Thursday, 28 August 2014

FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM - Looking for Governments Help to Rescue Quebec Fur Farm Animals

We at RAISE UR PAW are hoping to reach out to the world for help in pressuring the Quebec Government and the Minister of Forests, Wildlife & Parks to use their power to bring to an end the hellish lifestyles that innocent lives are enduring at the MONTEREGIE REGION fur farm SOUTH of MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA.

   It is time that those of political power acknowledge and take responsibility for the innocent lives that are in desperate need of their assistance - to protect them and their well-being from those who only wish to put profit before the welfare and well-being of these lives.  The Government needs to step up to the plate and do what is right - this meaning that criminal charges need to be laid against the owners of this fur industry, and have the fur farm closed and the animals seized immediately.

    It is unacceptable that many are turning a blind eye to the horrific conditions and mistreatment of these beautiful babies - and how this turning a  blind eye is permitting this inhumanity to be allowed and go unseen.

    According to NEWS ARTICLES that we have researched, the fur farm (MONTEREGIE) claim around 100,000 lives a year for fur, keeping them in conditions which apparently there is no access to clean water or medical care, being subjected to live in tight spaces on top of one another and walking on floors that cut their feet.  Does this sound humane to you? Especially when there is also documentation & statements that claim the presence of dehydration, emaciation or starvation, along with a variety of injuries --

Once again I ask --- WHY is the Government of Quebec and the Minister of Forests, Wildlife & Parks NOT doing anything to stop this from occurring, why are they not saving these babies lives and shutting down this inhumane industry?

PLEASE WORLD & ALL HUMANITY - We need your support and help to request something be done to help God's Innocent Creatures, We beg that you raise your paw and your voice far and wide - to spread the word to friends/family/ anyone that will join the countless others and demand JUSTICE,  to demand the SHUT DOWN of this fur farm and SAVE innocent lives, and REQUEST that those with POLITICAL POWER etc join along with us and DO SOMETHING.

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION --- It only takes a second to be part of the good fight -

Thank You All

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