon innocent life, what happened to humanity?

      These four lions, Earth's Children, were destroyed because once again some humans believe that they have the right to do so, that they have ownership of these babies -- and throw away the duty of being guardians to animals.  Who gives a place such as the Copenhagen Zoo the RIGHT to murder life, life that has done nothing to deserve this inhumanity?

      It is time for the WORLD to unite and come together to speak out and raise their paws to get the COPENHAGEN ZOO shut down for good -- enough is enough with these brutal killings - there is absolutely no excuse to justify what this place is doing.  How can anyone support a place that chooses death instead of life - BREAK THE SILENCE, RAISE UR PAW 


Saturday, 22 March 2014

WHERE IS THE JUSTICE - Woman Who Tortures Dog Gets Short Prison Sentence.

We all have heard about the case of the woman who tortured boyfriend's dog to death -- for those who haven't here is a small recap -- 


22 year old, SEAN JANAS, was charged with mistreating and poisoning her boyfriend's dog, MARY, a 4 year old German Shepherd Mix, who died due to the cruel treatment-- apparently JANAS had kept a diary of her actions  

here are a couple of entries from JANAS' DIARY:

" I've done lots of things already. I've given her drano, bleach and a lot of pain pills lol one night she got all tweaked out because of it, it was so funny."

" I have never hated an animal so much in my life, much less hate one or beat one. But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove drano and bleach down her throat is like no other."

SEAN JANAS, blamed her cruel action on her heroin addiction and apologized for her actions in court.

     The court handed SEAN JANAS a 27 month prison term, given a credit for the 477 days that she has already spent in jail for her crime. Once she is released from prison, she will remain on supervised probation for two and half years, and will not be permitted to own another animal for 5 years.... 


     Of course not, the way I see it she has committed not only the act of torture/abuse, but also murder.  Why should torture/murder be considered differently, when it is committed against an animal - This woman has committed more than just one crime against nature, and it is time that something is done to protect the lives of the innocent instead of handing down these mere slaps on the wrists - to take or torture a life, is still taking and torturing a life - whether be on human or animal, and there should be no difference.

      It is time for our justice system and Government to start helping in the fight to protect lives - these small sentences is not teaching or preventing anything.  Animal Abuse/cruelty, torture and murder is still on the rise so it is seen that these laws are failing these poor innocent lives that are being subjected and sacrificed by the hands of these offenders.  

    RAISE UR PAW and voice and show your support to get laws changed - WRITE to your Government Officials, protest until voices are heard. We need to be the change we wish to see in the World. 


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

LIFE OR DEATH: Just thoughts on 4 Year old boy attacked by pitbull.

When I first read the story about four-year old Arizona boy, Kevin being severely attacked by a pitbull named Mickey, my mind went into extreme overdrive, not just as an animal lover but as a parent as well.

    According to the article the four year old, Kevin Vicente, was a the home of the dog's owner with his babysitter - The pitbull Mickey was chained in his own backyard in South Phoenix, when the little boy reached for a bone that was lying nearby - and that is when the attack occurred. The little boy received severe facial injuries and will require multiple surgeries, thus leading to permanent scarring.

It is also stated that hospital workers were traumatized after seeing Kevin's injuries, and now he has to eat and breathe through tubes.

   A witness of the attack, Guadalupe Villa, said that Mickey attacked the boy NOT in warning, but to inflict damage! The witness is also the girlfriend to the owner of Mickey, and has known the dog since he was a puppy - and apparently, according to Guadalupe Villa, 6 months before the attack on Kevin, Mickey had killed a puppy who had come into the yard - and states she wants the dog (Mickey) put down.

   As a parent, I believe it is our job to protect our children no matter what - when they feel pain, we want to take that pain upon ourselves instead of them going through it, or if someone hurts them, we do everything in our power to stand up, speak out for them - because they are our children, a parental nature.

    What this little boy went through, no child should experience - I do not think it is the little boy's fault - but I do believe that the babysitter and the girlfriend should be held responsible as well - considering that the babysitter should have been watching the little boy considering that Kevin was her responsibility, thus including his safety,  and the witness knew about past attack on the puppy by Mickey, and yet still permitted the little boy to be in the same area as the dog - even if the dog was chained or not. 

     I do have to say it is hard to debate a story such as this, considering from an animal lover's point of view and a parent.  I also believe that when it comes to the fate of the dog, the courts should take into consideration the babysitter's and the witness' statements and involvement - their part in this situation is an important piece also considering that they were both present and that knowledge of past experience with the dog was known and yet nothing was done to keep the little boy out of harm's way.

     I understand the outrage of the world, and of the parents of the little boy - however, I do believe that  Mickey and Kevin should not be the only two that are involved in this debate - but also the other two who were also involved (babysitter and witness).

 I wanted to add this little bit of my opinion - I know that there will be those who will agree or disagree with it, and I believe that no matter what the outcome is, there is going to be suffering, and to be honest this could have probably been all avoided - and thus saving two lives that wouldn't have been destroyed today.

I do pray and send thoughts to Kevin and his family.

Thank You

Monday, 17 March 2014

TRAPPED WITHIN THE ICE - Update on 40 dolphins struggling off Newfoundland Town.

UPDATE: All 40 dolphins are now gone :( it is truly heartbreaking to hear about innocent lives perishing like this - Want to thank all who work tirelessly to help raise voices to save these innocent lives, although our prayers for them to be saved were not answered.

The Buzz began with a call for help about 40 white beak dolphins, including mothers and calves, who were trapped this weekend after being encircled by ice near CAPE RAY in NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA, pushing them towards the shallow waters -- this call caught the attention of countless others worldwide, joining together to do what they could in order to get these poor babies saved from a fate that laid ahead.

 BERT OSMOND, local resident first noticed the stranded lives yesterday. 

    Although many calls were coming in by many pleading individuals to help these defenseless animals who were struggling desperately to be freed, officials say that there is little that can be done due to the dangerous weather and ice conditions.  

According to what I have read on VOCM.COM - WAYNE LEDWELL, of the whale release and stranding group stated that human safety is paramount when considering whether or not to save the animals. He also stated that the weather conditions in the area are so bad, people would be risking their lives to try and intervene.

      Sadly this morning, most of the pod have passed away due to the conditions, leaving just three of these beautiful animals still alive, but in really bad shape - riddled with sores that they endured from their fight to try and escape their icy prison.

       The news about this not only stirred outrage and sorrow, but it also brought upon understanding of the difficulties that would be present in order to save these innocent lives - that lives would be at risk due to poor weather and ice conditions that of the animals and those who try to save them.

       However I do believe that this should be an eye-opener in case a situation like this surfaces again - perhaps creating certain methods and strategies that can be used or performed - mind you that is just my thought.   

I do want to send out a RAISE UR PAW SHOUTOUT to all those who united their voices to take part in trying to help these babies, the hours of spreading the word, reaching out to others in hopes that these innocent lives would be saved and so much more - It truly shows that when faced with a situation like this that humanity can unite as one - even if the outcome is not a good one :( Blessings to you all.


Sunday, 16 March 2014


As a Canadian Animal Activist/Advocate, I truly felt the need to comment on an article that CTV NORTHERN NEWS had posted about CANADA SET TO ARGUE AGAINST EU BAN OF SEAL PRODUCTS AT INTERNATIONAL HEARING...

    I truly don't understand how CANADA can defend such an act of cruelty towards innocent living life, that they don't acknowledge and see the barbaric nature of such a practice, subsidizing this cruelty and death of countless seals - because in my opinion I feel this trade is as out-dated as some of the food cans in my pantry.

     Although I am sure that there are some that will argue with my opinions, stating that this practice is humane, needed, a way of controlling the populations etc - I believe also that many others who love and respect life and are animal activists/advocates agree with me that there is nothing humane about taking an innocent life - and that these mere excuses are made in trying to justify such barbaric actions, and convince oneself and others that this is something alright and needed with good reason - But what good reason is there?

      How is shooting or striking the poor animal on the head with a hakapik or club humane? then ensuring that the innocent animal is dead before cutting major arteries and letting them bleed out for about a minute before skinning them --- which I believe, in my own opinion, some of the "hunters" don't actually do (not waiting for the animal to be dead I mean!)

     According to the statement made by, ENVIRONMENTAL MINISTER, LEONA AGLUKKAQ - which is included in the article I read - "We will work with Canadian Sealers to defend this industry as a healthy, humane, sustainable source of food, clothing and income"

      With this statement right here -- many are not believing these reasons - believing that the Government is merely defending this industry due to the money that they and the country are collecting from the sacrificing of these beautiful creatures - a money-making industry that even though is no longer needed, still accepted as long as the dollar signs and demand for this cruelty is still present.

            Our WORLD is changing, and it is time to bring in a change of compassion and humanity - to look towards a future where all innocent life is protected and permitted to live without the fear of being treated like a simple object of trade --- there should be no argument about that! It is important to create methods and strategies so that the sacrificing of innocent blood ends, and the dawn of a humane and compassionate world begins.

       Please Government of Canada rethink this SEAL HUNT ISSUE,  If we as the WORLD cannot work together to STOP the destruction, suffering and murder of animals then there is truly no hope for humanity - and that there being said is something that none of us want to see.

Thank You


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Open Letter to South African President Jacob Zuma - Ban The Canned Hunts

Dear Mr. President Zuma,

     Today, we the people of the world, are coming together in hopes that you will Raise Ur Paw and Ban the Canned Hunting that is being permitted to occur in your country.

     It is time that we join united, to not only show the greatness of our nation, but to come together as humanity and begin to reach towards solutions that will save the countless innocent lives that are being sacrificed for the inhumane and cruel actions of those who merely see the voiceless as trophies, and not as living beings who co-habit the earth with us for their own purposes and not for the purposes of humanity.

     Is it truly fair that life be treated in this manner? is this how we want future generations to learn about us, that we were a species that had no respect for the life of animals -- that we would sell innocent life, that has done nothing to us, as objects, possessions and trophies - imprisoning them in areas in which they cannot physically escape from the bullets of predators -- due to being enclosed, human raised so there is no fear of human presence, and some even drugged, and for what purpose? So that the almighty dollar can be made from the shedding of their innocent blood.

      Canned Hunting needs to be stopped, there are already so many issues that innocent animals are going through due to the hands of humanity - why are we adding more to the list, why do we believe we have the right to put the lives of animals at risk like this? It is a shame that we have taken these beautiful creatures that make the world a beautiful place and disrespect and betray them in such a barbaric manner -- this here, and other issues that animals go through because of humanity is the true reason why the hope in humanity is fading fast.

       We ask, as the world and humanity, to please take compassionate and humane steps to bring this industry to an end before it destroys the lives of the voiceless, and brings down the beauty and tourism industry of your country.  You hold the power within your hands to do what is right, to raise your paw and voice to make a stand along with us - to rebuild the hope in humanity by protecting and caring for all life, be that of human or animal in your country.

CANNED HUNTING is nothing more than cruel and heartless murder - reflecting poorly on the culture of your country and should be considered a crime against society, nature, and humanity. This practice is NOT conservation, NOT Science, and NOT species survival - it is MURDER and DESTRUCTION. 

Thank You
Please Email South Africa President Jacob Zuma =

ROARS FROM THE WORLD - Global March For Lions

Today, we not only show the greatness of our nation, but also the unity of the World - where we stand together as one, voices raised and paws held high to ROAR out for the innocent beings who have been voiceless for way too long.
    We as the World must march together globally in hopes that the South African Government will finally listen and acknowledge our united voices and ban CANNED HUNTING once and for all - and acknowledge that this sort of crime against nature is truly unacceptable.
     This on-going and fast growing business is legal within South Africa, where the lives of innocent lions are bred in captivity - hand raised and used in the cub petting industry, and once these beautiful animals are big enough they are then enclosed within an area that they cannot escape from, often drugged, and then killed for large sums of money - mostly by wealthy tourists from Europe and North America.

      But it is not just the wealthy "trophy" seekers that are paying into this business - many tourists (local and international) who flock to have their photo taken with a baby lion are unaware that they too are supporting such a barbaric practice and that is why raising awareness is so important - so that more will see the horrors associated with this and take part in voicing their opinions and raising their paws so that the Government will use their power to bring an end to this "Trophy Murder" and finally making it illegal, and come up with other strategies and methods to bring income into the country instead of sacrificing innocent life for the almighty dollar.

       Please take part in the GLOBAL MARCH OF LIONS to help & support the goals to raise awareness about the critical plight of South Africa's lions, to join countless others to ban trophy and canned hunting,  to unite worldwide to protect innocent life from the hands of those who wish to destroy it...  WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD --- Let's Hear You ROAR Worldwide.

Thank You


Friday, 14 March 2014

Open Letter to Mr. Liam Neeson --- Your Fight To Stop Horse Drawn Carriage Ban.

Dear Mr. Liam Neeson;

     I have always admired you as an actor, especially in my favorite movie "The Haunting". However, I recently came upon an article on People magazine website that stated that you are fighting to stop the ban on New York City's Horse Drawn Carriages.  I agree that everyone has the right to their own opinions, and that every voice should be heard, but with all do respect I have to disagree with much of what you had said.

     As an animal rights activist/advocate, many people like myself, are trying to be the voices for the voiceless - to stand up for animals worldwide and to keep them safe from harms way, after all we do share this planet with them, and I believe that they deserve to have the right to life and safety as much as we humans do.

    The article stated that you had invited every New York City Council Member to tour the Clinton Park Stables, one of the stables where Central Park's off duty carriage horses are kept, and that you used this tour as an opportunity to speak up against the ban that was proposed on the Park's horse drawn carriages.

According to the article, you stated "This is an industry that has been here since before Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration" "A beautiful industry it is. It's a connection to the past!" (people's magazine) -- perhaps before it was a beautiful industry, but now with the traffic and the paved streets, the horses that are pulling the carriages are at an increased risk of becoming spooked or injured -- and once injured these poor defenseless animals are at risk for being put down, depending on the injury present, even then serious suffering follows.

    The seriousness of this ban is not only to protect the horses that are being put at risk, but it is also to keep NYC residents and others safe as well -- and when I say to protect the horses and residents/others as well, I mean if a horse gets spooked it very well could dart out into traffic causing serious injury to not only the horses and those who are on the carriage, but also the motorists, and pedestrians as well... This ban is not about taking something away, but giving innocent life the safety and security that it very well deserves.

    Apparently you also added that you believe that the horses are well-cared for --- and it could be a possibility that you are correct, but it isn't just the care of housing, food and the basic necessities of life that is important - the safety and life of these animals is something that needs to be considered as well.  Even if these beautiful animals are well-cared for - they are still forced to go out and risk their lives, and that is a true fact that cannot be ignored - and I am pleased that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing the humane and compassionate method to save and protect these animals --- and that is what I call manning up and being human - by putting the needs of the voiceless first before profit and tradition etc.

     NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is not leaving any stone unturned - if this ban is passed, the plan is to relocate the horses to rescue farms, and he has also told The Times that he is working to set up alternate employment opportunities for the drivers, which I believe is a great strategy and method - so that no jobs are lost and no injuries/deaths occur... 

 It is about time that someone has done something to protect these innocent animals -- it is NOT about destroying the past, but creating a more compassionate and humane future for all life - and it is time that the voiceless are heard and their lives respected.


Thursday, 13 March 2014


Nothing is more heartbreaking then seeing the faces of sheltered animals, the expressions of abandonment, neglect, fear, betrayal and so much more all locked up in a cage waiting patiently in hopes for a loving and compassionate family to be the key that will unlock and free them from this life.

 Unfortunately for many this key will never be found, and these poor living beings find themselves taken from this world, killed for just not being wanted - or because their cages are needed for new lives that people abandoned or surrendered... It is something that happens everyday, and although these animals have done nothing wrong, they are the ones that pay the ultimate price for the actions of those that they thought loved them...  

   Although many shelters are doing what they can to help find forever homes and families for these beautiful babies, it is clear to see that such attempts are slowly failing -- due to some humanity wanting either a purebred, purchasing those cute puppies/kittens off the internet or pet stores etc -- not taking into consideration lives that are already in need of care, love, reaching out to the hearts of humanity in hopes that they will be saved... but in the eyes of some, sheltered animals are broken - a thought that is not only ignorant, but is preventing so many lives from being saved from within shelter walls - and it is time that the world seen that these poor animals are NOT BROKEN, but SURVIVORS - precious lives that have endured and lived through so much and they still hold on to their loyalty and love for humankind -- BELIEVING that HUMANITY will SAVE THEM.

    Thanks to many animal angels around the world, spreading and sharing the message - many of these animals are finding their forever homes and families -- but so many still remain behind, to face either a life in a shelter or face the fate of death -- and this only continues to grow thanks to not neutering/spaying pets, puppy mills, humanity who do not want to take on the responsibility of their pets any longer, or those who abuse/ or be cruel so the animal is taken -- the list goes on. 

We are begging to the WORLD to please OPEN YOUR HEARTS for SHELTERED ANIMALS -- even if you can't take in a life, at least share these precious lives with others so that the hope for a forever home and family can be found -- These innocent lives NEED YOU and we as humanity cannot let them down, not when they have already been through so much - it's time we give back the loyalty and love that pets have given humankind for centuries.. Please RAISE UR PAW TODAY - IT ONLY takes a SECOND to SAVE A LIFE...


Thank You


Sometimes in life a story reaches out to you, that not only tugs at your heartstrings, but also makes you wonder how humanity can abandon a fur family member -- all because the owner wanted another pet that is younger, and perhaps more full of energy or got younger pets so there was no room left for a companion that has been there as a trusted & devoted friend.  This is exactly what happened to "MANNY" -- this is his story...

    MANNY, is a senior Golden Retriever, who is approximately 9 years old, who was surrendered to the LOS ANGELES COUNTY ANIMAL CARE and CONTROL in LANCASTER, CALIF. on MARCH 10th 2014 --  LANCASTER ANIMAL CARE CENTER.  

    Manny's prior owner, according to sources, left this poor innocent baby at the animal control facility due to reasons, that he was either getting "new younger dogs" or that he had just got these young dogs and there was not enough room in his home --- with these excuses here - MANNY was torn from his home, his life destroyed and now in a place feeling abandoned and scared, a saddening truth that happens to so many other senior pets (whether these babies are cats or dogs)

     The confusion and depression has shown itself in the eyes and behavior of this living being,  according to what I have read -- when you first look at him, he seems to be sleeping on his bed in his kennel run, but if you take the time to look a bit closer, you can see that his eyes are closed and his body trembles in terror.

     I am not only heartbroken but sickened that anyone would do this to their furry family member, it is a shame that some humans can throw away a life that has been by their side for so long - the loyalty and love that this precious gift has given -- and there is NO EXCUSE for anyone to do this to a beautiful animal, to betray an unconditional love & loyalty such as this.... 


ANIMAL ID:  A468973

(please copy and paste link in tool bar to see MANNY'S PROFILE)


Tuesday, 11 March 2014


TODAY we need the WORLD'S HELP IN HELPING FREE SUNDER, an innocent life that has been scarred and brutalized for many years at the JYOTIBA TEMPLE, outside KOLHAPUR, MAHARASHTRA.

    We are hoping that our plea will reach every heart worldwide, to unite many voices to speak out and stand up for this innocent elephant that has spent most of his life chained by all four legs in a windowless tinnedroof shed, enduring abuse so badly by his temple keeper, that he is now blinded in his right eye.

     This cruelty and abuse has not only destroyed this poor soul's life, but has horrifically scarred it as well - not only mentally, but physically also. It is shown just by looking at him, physically ill from an improper diet, shackled by chains (one that is spiked and looped by a rope around Sunder's left ear) leaving sores and painful injuries around his back legs- causing more whenever he tries to move -- wearing away the skin, and even evidence of scars from old wounds are noticed on his body. 

This is NO WAY for a life to be treated -- something desperately needs to be done, to get this baby out of this barbaric environment and be brought into a life that he deserves, where he is actually treated with respect and compassion and not cruelty and abuse. 

    We are hoping that this will NOT FALL UPON DEAF EARS, but be acknowledged.  It is a heartbreaking and saddening issue -- to know that an innocent life is going through this hell, to be beaten by what is called an ANKUS ( a hook metal spike) by his keeper, bound and shackled unable to move or defend himself from such inhumanity - enduring this hellish life everyday -- would you be able to handle this sort of life??? 

PLEASE RAISE UR PAW and VOICE to FREE SUNDER - let your voices be heard worldwide, gaining more attention and voices to help save this innocent life - it is time to be the change we wish to see in the world, to make a difference as a unity..  



ISF SUPPORTER - An Open Letter of Thanks to ISF founder Ian Somerhalder

Dear Mr. Somerhalder,

  I am writing this blog letter to you, to share with the world the amazing & heartfelt compassion and dedication that you, your supporters and your foundation have demonstrated in not only creating a better world for us and future generations to live in, but for all lives as well -- humanity and animals.

   As an animal activist/advocate, sometimes it's hard to see through the veil of inhumanity and cruelty towards innocent lives -- hearing the cries and pleas going unheard, wondering why this is happening and why more aren't getting involved in fighting the good fight for life and future.

But the goodness of some humanity does shine through, special breeds of people that I call animal angels, speaking out and doing everything possible to help innocent life survive and be safe from the cruelty of others that plague our planet -- not expecting any gratitude or acknowledgement -- the only reward that they want is to save lives and be part of a difference in this world, to make a mark and take it upon themselves to stand up for their duty to be a guardian and speaker for the voiceless, in hopes that more humanity join along and follow the footsteps towards a better world for all life.

    You are one of those animal angels, that walk along side countless others - marching towards a brighter future, being part of the change that needs to be seen in the world.  I see these animal angels everyday, whether it be my supporters, your supporters, individual voices speaking out against the cruelty, abuse, issues that innocent lives are enduring on a daily basis, and making a stand to not only open the eyes of the world, but to create solution, so that LIFE is respected and compassion is restored to this world of ours.

     Without Animal Angel voices - innocent life as we know it would continue to remain silent, their pleas/cries going unheard, and their lives destroyed and taken due to the inhumane actions.

Thank You for being a voice, a light shining on the issues that need to be seen - for showing your compassion and uniting voices together, not as supporters but as a family.  I hope that truly good things come your way and that your dream of an animal sanctuary does become a reality - Compassion for life is limited these days, and I am proud to be standing with you and many, many others who let that compassion and care for life be seen.


THE CUB: The story behind the picture.

The image that you see is one that I am sure paints a picture of cruelty, anger, inhumanity -- I know this because I felt the same way when I seen it.  A haunting image that even now has imprinted itself inside my head, a hunter posing with a baby cub by the body of the dead mother -- it is truly a scene that disturbs those who are compassionate for animals, but is there more to the story...  

    According to information that we were given, it seems that this man JAMES TAZRUK, who an Inupiaq subsistence hunter, who is generally allowed under federal law to take polar bears was out hunting with a partner back in 2013, when they ran into the bear. 

Not thinking much about it, JAMES, fired his rifle from 100 yards away, taking the life of this living being.  However, it wasn't until he rolled the lifeless being over that he realized that this bear, was a nursing mother - according to TAZRUK he was shocked and saddened, thinking that somewhere there was a baby cub - and so he and his partner followed the animal tracks to a den about 1500 feet away.

That is where they found KALI, a name that the town of POINT LAY called the little cub. According to JAMES he quickly picked up the bear, knowing that the cub would not survive alone, and brought it back to his home town - a long trip but kept the bear close to him.

      The cub was apparently looked after by a veterinarian/ research biologist. The cub was flown to Anchorage later that day - but before any more long trips, the cub will be observed to make sure he has recovered from everything that he has been through --- and to find a suitable, long term zoo that will take the orphaned baby.

Although more of the story has been brought to light - I am still against hunting.  There are still questions inside my head that still linger about this photo and the story behind it,  especially the question....

If he was so concerned about the baby bear, why did he take a photo opportunity with this innocent life by the dead body of the mother? nothing in the research mentioned about this --- well not from what I seen.  I believe this added to more of the trauma on the little life, then being alone in the cave...  I am not saying that this story is a lie or anything -- but as a human, and seeing this photo - it makes a person wonder if indeed there is more to the story then what is said...

What do you think??  

Monday, 10 March 2014

WITHIN THE TANK: The Story of KISKA - Marineland Orca

We have all become more aware of the captive industry since the award-winning documentary BLACKFISH opened the eyes of the world to the many horrors and the heartbreaking reality of life within the tanks.

    It showed us all that these marine parks, Marineland, Seaworld etc have tried to hide us from the truth, making us believe that the orcas, dolphins and life that reside within the walls of these imprisonments are happy in their fake environments... but to be honest would we actually be content with a life such as this, to be kept from our natural environment and placed in cells away from our home & family - to be just a product for an industry that is making millions if not billions from our enslavement --- I use the word "enslavement" because that is what it is - imprisoned, forced to do tricks, rewarded for doing good jobs etc, keeping us from being part of our natural way of life (catching food, forming relationships to create new life etc)

     The more details that we learn about the horrors of captivity, the more devastating and angered we become -- raising questions of how we could have permitted this to continue for so long... 


   Considered the lone remaining killer whale at the Marineland Park in Ontario, KISKA's story, continues to paint the dismal picture of captivity. One that breaks your heart and leaves you questioning how humanity can keep these poor defenseless beings locked up in such a manner.

     According to sources and research, KISKA has been held there since 1979, when she was captured off the coast of Iceland, during her life at the park she has had five calves, each one now deceased.

During our research it is said that KISKA has never been a strong whale, constantly on medications. But even though captivity had taken her away from freedom and a life she deserved, this beautiful orca did form a bond with another whale from Iceland, named NOOTKA, a bond that many would consider extremely close, a family unity - "they hated to be separated".  These two friends swam and vocalized together -- they even supported one another during labour.  I guess you would call this a very true and cherishing friendship, and sisterhood. 

    However, after the death of her 4 year old calf, and the passing of her "sister" Nootka, KISKA began to decline. Although she still vocalized alot - many believe that she is just trying to call out to a new friend, a new companion.

      KISKA has been alone for some time, especially since her temporary companion Ikaika was repossessed by SeaWorld --- with No friends or companions being there, to swim or vocalize with her - it is said that she seen lying just below the surface of the water in her tank --- a saddening image that can be seen at the park. 

This is NOT a life for an innocent being, to live in a place where you are alone, no freedom, no family, no friends - just a cell that keeps you from being where you are meant to be - FREE IN THE OCEAN.  CAPTIVITY is not about keeping life safe, to keep them from extinction -- it is merely a prison, educating those that life can be locked up, made to do tricks -- teaching our future generations about enslavement and not about their natural behaviors -- because there is nothing natural about captive lifestyles.

RAISE UR PAW TO HELP FREE KISKA and to free other lives that are bound by the shackles of captivity - LIFE DESERVES TO BE FREE!



UPDATE - ACCORDING TO INFORMATION THE MAN IN THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN CAUGHT, To those who spread the word and information, we thank you for all your help worldwide.,-Nach-dem-Video-Polizei-raet-Tierquaeler-zum-Abtauchen-_arid,1119597.html

Sometimes we come across things that leave that disturbing and heartbreaking image in our minds, making us wonder what happened to humanity? this is exactly what happened when someone on my facebook shared with me a shocking video that is not only disturbing, but angering and heartbreaking as well -- 

    The VIDEO showed a young man, with a true evil expression on his face, horrifically beating his young dog in the face, holding it tightly by the scruff of the neck - it is something that no words could express.

You can see the fear and horror in this baby's eyes, terrified at the abuse, unable to get away - at the very end leaving a small puddle of pee, and laying on its blanket trembling in fear. No animal should endure this.

We need to find out information about this person, and bring them to justice, before something more horrific happens to this poor defenseless animal :( 


 *GRAPHIC* please Copy and paste to see video :( 

The World needs to unite and do something to help this poor baby - monsters such as this should NOT be permitted to victimize innocent life, let's raise our paws and seek justice.

A PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND WORDS --- BUT is it too late to talk!

This photo of a dog hanging from a ceiling at a dog spa in Wilmington, NC has lead to not only outrage, but also a police investigation.

     The photo was posted on FACEBOOK by a former employee - and from there is spread like wildfire throughout social media.  

The dog named "VINNIE" belonged to a client, and according to the SPA'S OWNER, the picture had been taken years ago, and the dog was uninjured from the controversial "Stunt" --- since the posting the photo has gone viral... and so has the negative comments, outrage -- and even some speaking out and standing up for the SPA.

      According to the SPA OWNER, the former employee had been recently fired from her business and that the posting of this picture was an act of revenge.  Those who defend the owner and the business, claimed that the dog was in a harness and that it was a mere harmless prank -- but to others this doesn't settle well, saying the act was unprofessional and inappropriate - along with other statements.


A designated detective is now looking into the situation further, along with the animal control.

Please Weigh In Your Opinion on the matter? Should it matter if the picture was taken years ago? and if this was indeed an act of revenge from former employee, should the SPA be held responsible? 

Thank You


Sunday, 9 March 2014

THE CRUELTY OF CAPTIVITY: A heartfelt plea to the WORLD

To All Individuals of the World:

    This letter that we are writing, is a heartfelt plea that we are hoping will reach all, to create a unity who will find it in their hearts and souls to help innocent lives that are suffering and dying in a place of captivity known as the Surabaya City Zoo in Indonesia, aka Zoo of Death. 

     For those of you who have never heard of this place, it is truly one that once you see the horrific and heartbreaking images of the conditions of the environment and the lives that reside there - it is something that I am sure you will never forget, a haunting look and imprint at another dark side of animal cruelty. 

    The unsanitary and inhumane conditions are leaving these poor defenseless animals to decay and suffer which led to more than 100 deaths since last summer alone - including a Komodo Dragon, a lion that died from strangulation when its neck became entangled in the cable that opens and closes the door of its cage, and a gaunt, malnourished white tiger that just recently fell victim due to pneumonia --- but more deaths will be seen in the future, if we do not unite and do something now to protect and save these beautiful beings.

    We have attempted to write letters, petition, even tried desperately to get media to hear our pleas & cries to help out to shine the spotlight on this issue, and to do the humane thing by taking part in saving these animals, whose cries for the world to help are slowly disappearing due to the tragedy, suffering and death that they are enduring on a daily basis --- and now we at RAISE UR PAW are calling out to humanity, reaching for compassion and support  - to join in the fight to save life.

     We need Indonesia Surabaya Zoo and Government officials to see that the way these "CHILDREN of NATURE" are being treated, and the unsanitary habitats they dwell in are NOT acceptable. These animals are NOT a lower form of life and should be permitted to be treated in this manner, to be allowed to decay & suffer in ways such as these. They need to be protected, to have the proper care and their necessities of life met - because their lives are just as important as mine and yours are.

     The World united as one to fight for the lives of those that are enslaved in marine parks, and even joined as one to spread the word about the dolphin slaughter in TAIJI - and that is why I believe that we can come together again to spread the word about the Surabaya Zoo and the horrors that are happening there, because I believe that voices can make a difference, and I believe that UNITED we can be the change we wish to see in the world, but we need to do this together.


Please Be A Voice for the Voiceless - Do not turn away & ignore - their pleas have been ignored for way too long already - They need to be heard.

Thank You




Saturday, 8 March 2014


In the wake of the country's political turmoil, animals in a UKRAINIAN ZOO have been left to die of starvation.

    The KHARKIV ZOO Director is blaming UKRAINE'S warring politicians for the failure of funds, stating that the ZOO only has enough food to feed these living beings until MONDAY - and desperate help is needed immediately.

     ALEXEY GRIGORIEV, tearful over the situation, has pleaded from the heart with the country's prime minister for aid & support.

"Our Animals are not fighting for POWER, they do not share anyone's POLITICAL VIEWS, they just want to live!"  -- ZOO'S STATEMENT. 

Emergency measures must take place in order to save the lives of these defenseless animals, before it is too late.  Like in the statement made by the zoo it is not about power, or the sharing of political views - it is about being humane and helping these beings live -- and the inhumane act would be to permit these babies to starve and suffer fates that will claim their lives.

     According to sources, certain suppliers have been providing food for the animals for free for three months, but however they have now refused to provide more -- which makes the quest to save these animals lives even more time-ticking - a race to get GOVERNMENT help and support immediately.

The Country which was partially invaded by Russia last week is at the point of bankruptcy themselves - and although the city allocates funds needed for maintaining the Zoo, KIEV has been redirecting the money to some of it's own needs - which results in a catastrophic situation for the animals at the zoo.

THE WORLD'S HELP IS NEEDED AT THIS POINT, to unite together to save innocent lives from this situation that is at hand.  Whether it be to get these innocent animals into an animal sanctuary, to create a suitable measure that will get these animals off the road that is leading to starvation and death - to speak up and RAISE OUR PAWS for the world to see in order to join as one for the safety and life of living beings that need us desperately. Something needs to be done!

Thank You

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Dear Bindi Irwin;

    I am writing this open letter to you, not as a form of attack, but hoping it will reach out to you for compassion and respect for innocent lives that are enduring a lifetime in captivity.

    Many were shocked when you made your TV announcement about teaming up with Seaworld, which I am sure caused plenty of negativity towards you - due to this place being not only under fire due to award-winning BLACKFISH, but also worldwide outrage, celebrities included, over poor conditions that their killer whales are subjected too.

I myself am shocked by this announcement, considering that I have viewed your father's shows, and saw how important animal life was to him - and how he educated the younger generations to understand & learn about that natural habitats and lives of these innocent beings.  

     SEAWORLD seems to be more about entertaining and exploitation of their marine animals, yes perhaps they do rescue, but these innocent lives are no where near their natural habitats, nor are they experiencing their natural behaviors, such as catching food, being with their own pods, experience coming together as a partnership with mates in order to create the next generation of their species.  To SEAWORLD, their killer whales are about eating frozen fish for doing great jobs in performing for audiences, trapped within concrete pools - not experiencing swimming freely in the ocean, the way that they were meant too.

Is this the way you see educating the younger generations? teaching them that life should be enslaved, because that is the only way to keep their species from going extinct, to do parlor tricks for customers - things that they wouldn't do in their natural environment - the list goes on and on.  There is nothing natural about what is happening at SEAWORLD -- and it's a shame that you want to be part of that, to support teaching this sort of suffering and depression to a future that your children, my children, the world's children will be part of.

      I know you want to follow in your father's footsteps, I wanted to do the same thing when my father died when I was young --- and I know you probably will, considering that you are a strong girl, with your father's blood running through your veins - but is this really the step that you want to take, to empower kids by teaching them that captivity & suffering is the best for life -- that what these innocent lives endure is right! It is a choice that only you can make - and hopefully you will see life as something that should be free, not something locked up and kept away from a life that they were meant to live.

I hope this letter reaches you, and you take into consideration your choice about having a partnership with SEAWORLD - don't let innocent lives endure this life, speak out and raise ur paw & give them back the freedom that they were meant to have.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

ANIMAL TATTOOING - Has Owners Gone too Far with Their Pets???


    I read this article on EXAMINER.COM about a man named, MISTAH METRO, a dog owner & Tattoo Artist - and how a VETERINARIAN permitted this man to put a tattoo on his dog, while the dog was sedated, due to surgery for having her spleen removed.

    MISTAH soon bragged about his dog's NEW LOOK on his INSTAGRAM account stating --

"One of the many reasons my dog is cooler than yours. She had her spleen removed yesterday and the vet let me tattoo her while she was under"

What MISTAH had done to his canine companion is not ILLEGAL, but it sure got some attention from many who consider this very distasteful.

    I myself am sickened by this owner's act -- not understanding how anyone can do such a thing, not to mention how can any respectful vet permit this to take place in their place of care and business, whether or not it is the owner doing it, or allowing it - the VET should have declined the request considering that the animal was in the vet's care. A Veterinary Clinic is for the care of animals --- IT is NOT a TATTOO SHOP!

    In my opinion - I do not understand how any compassionate owner would feel the need to do such a thing - for mere enjoyment and vain purposes.  You would honestly think that the owner would be worried sick about their companion going through a surgery - NOT requesting such an idea and then bragging about it on their instagram account.



Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Many of us remember the WISCONSIN woman who kept a diary of how she poisoned and tortured her boyfriend's dog -- describing an "intense hatred" she had towards the innocent animal.  

    Sean Janas, 21, who had plead guilty to two felonies of mistreating and poisoning an animal in Marathon County Court on Tuesday. Sentencing has now been scheduled for her on March 17th. 

    The cruelty that this person put this innocent life through is something that no words to describe - and we hope that this cruel offender is given the punishment that she so rightfully deserves for her barbaric actions against nature.  

Among the allegations against JANAS, is that she poured DRANO & BLEACH down the throat of this poor baby, and stabbed it with a knife, according to criminal complaint - which ended the dog's life back in 2012.  

     This woman's actions has not only caught the attention of media, but also the outrage of many of the world. Hundreds of protesters, some with dogs - marched outside the MARATHON COUNTY COURTHOUSE in OCTOBER 2012 during a hearing for JANAS.

We would like to hear your input on this -- We need to bring upon stiffer punishment on offenders such as this, to make them pay for their crimes against nature - so that future lives can be saved and justice served for those who suffered, and this innocent baby that was claimed due to this woman "MONSTER"


I have always been a HUGE FAN of the SOAP OPERA "YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS" - the explosive storylines, the amazing cast of characters, so many things that keep you on the edge of your seat for the next episode...

     Many of the CAST from Y and R follow us on twitter, inspirational actors/actresses that not only grab your attention with their amazing talent - but they also reach out and use their voices to help animals in need, raising their paws in order to save innocent lives. 

     I decided to come up with an idea  - hoping that my favorite SOAP OPERA would take part in shining the light on sheltered animals who are desperately needing and pleading for homes - hoping that they will take part in bringing lives and future families together through their warm & compassionate drama series -- I truly hope they will like this idea... 

My idea is at the end of an episode (whether it be one or more) have the cast holding or standing with a sheltered animal in need - asking the world to RAISE THEIR PAWS and help save innocent lives - bringing upon attention and awareness of the lives that are calling out for loving homes and families to make these innocent animals part of their family....

     I am not sure if they would go for the idea, but I figured why not try and request this - considering that Young and the Restless brings so much to people's lives, and what an amazing gift it would be for this soap opera to be part of bringing a new family member and friend into the lives of those who need these babies as much as they need them...

LET'S RAISE OUR PAWS TOGETHER for SHELTERED ANIMALS IN NEED - it only takes a second to change the world for an innocent life - a change that will last a lifetime.

Thank You

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A FUREVER SAVIOR: A Little Life That Saved Mine

We are always hearing stories of family pets doing amazing things for their owners, or for those whom they don't even know. Amazing stories of courage, loyalty , true friendships and unconditional love, that makes us open our eyes and realize & remember just how important these innocent lives are to us all. That is why I decided to write this blog in dedication to my little girl "PJ", who wasn't a dog in my eyes - but an inspiration, a best friend, a member of my family and so much more.  

    When I look at my life before "PJ", only one word could describe it in a nutshell - EMPTY- sure I had the love from family and friends, but in my eyes I wasn't complete - a silent soul that was hidden within the shadows of this world, a single flamed candle that was slowly fading away with each breathe that I took, and it was only a matter of time before the flame went out, unnoticed by a world that I hid away from.

But what I didn't realize was that somewhere along those lines, something of higher power saw my despair and emptiness and took it upon themselves to place within my hands an innocent life, a life that needed me as much as I needed them - a soul that was instantly bonded with mine the moment that I helped deliver her, and she took her first breathe of life.

     It was an experience that I never felt before - not only to deliver my mom's dog's puppies, but to hold within my hands this beautiful being that placed upon my heart and soul little pawprints - and I knew that day this innocent life was truly special - and it was her that made me live again, to see a different image in the mirror, and a new way of seeing life.

    For 13 years we shared our lives together - guess you could have called us the two muskateers - experiencing and making this journey through this world side by side - facing milestones as a family unit from when I got married to when my daughter was born, to when PJ had her babies and I helped deliver them. Each step in life - we took as not an owner/pet relationship, but as a father/daughter one - because she was always my little girl.

     Unfortunately on Sept 19th, 2013, the angels on the rainbow bridge called out to my baby to come home - and I was faced with a part of life that I had so dreaded to see - not only walking this world without her beside me, but not being able to see her, to hug or kiss her :( the many memories that we would never have the chance to make.

     As I sit her now writing this blog, the tears forming within my eyes - I can still see that night so clearly, laying on the floor beside her, holding her paw, singing softly "Amazing Grace" to her -- each lyric of the song coming out much sadder than the last, knowing deep in my heart that she would be leaving me - that soon I was going to be losing my baby girl - a thought that was slowly eating away at my heart and crumbling my world around me -- and it was at that moment when she turned and placed her head upon my arm, gazing at me as if to say "I Love You Daddy...!" and kissed me on the arm one last time before she let out her last breathe of life.

      Although no words could describe the pain that I was feeling at that moment and still am, I remember picking her up in my arms and just holding her tightly -- thanking her for sharing my life with me, being a part of my family, but most of all thanking her for saving me in so many ways.  I was given a beautiful opportunity to be there when she took her first breathe of life, and held her paw for when she took her last.  She was an inspiration, my best friend, my little girl - and I truly hope that I had given her the life that she deserved, with enough unconditional love and care, all the things that she gave to me :(

     On MARCH 27th - PJ's BIRTHDAY - I want to make it a day called "PET HEROES" for all those pets that have saved their owners or even stranger's lives. To honor them by sharing the stories, the photos & to have the WORLD "RAISE UR PAW" for these amazing animals (family members) in memory of my little girl "PJ" --- I love you baby girl - and hope to see you once again.