Wednesday, 8 October 2014

GO NO KILL - Helping Stop Kill Shelters

  As I sit here gazing at the countless images of sheltered animals on deathrow. I can't help but wonder if there will ever come a day where there is no such thing as kill shelters - where animals are given a true chance to find a forever loving home and family and not have to face a fate of death.

    You see, growing up I always believed that shelters were suppose to mean rest stops until forever homes and families were found for these innocent lives, places where these babies felt safe and protected from the lives that they endured & experienced - where people saw them, not as broken but as beings that are survivors - those who only want unconditional love and a chance to live out the rest of their days in the arms of special people who they can forever call their family.

     But unfortunately, kill shelters do exist, and so many lives have been taken, robbed of their second chances because these shelters merely see them as things that are taking up time and space - a sentence of death even though they have done nothing wrong - and it is truly heartbreaking that because some consider themselves the "superior species" they feel that they can play God, and take the lives of innocent souls.

     and with this I ask you, what if adoption agencies for children were like this, would we still think that kill shelters were okay --- would the Governments stand by and permit such industries of death to be established and operated??? a simple question worth thinking about... because whether human or animal, they are still living beings who did not choose to have the life they were dealt.

      We all were brought into this world for reason and purpose, we didn't choose to be born - and yet with sheltered animals at kill shelters they are being punished for a choice that was made by another, and due to that & not finding loving homes and families by their so-called time limit, they pay the ultimate price --- Death - by either lethal injection, gas chamber etc.

      Please find it in your heart to network sheltered animals or adopt/foster a baby yourself.  We can all be part of saving the life of an innocent, and we need your help to make that difference.  

RAISE UR PAW and SAY NO KILL -- Be A voice that our voiceless are needing.


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