Friday, 29 August 2014


"According to sources over 4 MILLION animals are euthanized each year simply because too few people adopt from shelters or rescue groups -- there is also countless others who are waiting for loving homes and families, special animal angels to hold them under their wings and give them the life and happiness that they deserve!"

We at RAISE UR PAW have created WEAR A COLLAR DAY on SEPTEMBER 19th. A day in which we hope to unite the world to promote adoption/fostering of sheltered animals in need.

    Our aim is to not only bring an animal in need into the arms of a special family but to also help build awareness and educate the world about the unacceptable number of animals in shelters due to the fact of puppy mills, those who abandon their pets, making uninformed decisions when getting a pet, or owners who neglect to spay/neuter etc.

     We chose this theme WEAR A COLLAR DAY as a representation of the connection and link that we share with our companion "FURFAMILY" members, and also a representation that we are the voices for all of those that are waiting for their forever homes and also those on death row needing someone to rescue them before it is too late.

     We hope that this event will unite many individuals to get involved and make a stand for not only the lives that need us, but to also stand for the greatness of our nation - to share this message worldwide, raising their paws together for those in desperate need of that special someone and family.


* Wear a Collar Proud - Take a SELFIE!
* Spread the Word Worldwide by explaining to others WHY you are wearing it.
* Challenge or Get Others Involved.
* If you can ADOPT/FOSTER a sheltered animal in need.




Thank You.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM - Looking for Governments Help to Rescue Quebec Fur Farm Animals

We at RAISE UR PAW are hoping to reach out to the world for help in pressuring the Quebec Government and the Minister of Forests, Wildlife & Parks to use their power to bring to an end the hellish lifestyles that innocent lives are enduring at the MONTEREGIE REGION fur farm SOUTH of MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA.

   It is time that those of political power acknowledge and take responsibility for the innocent lives that are in desperate need of their assistance - to protect them and their well-being from those who only wish to put profit before the welfare and well-being of these lives.  The Government needs to step up to the plate and do what is right - this meaning that criminal charges need to be laid against the owners of this fur industry, and have the fur farm closed and the animals seized immediately.

    It is unacceptable that many are turning a blind eye to the horrific conditions and mistreatment of these beautiful babies - and how this turning a  blind eye is permitting this inhumanity to be allowed and go unseen.

    According to NEWS ARTICLES that we have researched, the fur farm (MONTEREGIE) claim around 100,000 lives a year for fur, keeping them in conditions which apparently there is no access to clean water or medical care, being subjected to live in tight spaces on top of one another and walking on floors that cut their feet.  Does this sound humane to you? Especially when there is also documentation & statements that claim the presence of dehydration, emaciation or starvation, along with a variety of injuries --

Once again I ask --- WHY is the Government of Quebec and the Minister of Forests, Wildlife & Parks NOT doing anything to stop this from occurring, why are they not saving these babies lives and shutting down this inhumane industry?

PLEASE WORLD & ALL HUMANITY - We need your support and help to request something be done to help God's Innocent Creatures, We beg that you raise your paw and your voice far and wide - to spread the word to friends/family/ anyone that will join the countless others and demand JUSTICE,  to demand the SHUT DOWN of this fur farm and SAVE innocent lives, and REQUEST that those with POLITICAL POWER etc join along with us and DO SOMETHING.

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION --- It only takes a second to be part of the good fight -

Thank You All

Sunday, 10 August 2014

#NODOGMEAT - Be One Of A Million Voices

Dear People of the World;

     We at RAISE UR PAW want to personally thank all those that have raised their paws and voices against the illegal dog meat trade – a barbaric and inhumane industry that is claiming millions of dogs/cats as part of a sadistic action that many are claiming to be “culture” – such places as South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and others.

     Although there are countless animal angels speaking out against this issue, it seems that many of our voices are going unheard – unseen by those that have the power to put pressure upon the Governments of these countries and it is time that we demand to be heard and action taken – to come together and create one strong voice in order to stop this inhumane torture and slaughter once and for all.

     As you all know, there are activists on the ground in these places working tirelessly and dedicated in order to make a stand and stop this brutality towards our companion family members – trying desperately to save as many as they can, seeing first hand the inhumanity that these innocent lives are forced to endure – where these dogs/cats face deprivation and unimaginable torment from the very moment that they are born until the day that someone comes to claim their life – and in reality it is going to take more than just the tears of humanity to end this barbaric ordeal... it is going to take the voices of the people.

     We believe that the power of change is in the voices of the world, that together as one we can break the chains of silence that has permitted this plague to continue to spread rapidly – but we need the participation and support of all – to use our voices to create a storm that the whole world will take notice of (media and Government attention included) to show not only the greatness of our nation, but that human kind still exists.

      The main question at this point is not what has happened to humanity? But what humanity can do to stop this trade- to free the innocent lives that are imprisoned in cramped, rusted cages (no water, exercise, medical attention or companionship)– being brutally butchered in front of other live dogs/cats – through electrocution, being beaten, hung, or burnt to death – because these people believe that the more these innocent babies suffer the more the consumer will enjoy both health benefits and meat – a truly sadistic action.

     Please be involved in the good fight - to be one of a million people against the dog/cat meat trade who are making a stand and raising their voices to be heard.  United as one we stand, to save the lives of the innocent and to be part of the solution. Only you can make the choice to be a voice!

Thank You!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

FREE KISKA - Our Open Letter To Marineland

Dear Marineland;

    We are aware that over the years you have given enjoyment to countless people, an enjoyment that has been created off the misery of innocent lives that have been enslaved in your captivity industry - an industry that has tried to convince us that the life that resides there are happy with their fake environments,  and we know that you have been approached and urged by countless others who wish for you to change your ways and release these lives back to their natural environments.

Such innocent lives as KISKA, a lone orca that is imprisoned within your walls.

     We are also aware of the state that she is in at the present moment -- according to sources she suffers from teeth problems, disintegrated dorsal fin and what appears to be a significant depression behind her blowhole, and other physical and psychological damage due to the 30 some years that she has been held prisoner - and that now she spends her days swimming alone in her concrete cell, not having any contact with any other orca since her orca companion was sent back to Seaworld in November 2011.

     You as a marine park need to fulfill your responsibility to these lives in which are in your hands, you hold the key that can undo the binds that keep them slaves, and it is now time to open your eyes and see that what you are doing is no longer going to be accepted and that it is causing more negative impact then positive.

We are pleading with you to take the step towards a world where life is respected and the welfare of innocent life is put first before the profit and the almighty dollar - whether it be to "retire" her to a facility in the ocean, where she can become one with her natural environment again - reconnecting with her community and other orcas or in a place where she can live the rest of her days happy and with the comforts of others instead of the solitary in which she resides in now.

      We urge you to use your power to do what is right for the welfare and life of this innocent being - we are meant to be guardians - not captors or profit makers of such life.  Kiska needs your help and voices, just as she needs our voices as a united world -- and it is up to you to make that choice, to make that right decision that will make a true difference in her life before it is too late.

The World is Watching! Please Raise Ur Paw!

Thank You!

** Please Sign Our Petition - FREE KISKA