Thursday, 30 October 2014


It is called the "FESTIVAL OF SACRIFICE" or also known as Eid al-Adha, an annual international religious festival (the second of two religious holidays) celebrated by muslims worldwide - which involves the mass slaughter of livestock and distribution of meat to the poor.

    According to research, it is said that this so-called "tradition" accounts for the slaughter of more than 100 million animals in only 2 days, and that in Pakistan nearly 10 million are slaughtered on Eid days costing over US $3 billion.

    But truth be told, it is not only costing innocent lives, but it is raising many views and anger from individuals stating that this horrific slaughter has nothing to do with religion, and that extreme cruelty has come to be associated with this festival of death, and that something needs to be done to bring it to an end once and for all.

     In one article that I read, nauseating footage had revealed Australian animals being cruelly slaughtered - for example in one horrifying scene of the footage, it shows a bull tied to a post and then repeatedly stabbed in the neck, and another's throat was slit while it laid restrained in the back of a truck, subjected to suffering, unable to escape or even defend itself in any way.

    This display of inhumane cruelty has not only opened the eyes of many, but it has also flared up outrage over our LIVE EXPORT TRADE, leading many horrified and angered protesters and voices of the world to call out in desperation for this industry to be shut down.

     ANIMALS AUSTRALIA, a leading animal protection organization in Australia, who are devoted to seeing a world where all animals are handled & treated with the uttermost compassion and respect, organized investigators in an investigation that is being considered the largest coordinated live export investigation in history - gaining much attention from the world and media.

LINK TO THE ARTICLE HERE --> - a must read.

   It is not only heartbreaking & angering, but also disgraceful that the live export industry has profited from this sad time of year, and that such appalling actions could have been prevented if the Australian Government would have taken the appropriate measures so desperately needed and acted upon past evidence - but instead gave the go head to repeat offenders to carry on with their operations, despite history of criminal activity.

   This lack of injustice, stirs up questions of whether or not live export regulations are actually effective, especially when it comes to light that dozens of complaints were lodged with the Department of Agriculture revealing animals being sold in an unashamed manner in breach of regulations that exporters are legally responsible for keeping Australian animals within approved supply chains, and that with the amount of evidence the Australian Government has, nothing has yet been done, or charges laid against a single exporting company - which in my eyes immediately raises red flags.


   It is time that we came together to form a unity to get live exports stopped, for the time for action is now! Please Join countless others, and raise ur paw for the safety, protection and lives of these innocent beings.

Please Also Check Out ANIMAL AUSTRALIA Facebook Page

Thank You


Tuesday, 28 October 2014



It is a truth that has been going on for way too long, slipping through the cracks, hidden among the shadows like some sort of predator in the night.... and even though such horror is only seen in our worst nightmares or scenes from the most terrifying horror movies -- what is happening is not imaginary or scripted - this is a reality and it is happening in many factory farming industries around the world.

     Going unseen these innocent lives suffer,  and countless individuals don't know that these occurrences are even happening, or they simply choose to ignore in hopes that if they don't know about it, it will go away or simply not exist --- a silence that has permitted these scenes to under the radar for many many years.

But MERCY FOR ANIMALS is not about to let these truths go unexposed - and they are working dedicated and determined to drop the curtain on these places, and show the world exactly what has been going on.


     The information that they display on their facebook page is not only eye opening, but very informative and educational - and that is why I took a moment to click on the link to a blog entry called "7 FACTORY FARMING PRACTICES STRAIGHT OUT OF A HORROR MOVIE!" - and although it was heartbreaking to read, it was information that needed to be said and brought into the light.

ARTICLE LINK - (Graphic Images)

       With this horrific reality happening, I am quite surprised and saddened that more people are not getting involved to help these innocent babies, Governments included - to bring forth change & protection, more so then what is already set for our beloved voiceless - especially when the truth is right there for the whole world to see.

      But again it's the choice to ignore or not aware to the reality of such cruelty and abuse, which allows these living beings to be treated in such a manner that is uncalled for:

  • EXTREME CONFINEMENT - some unable to move let alone breathe, living in inhumane conditions (cramped, disease-ridden, etc)
  • GRINDING MACHINES - Male chicks, due to they can't lay eggs, are taken by conveyor belts towards a grinding machine, where they will be disposed off in the most inhumane manner - tossed away like mere garbage.
  • ABUSE/CRUELTY - inhumane actions taken against the animals which cause suffering, pain, injuries and sometimes even death.
  • MUTILATIONS - actions taken such as tail docking, dehorning, castrations etc without any pain medication given to these poor babies.
  • FORCE FEEDING -  where metal pipes put down the throats and force fed several times a day (ducks for Foie Gras) 
  • THUMPING - where little piglets who are sick or not growing fast enough are murdered by being slammed headfirst into concrete floors - considered an acceptable form of "euthanasia" by the industry
       These actions are just a few of what happens behind the scenes at some factory farming industries, and that is why it is so important that we get our paws and voices raised, so that these industries will not only be exposed, but also brought to justice for these inhumane crimes against nature. It's time that the welfare/well-being of these innocent lives come first, and that the Governments are pressured to do what is necessary to protect and save these innocent souls.

Please Be A Voice and let's show MERCY FOR ANIMALS - you can make a difference, but you have to choose to do what is right.

Thank You





Saturday, 25 October 2014



     I wanted to take a moment to write this blog entry on PITBULL APPRECIATION DAY - to show our love and devotion to a breed of dog that has been unfairly and has had their reputation tarnished negatively for way to long.

    I know that many might not agree with me on this, but like the saying goes "everyone is entitled to their own opinions" and in my opinion the image and description of such a beautiful animal is truly heartbreaking that much of the world has given them - it would be like stating that if one person injures/kills another, then their whole family and species should be condemned and be put to blame.  

    What I believe it is, is that much of the world fears what they do not understand, or when events take place they immediately spin this conclusion that establishes a negative reputation against such beings involved - thus goes for PITBULLS. But my dear readers, we must remember that any being can be dangerous, or vicious - whether it be a pitbull, a human, to even the smallest bug... 

    But due to this negative response and thoughts about this breed, many are finding themselves being put down, or put in shelters, the last on the list to find their forever loving homes and families and it is a shame that such misunderstanding of this breed is costing countless of them their lives and the unconditional love that they deserve.

    Now when I say misunderstanding, I simply mean that many do not take into consideration the type of training that these dogs endure, that some are mistreated so badly due to ignorant owners,  that some use these innocent babies for dog fighting - raised in extreme inhumane & cruel conditions in order to make profit for those who do not care about the well being of these animals --- many do not see the whole picture, just the parts that some display in order to make these companion animals out to be "monsters" --- and that is a sad truth that needs to be acknowledged.

     I have actually been around countless pitbulls that were amazing animals, full of life, love, loyalty - and I have been around some small dogs that would chew your ankle off if they were given the opportunity --  We should never pass judgement on a life, until we know the life they had or have or what they have experienced. 

BE A PITBULL PAL and spread the word.

Thank You


Thursday, 23 October 2014

BAN DOG MEAT TRADE: Hollywood Helps In the Fight

"Sometimes we see things for the first time that we wish we hadn't" - quote from video

    Today, I took the moment to view for the first time the short film that was created to reach & call out to the world in hopes of putting pressure upon the Government to help stop this trade of terror in Thailand --- the illegal dog meat and skin industries.


    Before any pictures even appeared on the screen, my heart was immediately struck by the heartbreaking sounds of whines and cries - giving me that direct message of the suffering and pain that was being inflicted, the innocent pleas that these living beings were spreading in hopes that humanity would speak out and save them... 

    As the video continued, it was even more of an eye opener to the cruelty and inhumanity that these innocent lives endure, and even though there was no truly grisly displays, you knew from just the portions shown what fate waited ahead and instantly tears welled up in my eyes.

    Even as I write this blog entry, I am still in complete shock and even speechless, that not only such horror exists in the world, but that this dark secret of inhumanity that is torturing and costing thousands, if not millions of dogs their lives each year is not being stopped, making me question how come more of the world is not taking part in getting this heartless and vicious trade banned once and for all... this should not be the price they pay for their loyalty to us?

     I have to add that even though this video has truly made a mark inside my mind, I do not regret viewing it, because heartbreaking as it may be this issue desperately needs to be acknowledge and action taken to bring it to an end -- and I hope that many will join the countless others who are working hard and dedicated to save the lives of man's best friend from this terror, torture and inhumane death trade, and to shine light to raise awareness so that other individuals will become part of the good fight.

    I want to thank those involved in making this video, oscar winning Dame Judi Dench, comedian & actor Ricky Gervais, Actor Peter Egan, Stars of Downtown Abbey, Soi Dog Foundation and many others -- and also the countless others who are fighting the good fight to ban the dog/cat meat trade. 



    We must become a united world to save the lives of the innocent, because their cries/pleas can only be heard and acknowledged by our voices.  Please take part and spread the word, for no longer can this issue go unseen and unheard - RAISE UR PAW TODAY for we are the ones they are counting on.

Thank You


IN MEMORY - Open Letter to Family of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Dear Family of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo:

    Although I did not know Nathan, I wanted to express my deepest sympathies to you all for the loss of a great spirit and light.  I know that my words may not comfort you, especially when it comes to a time such as this, for there are never any words to describe the feelings and emotions of such a tragic loss, or take away the pain and sorrow that is in your hearts.

    But from what I heard about Nathan was that he was truly a great man, a proud soldier, and a gentle giant - someone who I am sure had a heart of pure gold that truly brightened the world around him, and losing a soul such as this is truly devastating, because individuals like this are limited.

    I want to say that even though I never got the chance to meet Nathan, I am sure that if I did it would have been a true honor, because not only was he a human angel, he was also an animal angel - shining his light to not only defend & protect humanity, but also for animals as well, and that truly makes him a very special gift sent from heaven.

    I hope you all take comfort in knowing that he was truly a hero, and an angel that walked among us, and even though such a loss leaves a heartache that no one can heal, the memories that he had given you all is something no one can steal. 

     My prayers and thoughts are with you at this time of your loss,  and I want to thank you for creating a beautiful spirit and being, who was truly one in a million.  

Ben Sterling






Sunday, 19 October 2014


This blog entry that I am writing today goes out to the Governments of the World, because I believe it is time that they take a close look at the animal abuse/cruelty laws and makes changes to actually help our voiceless instead of giving offenders a mere slap on the wrist and letting them go on their merry way.

    It is obvious that the laws in which are already in place are not doing their full extent of helping the matters any, considering that animal abuse/cruelty cases are rising, more undercover investigations are showing up to expose the truth, and that even horrific & inhumane videos of people abusing & being cruel to these innocent babies are appearing on social media, as if it was some form of entertainment.

    And even though animal angels from around the world are pleading for changes to be made, the Governments continue to sit back and rely on these outdated, lack of punishment laws to protect our voiceless instead of coming together united to make the difference to protect the welfare and well-being of these innocent animals, to be more enforceable and more punishable instead of these mere slaps on the wrist or letting offenders slip through these loopholes permitting them to walk away with a smile on their face and their freedom.

    I am not stating that these offenders should receive capital punishment, but they do deserve to be held accountable and responsible for their actions, and be given the consequences & punishment that they so deserve - sending out a message that these inhumane actions will not be tolerated or accepted.

   Protecting and saving the lives of our voiceless should not be just the responsibility of animal angels, it needs to be the responsibility of the world, and thus meaning the Governments as well - considering that we vote many of you politicians into office to do what is best for the world, and therefore animals are part of our world. Just because they are considered "voiceless" doesn't mean that they don't have a voice, it's just that many don't bother to take the time to hear the language that they are speaking out.

    As we look after our children, to guard them and protect them from harm, so should we protect, look after and guard our children of nature. To abuse, be cruel to, torture or kill an animal should be just as punishable as if these actions of inhumanity were done to a child - for like an innocent child they look to us to keep them safe from harm and be their saviors.

Like the quote says  "We must be the change we wish to see in the world" and we truly hope that you will raise ur paw and help us with that change. 

Thank You


Saturday, 18 October 2014


We at RAISE UR PAW are requesting all assistance & aid to help catch person/persons involved in the brutal abuse/cruelty of a lab puppy in North York - Toronto, Ontario Canada.

    According to the article we read about the case, this innocent life was found with broken ribs, severe chemical burns and elastic around the muzzle, a truly heartbreaking sight that should not go unpunished.

     Unfortunately due to the extremities of the injuries the little life had to be put down - and the monster is still out there and who knows if they will strike again, so the hunt is on and help is urgently needed so that no other life will become victims of this person/persons.

This is the information collected so far:

  • Multiple broken ribs, internal damage, chemical burns to about 30% of his body (including head, ears and feet)
  • Found on a residential property in North York last Friday, with elastic band tightly around his muzzle which cause extreme swelling and injuries, and prevented the baby from opening his mouth.
  • The innocent life was found by a resident near Jane St. and Finch Ave. W. on Oct. 10th
  • black labrador-cross

The poor life was not aggressive to those that were helping him and continuously rubbing his little face which was infected on his side, whimpering - and could not survive the extreme injuries that was inflicted upon him - so he had to be put down.



Thank You

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Raise Ur Paw has continuously set up campaigns in order to raise awareness on the issues at hand that animals endure or face on daily basis.  It is these campaigns that we hope will encourage individuals of the world to participate in and spread the word so that countless others can also take part and become informed. However, sometimes it can be a real "challenge" to gain the support and aid that these innocent lives need to help keep them safe and protected.. and due to the reason we are challenging the world with our #LOVE4DOGS Campaign Challenge.


   Everyone all around the world has probably heard of the "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE" a challenge in which millions of people have took part in, donated, and even challenged others in order to raise awareness on ALS - and like with ALS, the public awareness on the inhumane and barbaric dog meat trade is relatively limited, which is costing thousands if not millions of man's best friend their lives each year - enduring extreme torture and cruelty.

    We are truly hoping that we can count on the same amount of caring and compassionate people to raise their paws and hearts and come together to help open the world's eyes to this trade, and be part of the battle to bring this trade of inhumanity to an end.

     No there won't be any dumping of stuff over people's heads or getting pies in the face and such stuff like that,  But we are CHALLENGING HUMANITY to put a pawprint on their wrists and show their "LOVE" symbol, as a voice for the whole world to see that clearly states that you are against this trade, and that you speak out for our voiceless.


    Believe it or not, some would rather turn away, ignore, or state that they don't have the time to be a voice for animals in need, a heartbreaking truth that has kept these issues in the dark and permitting them to spread - forcing beloved animals to continuously face and endure such cruelty/abuse/torture/death on a daily basis.  

   So the real challenge is to show the GREATNESS OF OUR NATION working together to help save and protect MAN'S BEST FRIEND, to spread the word and show the same loyalty, respect, and unconditional love that they show to us everyday.

    We at RAISE UR PAW are not only challenging everyone to take a moment to be involved, but to encourage others to nominate friends/family/ others to take part in spreading the awareness so that countless lives will be saved from the inhumane and horrific torture and cruelty that this grisly trade inflicts upon them - to support the fight to finally bring this trade to an end.




Sunday, 12 October 2014

FUR CHALLENGE: Fashionable or Cruel?

I want to personally say that this blog entry goes out to all those who wear REAL FUR or any other type of necessity that involves the torture and brutality that is inflicted upon innocent animals for the mere pleasure of humanity's inhumane needs....

    What these babies endure and subjected too are not in any way a part of life, it is just a cruel crime against nature that many people feel that they have the right to commit, because of the sickening theory that we are the "superior species" -- well all I can say is wake up to reality, the only reason we believe that we are superior is because we take it upon ourselves to destroy life, cause wars, commit acts of violence etc - to brutally violate the rights/welfare of animals and of people in order to fulfill some inventive image in our psyche that we have the rights and the seniority to do so...

    With that being said and off my chest, (take in a deep breathe) we truly need to start establishing more humane and compassionate ways of thinking, to see life for truly what it is and not some object that we can torture and massacre because we believe it would make a fashionable accessory or attire ... I mean would we consider the brutal skinning and suffering of humanity in order to design garments from their skins as a fashionable trend? of course not, we aren't barbarians... or are we?

    The reason that I question this is because of the brutality and horrific barbarism that we put these innocent lives through in order to fulfill the demands of those craving this cruelty - keeping these innocent lives locked in crammed, unsanitary cages, scared to the point that they are even self mutilating themselves, ripping them from their cages and stomping on them, some skinned alive or given anal electrocution --- it is not only disturbing and horrific, but is truly the dark side of humanity that is permitted to continue, because in some humanity's eyes our voiceless mean nothing...

     Well here is another wake up call -- Our voiceless mean everything, not only to us but the world as well, because they are living breathing animals that do not deserve to be treated in this manner, just as innocent humanity doesn't deserve treatment of torture, slaughter, abuse etc.

ATTENTION for those who wear fur or other necessities made by the death and torture of animals - here is a challenge for you? 

     I challenge those who wear the innocent blood of animals to personally be present during this sickening and grisly process, to see for themselves exactly what this process consists of, and see first hand if they still believe that these accessories and fashionable wear is truly glamorous --- will they accept the challenge? and that means you too fur wearing celebrities?



Saturday, 11 October 2014

CANADA'S PORK TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM - Hidden Camera Exposes Abusive Truth.

Working on research about the issues that animals face on a daily basis, I sometime find myself not seeing certain matters at hand, overlooking them without knowing that I am doing so, or go through the countless cases and not seeing them until someone points them out to me -- Well that is what happened tonight - a family member immediately called me up to bring to my attention some disturbing and angering news that they had observed on W5 on CTV -- and it did not take me long to start my research and shine the spotlight on this issue at hand, and anyone that knows me well enough knows that I have to put my opinion in for the sake of innocent lives.

    According to the news report, a federally-monitored pork plant, WESTERN HOG EXCHANGE, in Red Deer, Alberta was videotaped doing more than just transporting pigs - it was shown that abuse and cruelty had taken the passenger seat,  and was inflicted on these innocent babies by employees.

    The undercover investigator, who videotaped this inhumane treatment, was a member of the organization Mercy For Animals, who had been undercover for 2 months this summer and stated it was an awful experience.  I am sure that anyone in that position, especially witnessing such horrific and brutal crimes against nature would be very much alarmed, heartbroken and even angered by this inhumanity.

"Animals that were too sick to stand that were later kicked and abused by employees."

   The haunting and disturbing images that provided evidence that this cruelty was taking place, opened the eyes of many, capturing even the attention of media. Images of innocent pigs coming off the trucks limping so bad they could barely walk, being overcrowded in the pens that they literally were climbing on top of one another in desperation for space, and the abuse and cruelty that they were being subjected too (being dragged & forced to move by employees wielding electric prods).

     Even as employees got to go home, these innocent lives are trapped within this hellish environment, no where to escape and continuously having to endure such treatment - and it doesn't seem to bother the employees that are committing these acts, that they are breaking every rule in the book.

    But what does the chairman of this establishment Brent Moen, say about this disturbing evidence that is brought to light - "the images that were portrayed were shocking and concerning to me." - but is the concern enough to change the ways, and seek justice against these employees who decided cruelty and abuse was more of an option than compassion & respect? will these employees find themselves on the unemployment line, or will they be permitted to continue working there?

     And what about the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) those who are there on site to ensure compliance with Canada's humane transportation laws in preventing the undue suffering of animals from transport to slaughter? In my opinion, since such abuse & cruelty was in the presence of the CFIA or absent from the marshalling area altogether - then they have failed their duty and responsibility to the innocent lives that they are meant to protect, and by this failure it has truly shone more darkness on the meat industry and it's treatment of animals.

     The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) truly needs to enforce strict consequences, to put the industry on probation until matters are cleared up and things have changed, to seek out suspension/firing of the employees that were part of this abuse/cruelty - lay down fines - anything possible that will prevent these crimes against nature from taking place again - and if such actions continue to take place,close the establishment down.


It is time for the LAWS to start protecting animals instead of the offenders that are violating the rights/welfare of these living beings. What do you think??




Friday, 10 October 2014

SPEAK UP FOR ME - A heartfelt poem

Speak up for me, for I am here
Although many turn away
the suffering & pain humans inflict on me
A continuous torture I endure each day
I do not have a voice to plea
but my eyes cry out for you
to take that moment to stand up for me
and be my dream come true.

Speak up for me, for I am weak
The many scars I have are deep
I gaze upon humanity
For more than just the tears they weep.
Not sure how much time I have left today
or what's in store for me
I hope a special angel will save my life
and open the world's eyes to see.

Speak up for me, and be my voice
and for all the lives like mine
for we are living beings
who don't have very much time
Do not remain in silence
or ignore our cries and plea
Raise Ur Paw and let your voice be heard
Will you please Speak Up For Me??

Written by Douglas Atherton #RAISEURPAWER

Thursday, 9 October 2014



Halloween can be a scary time of year - full of tricks and treats and spooktacular costumes - but it is also a night to take some precautions to keep your pet safe and out of harms way, and we truly hope that our RAISE UR PAW SAFETY CHECKLIST will help you and your pet have a frightfully fun holiday:

  1. KEEP TREATS AWAY FROM PETS : We all know that chocolate is not good and can be dangerous for our furry family members - especially dark and baking chocolate - even certain candies containing certain artificial sweetners (Xylitol) can be harmful to your pets - so it's best to refrain from giving them human treats and give them their own haunting halloween goodies.  
  2. DECORATIONS CAN BE SHOCKING TO YOUR PETS: We all like to decorate our homes with spooky light and decorations that consist of cords & wires, but to curious pets they can be extremely harmful and deadly- causing shocks from chewing on the exposed cords, endure burns and cuts or worse death.
  3. KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE INSIDE: Halloween Night brings out more than just trick or treaters, it also brings out those who seek to do harm to innocent pets - inhumane tricks that could seriously injure or kill your furry friend. It is extremely IMPORTANT that you keep your pets indoors, where they are safe from the frightening events taking place and possible threats that await on this night.
  4. KEEP PETS AWAY FROM PUMPKINS & PLANTS: Nothing shows the spirit of the holiday as pumpkins & decorative corn  - but although these festive decorations are non toxic, they can cause upsets to the stomachs of your pets that decide to take a taste of your display.
  5. JACKOLANTERN WARNING: setting a candle inside your jackolantern may make it burn bright, giving off a ghostly radiance - but it can also be extremely dangerous if your pet decides to know it over - exercise caution to prevent injuries to your pets, and risk of fire.
  6. TRICK OR TREATERS: Some pets love to see the trick or treaters that come to the door, but others it can be very stressful and frightening - it is important to keep in mind that maybe keeping your pets in a separate room would be the best option  - to prevent this stress and terror, and also keeping your pets from darting outside when you open the door for these "little monsters" that come to call.
  7. DRESSING UP FOR THE HOLIDAY: First of all make sure your pet is okay with wearing a costume, just so that there is no stress to the animal.  Make sure that your pet can move freely and their in no constrictions to their breathing, hearing, or ability to meow or bark.  Your best bet would be to try on the costume a few nights before halloween - just to make sure your pet is comfortable and there are no complications (stress, allergic reactions or behavior issues etc) and that there are no choking hazards (strings or small pieces) that are attached to costumes that could severely injure or cause death to your babies. 
  8. TAGGED FOR THE HOLIDAY: Another important reminder is to make sure that your pet has their identification on at all times just in case they get loose or are lost - having identification helps the chances at having your loving pet returned.
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween This Year - For You and your Pet, from all of us at RAISE UR PAW.

** ATTENTION - if you have any other safety tips that you would like to share please put them in the comment box below - Let's Make this Halloween A Safe One! **

Wednesday, 8 October 2014



   This question seems to be playing on the minds of countless individuals, especially when reports broke out about the proposed euthanization of a dog named EXCALIBUR, owned by a spanish nurse who is infected with the illness Ebola.

    As the news flooded the airways and social media, it created a storm of outcries from thousands of animal angels trying desperately to save the life of this innocent being - even creating a petition which apparently reached 300,000 signatures.  However, these outcries fell upon deaf ears as a Government Health Spokesperson confirmed the death, explaining "Unfortunately we had no other choice!"  ... but did they?

    Did Government Health Officials have another choice, considering that there are speculations that Excalibur was not tested or quarantined for this virus, and was merely a victim of the Ebola panic - that due to the fear of this virus being transmitted further, and theories that dogs can transmit this virus to humans cost an innocent animal his life? is there any proof that Excalibur was even infected at all?


   As detailed in some articles that I have read, Excalibur was put to sleep in the owner's home, and the home had to be disinfected before he could be removed - and as officials took Excalibur's body from the residence, many stood outside chanting "murderers" while enforcement had to clear the way so that his body could be put into a white van and taken to a nearby incinerator to be disposed of.

   I cannot imagine the heartbreak and stress that these owners endured - not only being infected by this virus, but also seeing their beloved companion destroyed, because of this fear - to have their pleas and cries to not kill their treasured family member rejected & ignored - it truly brings tears to my eyes even thinking of it.

   Although outrage & tears cannot bring back this innocent life, spreading the awareness & this situation worldwide can perhaps help protect other innocent life that may become in danger due to this fear - to bring upon the importance of testing & quarantine so that no one else has to lose their companion friend, and no companion friend lose their life.

 We want to know your opinion on this situation? 



GO NO KILL - Helping Stop Kill Shelters

  As I sit here gazing at the countless images of sheltered animals on deathrow. I can't help but wonder if there will ever come a day where there is no such thing as kill shelters - where animals are given a true chance to find a forever loving home and family and not have to face a fate of death.

    You see, growing up I always believed that shelters were suppose to mean rest stops until forever homes and families were found for these innocent lives, places where these babies felt safe and protected from the lives that they endured & experienced - where people saw them, not as broken but as beings that are survivors - those who only want unconditional love and a chance to live out the rest of their days in the arms of special people who they can forever call their family.

     But unfortunately, kill shelters do exist, and so many lives have been taken, robbed of their second chances because these shelters merely see them as things that are taking up time and space - a sentence of death even though they have done nothing wrong - and it is truly heartbreaking that because some consider themselves the "superior species" they feel that they can play God, and take the lives of innocent souls.

     and with this I ask you, what if adoption agencies for children were like this, would we still think that kill shelters were okay --- would the Governments stand by and permit such industries of death to be established and operated??? a simple question worth thinking about... because whether human or animal, they are still living beings who did not choose to have the life they were dealt.

      We all were brought into this world for reason and purpose, we didn't choose to be born - and yet with sheltered animals at kill shelters they are being punished for a choice that was made by another, and due to that & not finding loving homes and families by their so-called time limit, they pay the ultimate price --- Death - by either lethal injection, gas chamber etc.

      Please find it in your heart to network sheltered animals or adopt/foster a baby yourself.  We can all be part of saving the life of an innocent, and we need your help to make that difference.  

RAISE UR PAW and SAY NO KILL -- Be A voice that our voiceless are needing.