Sunday, 18 May 2014



   It is a question that many should be asking themselves, especially when it comes to the innocent lives of animals that are being brutally tortured and killed all because of human ignorance and their need to be superior... and this issue is one that seems to be slipping through the cracks due to "Tradition" a word that many use to justify their barbaric treatment towards animals.

But what is this issue that that has gone unnoticed by so many, including much media for so long -- the barbaric "DOG MEAT TRADE" and it's time that we finally come together united and raise our paws to finally not only bring light to the issue, but finally bring it to an end.

   If we were all to take a moment to actually look within this horrific trade, we would see a truly barbaric & sickening industry that steals countless lives -- innocent lives that are not only raised to be part of these meat markets, but some even taken from streets and from families.

But many choose to ignore this situation and issue, some feeling like if they don't see it, it doesn't exist.. but it does, and whether we want to acknowledge it or not, it will be here until we can come together to change it and save lives - to finally speak out against the truth and horror of how these poor lives are cruelly treated and kept most of their lives confined in cramped wire cages where they literally suffer horrifically -- both physically and psychologically. 

     It is within these cramped wire prisons that you can see the fear in these animals, suffering from hunger, extreme temperatures, and a lack of food and water -- but the torturous lifestyle that they are subjected too doesn't end there, only those who die quickly are the lucky ones.

   The deaths are horrific, something that I am sure that no human would ever imagine, or want too for that matter. These poor babies endure various blows to the head, leaving them in a semi-conscious state before being stabbed to death -- they are then bled out and left to die after agonizing minutes where they still struggle, desperately clinging to remain alive - while some are even boiled alive and electrocuted.

Is this the way innocent lives should be treated - to be barbarically tortured and slaughtered, to have their lives stolen due to the inhumane actions of humanity... of course not - and we are hoping that we can bring an end to this issue, and the only way to accomplish and succeed at this solution is by making a stand and showing that this issue will not be tolerated and that we will take action to speak out for the voiceless --- 


Saturday, 10 May 2014


To Whom it May Concern;

   We at RAISE UR PAW are coming to you with a request – a plea to speak out and raise ur paw for HOPE (Helping Out Pets Everywhere)

Everyday millions of healthy, treatable sheltered animals are euthanized without being given a second chance at life – innocent lives who have lost their families, homes, and some even enduring issues which have left them physically and psychologically scarred.

  When we continue to ignore the voiceless and treat them like they have no purpose on earth except to be objects & possessions to human kind – then it is us who is failing as a species. We are the ones that are meant to be their guardians, and we cannot continue to permit sheltered animals, or any animal to be punished for the sins of some scrupulous people, for it is animals who are the victims and to punish and destroy these beings is showing many that we are just the same as those offenders who victimized these poor lives – and that there is a stain on humanity.

    Please stand with us and we speak out for HOPE, a hope in humanity that we will come together united to create a solution to stop the decay on humanity’s image so that future generations will not be stained by it and more innocent lives lost to it – A hope that we can finally be considered a compassionate species, and create a compassionate and better world for all humankind and animals alike.

    We are hoping that this request will reach out, and help fight the good fight for animals worldwide -- to open up the hearts and arms of many to take in these babies and give them the life and love that they deserve and to finally unite and say NO to KILL SHELTERS, for animals should not have to die because of humanity's actions -- and we need your help!

It only takes a moment to do what is right and speak out for sheltered animals - and although saving one life won't change the world, we are changing the world for that one life -- and shouldn't saving a life be an important act that we all should take part in?

Please Raise Ur Paw for HOPE - let the world hear your voice and see your paw raised.  

Thank You!

DEAR MOM - A Mother's Day Poem To My Mother

Dear Mom;

As I look back on my life
Seeing the things that I have been through
I would have never gotten through them, if it hadn’t been for you.

You are my inspiration
Though times I didn’t see
That unconditional love truly did exist
Because you had given it to me.

I thank you for being by my side
Even in times when I wanted my life to end
And you carried me through this darkness
As a mother and best friend.

You never ask for much in life
Always giving more then what you receive
Never seeing the specialness about you
You are the angel in which I believe.

I thank you Mom for being there
For being my wings to fly
Who helps me walk this path in life
Empowering me to take to the sky.

 I love you mom with all my heart
Although sometimes these words I do not say
But in my eyes you are my world
Many blessings on this Mother’s Day.

Written by Douglas Atherton - 

Monday, 5 May 2014


Don’t cry for me, cause I am gone
Think of the love we shared
That you gave me the life I held so dear
Always showing me that you cared.

Don’t live your life in sadness
Think of the memories that we made
The special moments we both enjoyed
 A special bond that will never fade.

I may not be there in body
But I am always by your side
I love you and will never leave you
My memory and heart you hold inside.

Thank You for being my family
my love for you will never end.
You gave my life such meaning

I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

Written by Ben Sterling (RAISE UR PAW)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

RESCUE ME: A Sheltered Animal's Poem

Grasping for the will to live
I cling with everything inside
A hope for a second chance to live
A yearning that I cannot hide.

But as each day passes on
The more hope I seem to lose
A world of broken promises
A life I did not choose...

The family that was suppose to love me
Left these scars and bruises upon my soul
Tossing me away & abandoning me
My life and happiness they stole...

So here I sit in sadness
Within this lonely, sheltered place
Terrified and waiting
For my fate to show its face.

If only someone out there
Would hear my pleas and cries
To see that all I want is love
To see the life within my eyes...

I maybe just an animal
But I have a lot of love to give
Please take the moment to rescue me

All I want in life is too live.

Written by RAISE UR PAW