Sunday, 13 July 2014

FIGHT FOR LIFE - Our Open Letter to Argentina/Mendoza Government

To Whom It May Concern;

    We at Raise Ur Paw and countless others around the world are coming to you in hopes of response and exhibit humanity in protecting and saving the lives of animals that are being held captive at the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina – and to also establish up to date animal rights/welfare laws for the protection of such beings that reside within.

     For many years these defenceless beings have been held against their will, exhibited and used for the soul purpose of commercial gain & exploitation, as if their lives were of unimportant and used as mere objects/possessions in order to line the pockets and bank accounts of those responsible, where these animals live in inappropriate and heartbreaking conditions.

     You must understand the critical damage that such places are doing to the animals, whether it be psychologically, physically, even spiritually - understanding that if animals have no control of their existence & life, unable to exercise or stimulate, their psychological development will proceed to a series of repetitive or stereotyped behaviors – which will therefore, decrease their well-being and slowly take away their will to live.

    It is an unjust and inhumane reality, how enslaved lives are being deprived of their opportunity to develop their interests and need, how humanity exploit them, keeping them in conditions which are truly unethical and merciless, and that the laws that are meant to protect innocent life are outdated and need the power of the people and Government to see to it that they are brought to appropriate measures so that the welfare/rights of life are protected.

    The story of Arturo, the last captive polar bear in the Mendoza Zoo is just one of many lives that are being affected by the conditions in which they live in – also an example how without proper and updated laws are permitting such conditions to be created without any protection of these animals, subjecting them to not only being used and abused, but also dying as a result of inadequate methods taken in providing them with the way of life and security that they so deserve.

     We as humanity are meant to be guardians of life, to nurture and be responsible for them, and yet there are many that defy and ignore these positions, and it is time that we band together united, not just to protect the lives of the innocent (animals) but to also show the Greatness of Our Nation and our World as humankind. 

     We ask of you to take this message, this plea of hope & compassion – and step forward to creating a world that is not only humane and respectful to animals – but to also create a world where our future generations can be proud of – and able to see the beauty of life, protected and respected by every human being.

Thank You


Sunday, 6 July 2014


What's the use of a heart
when you can't open it for me
What's the use of having eyes
when the world is just to blind to see

Do I deserve to go unnoticed
abandoned, abused and treated like this
Do I not deserve to live my life
to be loved, free and missed

What is the use of having a voice
when silence is all that is heard
What is the use of raising a paw
When the world goes on ignoring my word

Do I have to cry out in agony and pain
for someone to lend a hand
Does my innocent blood have to spill
before humanity begins to understand

What is the point of feelings
When some turn away and don't care
What is the point of living
in a world that is just too cruel and unfair

Am I not worth fighting for
is my rights and welfare not worth the time
What is the point of having a soul
when humanity states my life is not mine.


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Sometimes the world doesn’t understand
When you’re raising your voice and reaching out your hand
Seeing you as a threat, just trying to speak your mind
Trying to move forward and leave your past behind....

And your screams turn to whispers fast
In a busy world, the fight inside doesn’t seem to last
Spinning around just want to run and hide
But stick to your guns, cause you are a fighter deep inside....

You can reach the sky
Lift up your voices high
Don’t let yourself be pushed aside
Cause you’re a fighter deep inside...

There are times when you feel alone
Feeling like your facing the world on your own
Just take a moment and see the light
Stand your ground, things will be alright

Don’t let silence take control of you
Or let the world tell you what to do
Be an individual, wipe the tears you cried
Look deep in your heart, cause you’re a fighter deep inside...

Empowerment is the key you need
In this world, if you want to succeed
Encourage, yourself today
Gain the strength to pave your way
Keep your voice strong, let it be heard
Put power behind ever sound and word

Clench your fists and raise them high
Spread your wings and take to the sky
Speak your mind, and take the ride
Be who you are cause you’re a fighter deep inside.


Cause you’re a fighter deep inside...

Written By Creator of Raise Ur Paw

Saturday, 5 July 2014

MEET "PIG" - "Half-Dog" who won the hearts of many

Dear Readers;

    I know that I usually write my blogs on issues that innocent animals go through on a daily basis, a way of spreading awareness and shining the spotlight in hopes of gaining the world’s help and support in fighting the good fight to end these problems.

    But sometimes you are suddenly hit by an inspirational story that immediately tugs at your heart and right away you want to share it with the world... and that is exactly what happened to me and why I am writing this entry today...

 When I first came across this story about a dog named “PIG”, I wasn’t sure what I was going to be faced with especially when the headline said “She May Be An “Ugly Mutt” favorite, but this “Half Dog” has a Huge Fan Base...and She Deserves It!” right away I was expecting to see a dog that had been cruelly mistreated or dismembered --- which I am sure that many others who came across the story thought as well...

    But instead I came face to face with a picture of a beautiful baby, who although was born with all kinds of disadvantages, had such a heart gripping and inspiring story .

     This little soul was found in the woods near Atlanta, born with severe deformities; her spine is seven inches shorter than normal, has missing ribs and bones that have basically fused together and to top it off she virtually has no neck – and later adopted and nursed by a woman in Alabama named Kim Dillenbeck.

    Not only did “PIG” win the heart of her owner, but she has also gone on to win the hearts of people all over the world – showing and inspiring so many, that even though she has multiple health issues including missing ribs, incorrectly rotated jointed and damaged vertebrae, has learned to live with her impairments and be the happy little pup that she is today.

    I Raise My Paw for “PIG” and her animal angel owner for sharing this beautiful girl’s story – because it shows the goodness of some, and the strength and inspiration of others... many blessings and happiness.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

ARTURO: A Distressed Captive Polar Bear - and the FIGHT to GET HIM FREE

Dear Readers;

     I am sure that many of you have heard of ARTURO, the senior polar bear who resides in captivity at the MENDOZA ZOO in Argentina – or perhaps have joined countless other voices that are being raised in order to get him sanctuary before the extreme heat that he faces on a daily basis costs him his fragile and innocent life.

    It is truly heartbreaking and brings tears to the eyes how anyone can put an innocent life is jeopardy such as this – that money and greed are put first and of much importance instead of the life and soul of a living, breathing being. What has happened to the hearts of some humanity?

    To subject a life to live in a concrete enclosure, with just a shallow pool, with no escape from the heat which is taking its toll on his welfare and health – do we truly think so little of life, or that such life doesn’t deserve to have their needs met in order to have a fulfilling and happy life.

    Animal activists and angels have been determined and dedicated in campaigning for a long period of time now to get ARTURO (the last polar bear in captivity in Argentina) to a more suitable and adequate environment, where temperatures are appropriate – to seek sanctuary for this poor life who is now slowly fading away due to the extreme heat and lack of care and medical attention.

     However, for an import permit to be granted, the MENDOZA ZOO has to provide medical records of the bear dating back the minimum of THREE YEARS, but according to officials, they do not have the medical records and thus making the permit unable to be issued.

      If this is the case then obviously there has been no care medically for this defenceless animal, especially for the past three years – and it is now more than ever important that ARTURO is placed in a sanctuary where he can receive and get provided with the proper care that he needs, and also that the MENDOZA ZOO should face charges, since ARTURO is their responsibility and that his medical care and records are their responsibility as well – this is extreme neglect on their part.

      It has also been known that a Canadian Zoo has offered to adopt the animal, but local authorities have been swaying back and forth on whether or not to let him go, there was even a point that they had invited Canadian experts to come and see Arturo, but a couple of days before the trip, they retracted their invite – which in my opinion proves that they are putting their disgraceful pride before the best interest and welfare of Arturo.

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    We at RAISE UR PAW are pleading with everything in us to help by raising your voices and support the fight to SAVE ARTURO, to unite voices worldwide in order to show what compassion and humanity stands for..  Time is ticking for this innocent life, and something needs to be done now before another enslaved soul falls victim to the hands of inhumanity.

Thank You


TO MY LITTLE GIRL - In Memory Of Best Friend & Little Girl PJ

I will love you forever
Even though you had to go
I will cherish you for always
More than the world will ever know.

My best friend and inspiration
A special angel who was always there
In my heart will be the memories of you
The special bond we use to share.

You gave my life so much meaning
A special warmth within my heart
And nothing in this entire world
Can ever take your part.

Although some days it’s hard to cope
A feeling of loneliness without you here
I just think about the times we had
And I can feel your presence near.

Thank You for being a part of my life
My little girl, my angel from above
For giving me a life so sweet
A life full of happiness and love.

Written by Creator of Raise Ur Paw

Rest In Peace PJ – your memory will live on in my heart

PEGAS: Project To End Great Ape Slavery

 Dear Readers;

      We at RAISE UR PAW have always tried to bring light to the many issues that animals face on a daily basis – keeping those informed and even reaching out in hopes that many others will get involved and raise their paws to fight the good fight.

       We had been informed that a certain issue needs not only our support and help, but also the support and help of the world in order to save the lives of countless chimpanzees and great apes, and also to keep them from a horrific life of slavery...

This issue is the GREAT APE SLAVERY and the compassion souls of PEGAS (Project To End Great Ape Slavery) are doing everything in their power to bring an end to this issue once and for all – and we are coming to you to ask for your help to spread the word, and to raise ur paw along with them in their fight to save and protect life.

 PEGAS has formed a petition, which you will find here --

"This petition calls upon the  CITES Secretariat to advise its member states to stick to Article VIII of the Convention  -- to confiscate illegally trafficked apes, prosecute the dealers and corrupt national CITES officials responsible and if possible send the apes back home to Africa"

The group PEGAS is aiming to document and understand this illegal trade of great apes, to map out trade routes and to identify those that are involved and responsible, and to use this information originated from the project to construct a platform to apply pressure for enhanced law enforcement – and they will work along side of Ol Pejeta Conservancy and PASA to achieve this goal.

    We need to do our part in helping to spread the word and raise awareness about the GREAT APE SLAVERY - to show our support PEGAS and raise our paws in any way we can to help them fight this issue that is enslaving and destroying lives everyday. It is better to do something then nothing at all, and if you have a moment to spare - take that moment to spread the word, sign the petition and let PEGAS know that we as a united world support and stand by their efforts to save the lives of these innocent animals.

For More Information on PEGAS and their cause - Please Check Out -

Thank You

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Kendall Jones;
      I am writing this open letter to you – to not only voice my opinion on the pictures that you posted on your recent blood shedding trip to Africa on facebook, but to also make a statement of how important it is to teach our children respect and compassion for innocent life, so that they do not go around killing innocent beings the way you do – which seems you get much enjoyment out of it..
      You truly don’t understand and don’t care about the role that you are playing at this moment – not only stealing the lives of innocent beings, but also sending worldwide negative messages to youth and others  -- such as “FOR A GOOD TIME, KILL A LIFE” a statement that makes you no better than animal abusers/killers that are plaguing this world of ours.. and that repulsive smile upon your face says it all....
      I am just wondering how you can look at yourself in the mirror, knowing how many souls you have stolen in attempts to feed your hunger for innocent blood – not to mention post these tragedies online for everyone to see and then get upset that people clearly see you as nothing more than a “Human Disgrace”.
"While all of the ANTI Hunters were hiding behind a computer writing repulsive comments and issuing death threats to me, well I was out doing a White Rhino Green Hunt," she posted on Facebook. "I darted a white rhino and the Vet drew blood samples... The Rhino woke up great and will now be a part of a DNA databank fighting against anti-poaching. Again doing my part in conservation to make a difference."

    But are you really out for conservation - or merely smiling with their victims as a form of getting publicity?? especially since on your facebook page it clearly states:

"I am looking to host a TV show in January 2015"
     Perhaps one day you will find that compassion and respect for life somewhere deep inside, and stop murdering animals as part of your entertainment or an attempt to boost your publicity.  You are still young and it is obvious that you still have a lot of growing up to do – in the compassion and respect sense. 
 You can ignore this open letter or take it to heart – whatever you choose to do – you are the only one that can make that “humane or inhumane decision” and even if you plan on not ending your hunting career, you can be sure that people of compassion will continue to raise their voices against you and negativity will continue to follow you as well. 
 Be A Voice that makes a positive difference, not a voice that spreads the virus of cruelty and death...