Tuesday, 22 April 2014

BIRTHDAY DREAM - Girl, 9, Dedicating Birthday To Helping Animals In Need

Ontario, Canada --- 


There are so many sheltered animals out there needing loving homes and families - but one birthday dream may help change that.

9 year old, DAKOTA ATHERTON, who turns 10 on April 29th - wants to have a special "RAISE UR PAW Birthday" dedicated to helping sheltered animals.  Instead of presents this year - she is requesting her family and friends and even animal angels around the world to either donate pet food, blankets, or anything that they can to help these innocent babies in need - even adopt, foster, rescue if possible.

Dakota's love for animals and her bond with her "fur baby" Tiny, has inspired her to reach out her little paw and use her special day to dedicate to those in need. But another reason for such an inspiring dedication, is in honor of a very dear and important family member "PJ" - who crossed the rainbow bridge 7 months ago.

    This loss truly hit the family hard and Dakota wanted to give the same love and compassion to other animals as she did for PJ - and thus came up with the idea for her birthday, so that sheltered animals can receive the same love and companionship from very special people - the way that we felt about PJ.

She hopes that this first mission to helping animals will not only help these babies get adopted by loving and caring families, but also that more children will become involved and inspired to raise their little paws for animals as well.

PLEASE HELP DAKOTA'S BIRTHDAY DREAM COME TRUE - it only takes a moment to show your support and donate to your local shelters - these innocent babies are needing us desperately - Adopt/Foster/Rescue Today!

If you wish to support Dakota please check out and "Like" her facebook page -- 


Thank You So Much from the Bottom of our Hearts.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? standing up for stronger laws against animal abuse/cruelty.

Animals are constantly being the targets of humanity's greed, abusive and cruel behavior, even enduring torture and pain due to experiments for humanity's vanity, the list goes on and on, even to the point where the legal system refuses to see the barbaric nature and create laws that are strong and punishable - laws that should be protecting and serving justice for innocent lives, instead of permitting offenders to walk away with mere slaps on the wrist.

   Although there has been many campaigns, petitions, world voices being raised to help save the lives of countless animals, it seems that many of these are either being ignored or set up on a shelf to collect dust - putting the issues on the back burner, and for what reason? Is it because animals cannot vote, or have a voice - that the theory that we humanity are the "superior species" and should not be held accountable for our actions against weaker species - is this the kind of world that we are living in, the kind of world we want to leave to our future generations?

     I feel the need to express my concerns because time and time again we are seeing these violations of animal welfare/rights which seem to be increasing more and more each day, witnessing the severity of the cruelty/abuse that these poor animals are being subjected too by those that I can only call "MONSTERS" and that the legal system is failing to produce suitable justice against these offenders --- letting the animals down, when we as humanity should be guardians for them.  

      When do the innocent lives of animals become important enough to protect? when it is too late? when there are no more of these beautiful babies inhabiting the Earth? We must ask ourselves these questions, and come together to create a solution - to promote compassion and make this world a safer place, not only for humanity, but for innocent lives of animals as well - We should not have to beg and plead for something to be done - it should already be present, and yet here we stand urging our world and government to stand up and speak out for animal life.

       This is not only our world, but their world as well - they should not have to be considered second best, and have no justice  - these are innocent lives that are being destroyed, abused, treated inhumanely and even butchered by those who were meant to protect them "humanity" - because of greed, vanity, human interest, barbaric behaviors and so much more - and yet it is the animals that suffer, and humanity walks away with minimal punishment for their crimes, permitted to victimize another animal or even a human life - the next step further.

       I am hoping that the Government and the world will come together as a unity and see to it that JUSTICE is served for animal life - to make stronger laws and stricter punishment - to create methods and strategies that will keep animals from enduring any more pain and suffering, or costing them their lives.  We need to step away from the "SUPERIOR SPECIES" theory and create a "COMPASSIONATE SPECIES" - animals are here for their own reasons and purposes, not for us, and we need to realize that!

Let's Stand Together and Make A Difference - Every Voice Counts.

Thank You 



Friday, 11 April 2014


Sometimes we come across stories that instantly touch our hearts and bring us immediately to tears - whether it be lost loves, or reunited families, each story hitting you directly in the heart and soul.  But this story is one that in my eyes tops the cake, because not only did it reach out to me, but it got me thinking about what I would do with my furry family members if I was in a spot such as this.... 

    Sherlock is a pitbull mix, who not only faces a world where his breed is considered an "evil breed" but he is losing the one person that means the world to him - his mother, companion, his angel, PAT, who has terminal cancer, and knows that she will not be around to protect and take care of her "furry baby".

    So Pat is hoping and praying that someone special and loving will take Sherlock, to be his family and love him and cherish him the way that she does - unconditionally. It is a wish that she is truly hoping someone will make come true - for she fears that if not, her beautiful baby will end up in a shelter, and this thought truly breaks her heart along with having to leave her sweetheart behind.

I cannot even begin to imagine the sadness that this woman is going through - to know that she has to leave her baby - an innocent soul that means the world to her.  Especially being her everything as she endures painful treatments, and to not only go through all this but to reach out desperately to the world for a caring animal angel to be Sherlock's everything when it comes for her to go into hospice. It is such a heartbreaking and touching story, even now bringing me to tears as I write this blog :(

     Pat says that Sherlock is fully vetted, heart worm negative and is living in Fort Collins, Colorado - for more information please contact Jess at rubyphoenix36@yahoo.com or by phone 970-775-0797.

- he has had basic obedience training and is housebroken
- loves people but has never been around young children - doing best in a home with no other pets.
- he loves walks and cuddling on the couch - a real sweetheart.


Thank You

Tuesday, 8 April 2014



Did you know that beloved dogs are being killed for some humanity's entertainment, a "killing" that is costing approximately 16,000 or more canine lives a year?

This slaughter for entertainment is called "DOG FIGHTING" an organized industry that continue to grow like a plague - and it's time that we come together as a world to create a cure and save these innocent lives before more fall victim and lose their lives.

These poor innocent lives are bred to fight - happening all around the world.  The barbaric and cruel dog fighters are even going to the extremes of getting lives from animal shelters, and even kidnapping them from people's backyards and forcing these poor defenseless babies to fight the owner's fighting dogs for mere training - giving the dogs a taste for blood.


"SPREAD THE WORD" it only takes a moment to open people's eyes to what is happening, making them aware of the issues of dog fighting.  Education is truly important as well - when people are educated, they become more active and involved.  

"ENCOURAGE CHANGE" find out where your Government stands on Dog Fighting - such as penalties they have for this issue & offenders.  Write letters urging Government and legislation to upgrade dog fighting laws and also to support better funding for enforcement of this issue.  Government state that they are here for the people - then they need to listen to our voices and help save innocent lives.

"EMPOWER THE WORLD'S VOICES" if each person of the world took part in raising their voices against dog fighting - raising their paws to help bring down this barbaric and cruel industry - so many innocent lives would be saved and so many offenders would be off the streets.  There is so much we can do to help Empower The World's Voices - whether it be from fundraising, to having awareness groups, to even as something simple as writing a letter or posting on social media.  Every Voice Makes A Difference.


Thank You

Saturday, 5 April 2014


I know that I usually write blogs about issues that animals go through on a daily basis - spreading awareness around the world and reaching out to others to get involved. Well today, I am going to spread another message, one that I am sure that many parents, guardians etc will perhaps find very helpful and educational - a little building block in helping those to inspire compassion and respect in children.

    As a parent I know how important education is in the development of your child, considering that when it comes to the big question "Who Helped Nurture Your Social Awareness?" usually the answer from any child is "PARENTS" - So I hope this blog in someway helps in the nurturing process - a few little steps that helped me not only bloom and grow as a parent, but also aided in the blooming and growing of my child as well.

  1. BE A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUR CHILD: Children have always taken cues from parents whether it be walking to talking, even repeating actions that you display on a daily basis, with or without you even knowing. It is a step towards their development, and it's important that you show them that acts of caring are part of your everyday life - even explain to them why "compassion & respect for animals" is important and how animals play an important role in our lives (when they are old enough to understand of course.)
  2. DEVELOPMENT STARTS AT HOME:  A child's main environment is "HOME", most learning & understanding comes from within the four walls of where they reside - witnessing daily activities and following along with the routine. So why not add compassion and respect for animals in that routine, find stories that you can read to your children at night, do a puppet show etc, and if you have a family pet at home, have "Parent/Child/Pet Time" something that my daughter always loves - explaining why caring for a pet is important, develop a compassionate and respectful bond etc.
  3. TEACH COMPASSIONATE & RESPECTFUL ACTIONS:  This is one that is definitely important, although certain actions children do to animals, maybe cute and funny to the children or to the parents, some maybe hurtful and terrifying to the pet/animal - that is how most children are bit/scratched/injured by the family pet because the furry friend is not liking the actions that the child is doing to them. We as parents need to teach our children not to hurt, abuse, scare, etc. When we see an action like this we need to nip it in the butt before the child or the animal are hurt.
  4. GIVE RESPONSIBILITY: When your child is old enough, teach them the responsibility of having an animal - if you have a pet, let them help you with (feeding, watering, brushing etc) little tasks that help them develop responsibility - and explain to them why it's important to do these things, and take care of your pet.  Even if you don't have a pet - you can still educate your child about the importance that taking care of one. Education is Development.
  5. KINDNESS IS THE KEY:  Showing kindness is something that truly isn't hard to do or teach, every act of kindness is a reward, and educating your child to show kindness to animals and others in need is a great gift that you can pass down - whether it be volunteering at a local shelter, donating, feeding birds, the list is endless and the outcome is priceless.  Don't walk on by and ignore, because your child will too. 
  6. RAISE UR PAW and GET INVOLVED:  With all the issues that animals face on a daily basis, sometimes many forget the little things that can make a difference, things that you and your child can do together to get involved with raising your paw to help animals in need .. such things as making special gifts of treats for the animals in shelters, donating food, blankets other necessities, doing special things to help with adoption/fostering/rescuing - volunteering, creating special events that will benefit animals in need etc.  I know there are lots of things you don't want your children to see, and that's okay - but we cannot hide them from all of it, find issues that you and your child can get involved with.
  7. ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE & EMPOWER:  We as parents want our children to be the best that they can be - to bloom and grow into individuals that are compassionate, loving and caring - to take part in making a brighter future. But to bloom and grow, they rely and depend on us as their parents to nurture and educate them - to empower and encourage them to be the best they can be, and follow the right path in this world - and that encouragement and empowerment is a big importance to not only who they will become, but also what they will pass down to future generations - how to respect and show compassion for all animal life - and that foundation begins with you.
I am not sure if this blog helped in any way - but to me these 7 tips aided me with teaching my daughter about compassion and respect for animal life. We all have our own different ways, that's what makes us all unique - and I am hoping that others out there will take a moment to share other helpful tips with us - special methods that they found useful and helpful :) Would love to hear them! 

     Please take a moment to comment or share your ideas - your feedback is truly important to us, and also will help others who are reading this blog - let's educate, encourage and empower together.  

Thank You

Friday, 4 April 2014


Make A Sheltered Animal's Dream Come True:

It only takes a moment to make a dream come true
for an innocent life that needs us so, a life that's depending on you
to be their family forever, their savior and their friend
to stand by them and cherish them until the very end.

It only takes a moment to save an innocent soul
to comfort and protect them, to again make them whole
to give them love and care, a life they truly need
to show them they can trust again, a hope that will succeed.

It only takes a moment to show how much you care
to hug them and to kiss them - and show your always there
to give them warm and kindness, a loving home and family
A special gift you can give to them, the way it was meant to be.

It only takes a moment, is all they ask of you
to give them a loving family and home
and make their dreams come true.



Tuesday, 1 April 2014


When it comes to my daughter's birthday, it is a family tradition to have a theme - something special that she chooses and then I break out my creativeness to make banners and other decorations to make it a very special and memorable day for her -- This year though I was 100% certain that she was going to choose "1 DIRECTION" considering that it is her all time favorite band in the world - especially Harry Styles.

   But I was literally brought to tears when she mentioned a more inspirational and charitable birthday party theme - A RAISE UR PAW BIRTHDAY PARTY - You see, my daughter always learned to be respectful and compassionate to animals, she also seems very intrigued by what my cause "RAISE UR PAW" stands for, raising awareness for animals in need worldwide. But I didn't realize how much my dedication had inspired her - to take part in raising her little paw and voice to dedicate her very special day to help animals and give them a beautiful gift.

   She is hoping that friends and family will donate food, blankets and necessities that these sheltered babies need instead of birthday presents for her - saying that the animals need these gifts more than she does -- and she is also planning on using any birthday money that she receives to purchase other things that the shelter could use to make the lives of sheltered babies just a bit brighter until they can find loving homes and families.

     I have to say that her idea for this charitable birthday is one that truly touches my heart - she has always been generous, loving and caring - a little girl with a very big heart, and I am truly proud of her, and inspired as well.  This is certainly a journey that I am truly honored to be taking with her, to hold her hand as she reaches out and helps those in need, an example of how important it is to teach the youth about compassion and respect for innocent life, for even the littlest voices can make a big difference.

Dakota's birthday is on April 29th, and I will be posting her "RAISE UR PAW BIRTHDAY" facebook page just in case there are some that wish to support my little girl, or even just wish a happy birthday to her, I know she would truly be smiling about that.

Please RAISE UR PAW along with her, and JOIN IN on her journey to Raising her paw for sheltered animals - let's spread the message so that more innocent lives are adopted, fostered and rescued - We can all play a part in saving special lives.

Please take a moment to "LIKE" and share :)