Thursday, 25 September 2014


Join The Dog Meat Trade Awareness Campaign - Please Support The Efforts In Getting This Trade Stopped Once And For All.

   "LOVE4DOGS" campaign was created to raise voices worldwide to help fight the cruelty and barbaric actions of the ILLEGAL DOG MEAT TRADE.  Our aim is to not only form a union of voices to speak out against this trade, but to also save lives and raise awareness on the dilemma that is claiming & torturing an estimated 18 MILLION dogs a year.

     Every day countless dogs are being raised on "dog farms", stolen or picked up in order  to fill the hunger of those that crave man's best friend - and due to this demand, these poor animals are crammed in small cages together, and await their fate of extreme torture & suffering --- and many of the world are turning away from their cries & pleas for help.

       We are asking everyone to please take a moment on OCTOBER 4th, 2014, and show your LOVE for these companion animals, to help us reach out to the Governments of these countries to strengthen & carry out the laws in place related to this trade, to improve enforcement of laws, and permanently prohibit this cruel trade immediately.

Please Spread The Word So More Will Become Involved, and Participate In Being A Unity of Voices for "LOVE 4 DOGS"

We truly appreciate your love and support - Many Blessings


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Everyday we read or hear of another issue that animals face on a daily basis - being either networked or protested by dedicated animal angels that are doing everything in their power to reach humanity worldwide for support, aid or just getting the word out there so that people are aware of what is happening -- while at the same time media is covering certain stories that aren't as important as what these poor innocent lives are enduring, and it makes you wonder why these stories are not being covered.

     Such issues as the gruesome reality of the DOG MEAT TRADE, which is claiming the lives of an estimated 18 MILLION dogs each year for their meat & fur - and I am sure that with just that thought alone, eating man's best friend doesn't sit well with countless people, including myself.

      However, in places like CHINA, VIETNAM, SOUTH KOREA, INDONESIA, the PHILIPPINES and possibly others - this sort of trade is not uncommon - but it also brings upon barbaric cruelty & inhumane suffering - the scale and depth that is so intense that for anyone who comes across the articles, images or videos, are not only brought to tears, but are also outraged that such crimes against nature are being permitted.

      Even as I sit here questioning why those with the power to end this are not doing anything to help, the haunting & heartbreaking images that these lives endure are literally burning themselves into my mind - seeing the terror & suffering in their eyes as they wait helplessly in crammed cages for their fate to come. A fate that consists of torture, being skinned or boiled alive, being brutally beaten to the point that all they can do is lay there & suffer - inhumane actions that no living life should have to go through.

And yet it continues.... with only the voices of special angels fighting for these dogs/cats, spreading the word as much as possible in hopes of gaining the support & help from anyone who is willing to do what is right and make a stand to urge the Government to do something immediately - and that is why I am hoping that this plea for action is heard.

      We truly need to unite as one strong and powerful voice, to urge the Governments of these countries to ban this illegal trade, to strengthen & carry out the laws in place and improve enforcement of these laws - to also be role models that other countries can follow in creating a better world.

Thank You



Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nothing To Celebrate - Stop the 2015 Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Yulin, China plans their Annual Dog Meat Festival for 2015? WTH????

   That's right my dear readers you read that correctly, a DOG MEAT FESTIVAL - an event that started in the early 1990's in Yulin, a rural part of china where every year around 10,000 dogs are massacred and eaten on or around June 21st.

    It truly blows the mind at the inhumanity & insanity that such a heartbreaking and sickening act can be permitted to occur - and that the Government of China seems to be turning a blind eye to the whole situation, even though so many animal activists are flooding social media, the world with documentation & images of the cruelty and brutality that is taking place - even standing on the front lines to help man's best friend from being part of the menu.

    As an animal activist/advocate, and dog lover - I am literally sickened and angered at the idea of these loyal and companion animals being inhumanely tortured, beaten and skinned, boiled alive all due to the fact of some humanity's insane traditions & gruesome theories, and even made into a festival --- celebrating the suffering and barbarism that these acts involve.

And where do these innocent lives come from or where are they found? Well by truckloads, tightly crammed in cages, unable to move - coming from "dog farms" or former pets and strays that have been rounded up, mistreated and disrespected as if objects of no importance --- and if any of you are in disbelief, I can guarantee that you would find countless heartbreaking images if you were to do a search on Google or Yahoo.

      You see that is why this barbaric trade needs to be brought to an end - CHINA has NO REAL ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS that protect these innocent babies from this display of inhumanity - and due to this fact it also means that this unofficial trade is not even subjected to trade, health or food production laws either.  So therefore, this basically means that these dogs/cats are vulnerable victims & are allowed to be targeted without any protection or justice from the Government... It is heartbreaking, but true!

DID YOU KNOW???  That China is not the only place that torture and consume dog/cat meat - that it has been documented that 12.5 Million dogs/cats are being consumed by places such as Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and others....

It is time that we join united to not only bring light to this issue at hand, but to also be part of the solution - to protest the Government of CHINA to create more enforceable and strong animal protection laws and to see to it that these actions are stopped permanently. We also request that you continue to spread the word worldwide, whether it be by social media, or getting out into the community --- every voice counts when it comes to helping animals in need.

Please Sign The Petition ---

We can all make a difference! SAY NO TO DOG/CAT MEAT!
Thank You

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Plea For Help - Open Letter to US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy

Dear Caroline Kennedy, US Ambassador to Japan;

 On January 17th 2014, you had tweeted this statement regarding the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter:

"Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. USG opposes drive hunt fisheries."

    I know you are a very busy woman, with many responsibilities on your plate at this time, but I am curious if your concern for the inhumaneness of the Taiji Dolphin slaughter & enslavement is still present - and if you have taken steps already to aid in the fight to get this cruel and barbaric slaughter stopped once and for all.

    It is now September 2014, and the slaughter & enslavement of these beautiful creatures is once again darkening the waters of the Cove, and it seems that the pleas & cries of the world are falling upon deaf ears, the ears of those who have the power to bring this inhumane nightmare to an end.

    It is crucial that the Government of Japan gets this clear message to stop this massacre once and for all, not only to save the countless lives of God's creatures, but to also save Japan's reputation - a reputation that is being stained by these heartless & merciless actions of these fishermen, and the demands of these industries who seek out to pay for the dolphins meat, or their enslavement.

 Your father once said:  "Things Do Not Happen, Things are Made to Happen!"

   I truly believe this quote, because in my personal opinion things cannot be seen, they are made to be seen - that is why the dolphin slaughter & enslavement was permitted because not many people knew that it even existed, until the dedication and devotion of animal angels opened the world's eyes to the truth - showing us and shining the spotlight on the reality of what some humanity will do or allow in order to achieve the almighty dollar, a mere piece of paper that has claimed and tortured thousands of innocent lives.

        Please Ambassador Kennedy, we are looking to you & Governments of the World to Raise Ur Paw along with the countless others to finally make this dream a reality --- To finally end the Taiji Dolphin slaughter & make the cove waters forever remain blue.

Thank You
Raise Ur Paw



Technology Vs. Life --- Which is Media Going For????

As I sit here doing my daily RAISE UR PAW information & reporting - It became very clear to me how MEDIA perhaps isn't as focused on global events & issues as they had seemed to be in the past -- well not when it comes to the issues that animals endure on a daily basis that is...

     Now don't get me wrong, I understand fully that there is a huge hype for the iPhone 6 - but honestly to blow up the media about it, especially when there is a dolphin slaughter happening in Taiji, Japan - a slaughter that much of our media is either refusing or ignoring to report.... wouldn't you think that saving innocent lives is more important than a piece of technology???

     I don't know about everyone else, but to me this is truly heartbreaking, and also disappointing, that technology and unimportant events are being put ahead of some real issues that need to be dealt with & reported on --- you would think it would be common sense - correct? but hey reporting on a guy who bought the first iPhone6 and then dropped it on the sidewalk is something extremely important to report on -- (rolling eyes at media).

    Does the Media truly not see these issues that are right in front of them, pleading and crying to be reported on --- (Taiji Dolphin Slaughter, The happenings at Mendoza Zoo, the cruelty of Animal Experiments, the list goes on and on....) When are they going to open their eyes and see that these issues are huge problems, and need to be put out there so that more people can become aware and involved at creating solutions, help in the efforts to getting these problems stopped so that countless lives will be saved?

    I know that I am ranting away here - but as part of humanity, I am disgusted by the fact that animal issues are being pushed to the back burner - that innocent creatures are being tortured, slaughtered, abused and so many are turning their heads away instead of doing something to help --- leaving it up to dedicated and what I call "Animal Angels" to take on the responsibility of being saviors & fighters for our voiceless, when it should be the whole world that is taking part in the fight for animals in need worldwide.

When it comes to TECHNOLOGY VS. LIFE ---- Life should always come first!

What Do You Think?


Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Year Ago (Sept 19th) Poem - "Missing You!"

It’s hard to believe a year has passed
since you went away
to a place where you are finally at peace
without pain and free to play.

But here I sit thinking of you
And all the memories that we made
Missing you with every inch of my soul
And wishing you would have stayed.

I know it’s unfair for me to think this way
Especially everything you went through
It just hurts so bad not seeing you here
And living with the pain of missing you.

I thank you PJ for giving to me
A love that nothing can compare
For all the happiness & sweet memories
That we got to share.

Be happy Sweet little girl
For you will forever be in my heart
I know one day we will meet again
Never again to be apart.

~ Ben Sterling.

Friday, 12 September 2014


First, we at RAISE UR PAW would like to send our deepest sympathies and prayers to the Manchester Dogs' Home, who fell victim to tragedy last night (Thursday, Sept. 11) which not only took away their place of rescue but also claimed the lives of many innocent animals along with it.

   This tragedy that swept through a Dogs' home has now apparently claimed the lives of 60 animals, according to police statement - and it is also reported that a 15 year old boy has apparently been arrested on suspicion of arson and is being questioned at this time.

   With the sadness that lingers within us for the countless lives that were taken - we must also take a moment to thank the rescuers that saved the 150 dogs that have now been moved to sister site, Cheshire Dogs' Home, and also the many individuals, businesses etc that have take the moment of their time to donate and help our fellow animal angels in need.

    It truly shows the greatness of a nation when we can come together as a unity to help those in need - whether it be to express sympathies, thoughts, and prayers - to aiding and supporting the efforts that are made in order to save and help those who need us so desperately.

A statement from the home was made, stating "The staff and trustees of Cheshire Dogs' Home near Warrington would like to express their enormous gratitude for the huge support received from the public following the devastating fire at its sister site, Manchester Dogs' Home last night"

    Although this tragedy has created such a huge reaction of sadness & devastation, it has also brought upon a huge reaction of love, support & aid - opening hearts and hands & bringing together humanity - showing the great kindness of individuals worldwide to make this tragic event a little easier for those who are suffering.

     We at RAISE UR PAW would like to request & plea that if you have a moment and you would like to help out in anyway that you can, to please do so  - your support would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link where you can DONATE  ---

Thank You For Opening Your Heart!



Thursday, 4 September 2014



Why is innocent life being shed?
God’s creatures being murdered and enslaved
Does the Government of Japan not see what’s happening
The many souls that need to be saved.

The ocean waters that are meant to be blue
Are now dyed a blood-stained red
As innocent dolphins are forced to the shores
Are now forever silenced and dead.

The soulless ones who claimed these lives
Don’t see what the rest of us see
In their eyes it’s clear the evil within
Fueled by ignorance, greed and brutality.

When do we say enough is enough
And unite as humanity
To stand & speak out as a united world
To fight against the horrors of Taiji.

Written by Ben Sterling


Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Yes! You heard that right - According to the article that I just read from HUFFINGTON POST, the elephant (RAJU) who literally cried when he was freed after 50 YEARS in shackles might be heading back to the life of chains once more....


   Captured as a baby, RAJU, was bought and sold over his 50 year lifespan, bounded by spiked chains and being forced to be a begging elephant a lifestyle that no life should have to endure. According to the article an animal protection group called WILDLIFE SOS, rescued the innocent life from his abusive owner and mahout (individual that rides elephants) during a JULY mission in the Uttar Pradesh region of India .. It seemed that RAJU'S had finally got his happy ending, an ending that touched millions of hearts around the world and bringing to light the issue of abuse and cruelty that these lives endure, being bound and mistreated by ignorance and inhumanity.

"The vet and our team came with fruits and just started speaking softly to him and to reassure him that we were there to help, and it was at that time that tears flooded down his face" A statement made in the article (Huffington Post) by Nikki Sharp, the executive director of WILDLIFE SOS- USA, "They've done a lot of elephant rescues and the fact that the tears were just coming down ... he was weeping. It was an emotional moment and everyone was more motivated to get him on the truck and to safety"

     Just the thought that this beautiful creature's happy ending might be turned upside down all because his owner filed papers in court to get him back is not only heartbreaking but inhumane as well - to force RAJU back into a life that stole his happiness and well-being for so many decades, being once again enslaved into the cruelty that deprived him of so much, is beyond words.

     RAJU is one of God's creatures, he is not property or an object - he is a living, breathing soul that deserves happiness, freedom, a life that doesn't involve the abuse and mistreatment that he endured... and for him to be brought back into that life of slavery & cruelty is truly a crime against nature and makes us question so much - including the justice system, if they allow this "monster" to get RAJU back.

     We need to come together united - to show the greatness of our nation by speaking out and standing up for RAJU and his freedom - for if we remain silent, then another life will perish by the hand of the dark side of humanity and can we truly live with ourselves if this happens?


Thank You




Have You Heard of "WEAR A COLLAR DAY?"

Wearing A Collar On September 19th Gets People To Spread the Word on Adoption/Fostering Sheltered Animals!

    It might sound like a strange idea, but many are already becoming involved in putting on a collar in hopes of spreading the word and being part of helping bring to light adoption/fostering of sheltered animals worldwide -- and we at RAISE UR PAW are hoping that it will not only hit the social media circuit, but also open countless eyes and hearts to help innocent lives that are in need of special people/families to give them the happy & loving life that they deserve.

    WEAR A COLLAR DAY involves bringing humanity together and strapping on a collar and sharing with the world the message that so many lives are in need of families - millions of pets that are waiting within the walls of shelters or on death row for someone with a kind heart & soul and give them that second chance at happiness that they deserve.  People can either take a selfie with hashtag #WearACollarDay and share it on social media, getting others involved by challenging them as well to do the same or make a contribution to any local animal shelter etc of their choice.

    Since September 19th will be the 1st year death anniversary of my beloved little girl PJ, I wanted to do something to not only honor her memory but to also help those find that unconditional love and compassion that my little girl had given me for the past 13 years - a special bond & link that many of these sheltered animals can give to those people who are in need of that special "furever friend" that they can bring into their lives and homes and call them family.

    We are hoping this campaign in which uses the hashtag #WearACollarDay, will not only attract many to become involved in this creative way to promote the adoption/fostering of sheltered animals via social media and communities nationwide - but to also bring out animal angels to save the countless lives that are depending on our voices to speak out for them, and our loving arms and homes to forever protect them and be there for them forever.


Please Take A Moment of Your Time to Play a Part in Saving Lives in Need ---> Share the message worldwide and let's RAISE OUR PAWS TOGETHER as a unity to - REMEMBER "Helping One Sheltered Animal May Not Change the World, But To That One Sheltered Animal Their World Will Change Forever!"

Thank You