Thursday, 3 July 2014

PEGAS: Project To End Great Ape Slavery

 Dear Readers;

      We at RAISE UR PAW have always tried to bring light to the many issues that animals face on a daily basis – keeping those informed and even reaching out in hopes that many others will get involved and raise their paws to fight the good fight.

       We had been informed that a certain issue needs not only our support and help, but also the support and help of the world in order to save the lives of countless chimpanzees and great apes, and also to keep them from a horrific life of slavery...

This issue is the GREAT APE SLAVERY and the compassion souls of PEGAS (Project To End Great Ape Slavery) are doing everything in their power to bring an end to this issue once and for all – and we are coming to you to ask for your help to spread the word, and to raise ur paw along with them in their fight to save and protect life.

 PEGAS has formed a petition, which you will find here --

"This petition calls upon the  CITES Secretariat to advise its member states to stick to Article VIII of the Convention  -- to confiscate illegally trafficked apes, prosecute the dealers and corrupt national CITES officials responsible and if possible send the apes back home to Africa"

The group PEGAS is aiming to document and understand this illegal trade of great apes, to map out trade routes and to identify those that are involved and responsible, and to use this information originated from the project to construct a platform to apply pressure for enhanced law enforcement – and they will work along side of Ol Pejeta Conservancy and PASA to achieve this goal.

    We need to do our part in helping to spread the word and raise awareness about the GREAT APE SLAVERY - to show our support PEGAS and raise our paws in any way we can to help them fight this issue that is enslaving and destroying lives everyday. It is better to do something then nothing at all, and if you have a moment to spare - take that moment to spread the word, sign the petition and let PEGAS know that we as a united world support and stand by their efforts to save the lives of these innocent animals.

For More Information on PEGAS and their cause - Please Check Out -

Thank You

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