Sunday, 6 July 2014


Sometimes the world doesn’t understand
When you’re raising your voice and reaching out your hand
Seeing you as a threat, just trying to speak your mind
Trying to move forward and leave your past behind....

And your screams turn to whispers fast
In a busy world, the fight inside doesn’t seem to last
Spinning around just want to run and hide
But stick to your guns, cause you are a fighter deep inside....

You can reach the sky
Lift up your voices high
Don’t let yourself be pushed aside
Cause you’re a fighter deep inside...

There are times when you feel alone
Feeling like your facing the world on your own
Just take a moment and see the light
Stand your ground, things will be alright

Don’t let silence take control of you
Or let the world tell you what to do
Be an individual, wipe the tears you cried
Look deep in your heart, cause you’re a fighter deep inside...

Empowerment is the key you need
In this world, if you want to succeed
Encourage, yourself today
Gain the strength to pave your way
Keep your voice strong, let it be heard
Put power behind ever sound and word

Clench your fists and raise them high
Spread your wings and take to the sky
Speak your mind, and take the ride
Be who you are cause you’re a fighter deep inside.


Cause you’re a fighter deep inside...

Written By Creator of Raise Ur Paw

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