Sunday, 23 November 2014

Stop Gadhimai Slaughter - Our Open Letter to Government of Nepal.

Dear Government of Nepal,
       We as humanity, are coming to you in hopes of pleading one last time to put a stop to the World's largest animal sacrifice - during the Gadhimai Festival on Nov. 28th and 29th - in which you hold every five years.
      We truly understand that every person nationwide has their religion, their beliefs in what is right and wrong, and also the honor of tradition aiming at showing pride and respect towards a God or Goddess in which they worship and believe in - but we also understand that sacrificing approx. 500 thousand living animals - or even sacrificing one - in not only wrong, but also a mass mistreatment and torture to these living souls for the sake of a tradition and religion. 
    To slaughter so many in such inhumane and disrespectful ways, is an outrage and disgrace, not only to others around the world, but to also many residents of your country - believing that this slaughter is not a "religious act" but as a primary profitable enterprise, and there is no justifiable reason to permit such extreme cruel and inhumane actions - whether it be religious or profitable - murder is wrong.
    Please understand that no amount of money (profit) is worth this brutality and inhumanity that this mass slaughter brings - and the fear and terror that these beautiful beings endure is more than just heartbreaking but has no place in a civilized world today - and it's important that we step away from the violence and mercilessness towards animals, and show the Greatness of Our Nation by sowing compassion in honor of those in which we believe, and not shed the blood of the innocent.
    So we plead, for the Greatness of your Nation, Ban this ritual - Don't Sacrifice The Innocent, End the Brutality and Animal Sacrifice.

Raise Ur Paw, and humanity of the World.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

FESTIVAL OF BLOOD - Ban The Gadhimai Ritual Slaughter Festival


   That's right folks, 500,000 innocent souls will be brutally slaughtered over the course of the two day festival that Nepal will be holding - a festival that is considered to be one of the largest "religious" slaughters after the Eid-ul-Azha festival which was held by the muslims.

   This blood bath festival is celebrated once every five years, and according to sources the animal sacrifices are due to be performed on November 28th and 29th, 2014 - which will welcome hundreds of thousands of individuals to the Bara District.

    At this moment the rise of voices and the outcries are growing worldwide, flooding social media and stemming out, joining hand in hand against the festival's treatment and actions against these innocent animals, hoping and praying that something will be done to protect and save these lives from a fate that is worse than death.  

    Unfortunately, it seems that such outcries and pleas are falling upon deaf ears - considering that the organized committee has turned away from the requests and pleas of humanity and decided to go ahead with the festival as planned and thus means the beheading of buffalo while they are conscious, animals slaughtered using anything, starved for days so these poor babies are weak and can't resist the killers and so much more :(

It is just this ignoring that makes many of us not only become outraged, but question where humanity has went too when such inhumane celebrations such as this is permitted to continue, not only towards those involved but Government officials that are allowing it also - and to use the words "religious" or "culture" , many believe that these are mere excuses in order to treat and kill life so disrespectfully and inhumanely, an out-dated cruelty that needs to be stopped.



    This "festival" is nothing more than barbarism - claiming hundreds of thousands of lives, and showing the world that such acts of inhumanity exist and being permitted - without any form of punishment or justice against those who are involved.  NOT TO MENTION -  the involvement of LIVE EXPORT playing a major role by transporting many of these animals to such cruel and barbaric deaths.


    We are requesting and pleading that everyone nationwide will join together and urge officials to take action to ban these sacrifices of animals - and to also urge LIVE EXPORT not to be involved in such inhumantiy. We need to understand that without the pressure of the World, these festivals will continue, and more and more innocent blood will be shed - do we really want such cruelty and display of inhumane actions to stain our world and hands? Of course not - but we need your help and support to stop this slaughter.

Please RAISE UR PAW along with us and lets make an impact worldwide.

Thank You

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


   As not only an advocate/activist, but someone who has contributed to charities as well, I understand that we all want to contribute to a healthy population - whether it be to raise awareness, contribute our own dollars in hopes of helping in anyway possible to find cures for diseases/illnesses that are plaguing humanity, or just raising a voice to shine light on these issues.

   But although our hearts and caring natures are in the right places, there are those that are severely suffering due to this battle to find these cures, and those victims are the innocent animals that are continuously being tested on in the most horrific ways.

   According to much research, it is said that the best expectation for the prevention or cure of many of these diseases is an adopted appropriate and developmental non-animal research methods, and considering we reside within a technology world, such methods should be able to be used and developed without the subjection of suffering, pain and death to innocent life.


   The concern about the use of these ineffective and out-dated animal research that many causes and research development are still using - is decreasing the support in the main goal, finding a cure.  This is because many individuals are now keeping themselves at bay from donating and participating in finding cures and raising awareness for these illnesses/diseases -- or redirecting their support and generosity to charities and organizations that support, sponsor and use more humane methods.

    Because my dear readers, let's be truthful, would you donated to a cause or organization that used, let's say, infant humans as test subjects - permitting them to endure constant suffering, pain and even death --- or would you go the direction of supporting a cause that uses more humane and technological methods to achieve their goals?

 It's like what Pamela Anderson said, " Trying to cure human diseases by relying on outdated and ineffective animal experiments isn't only cruel -- it's a grave disservice to people who desperately need cures!"


   We need to become united and acknowledge that animal testing is NO LONGER appropriate or needed, and urge Governments and Organizations to change their strategies to more effective and humane methods, without the use and abuse of innocent animals.

    Such urging and acknowledgement, will permit the adopting of strategies and methods, that will not only protect/save the countless lives of innocent beings, but will also bring upon more awareness and more donations that are needed to achieve the aims and goals that have been set, so that research and development can be furthered in a more humane and compassionate way.

Please Check Out - HumaneSeal.Org

    Although these are my opinions, I do not want people to think that I am against helping save the lives of those who have these diseases/illnesses, or that I don't care what happens to these people as long as the animals are saved --- that is NOT what I am sending out.  I am merely stating that lives can be saved without the torture, suffering and loss of life from others - that we are living in a world that has accomplished so much, that I believe that finding more humane and non-animal related research can be obtained and developed - creating a sort of win-win situation.

Please Take Part and Say NO to ANIMAL TESTING - let's RAISE OUR PAWS UNITED.

Thank You





Tuesday, 18 November 2014

An Animal Angel - Our Open Letter to Sam Simon

Dear Mr. Simon;

    As a member of animal activism/advocacy, I want to personally say how truly heartfelt and generous you are by donating $100 Million to animal rights and other charities, and that our thoughts, prayers and much support goes out to you during this time.

    Although I do not know you personally, I want to say how truly inspirational you are, for being that beacon of light for those in need, and even though going through your own personal hardships you are still beaming your light for the innocent lives that need the voices of the world so desperately.

        It is individuals like yourself and animal angels that are the reason that compassion for our voiceless still exists, and although there are some that try so hard to keep us silent, we still continue to move forward not only shining our light, but creating a path for future generations to take to continue the journey in which we have traveled. 

    I truly hope that one day, I too can make a difference that you have - to step upon the stones in which you have placed and make a mark that will not only be remembered but also followed.

   I wanted to write this letter to you, to let you know that I and countless others will forever be grateful for your dedication and love that you have for animals, and the impact that you have made in this world, which will forever shine.

Thank You for being not only a voice, but a compassionate soul and showing the world that angels truly walk among us.

Ben Sterling
Raise Ur Paw



Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Heartbreaking Letter From A Gas Chamber Man in An Animal Shelter

  At this moment, I am literally brought to tears - trying hard to write this blog entry to express how important it is to BAN GAS CHAMBERS, and how crucial it is to write to your Government Officials and urge them to become involved and use their power to end once and for all these "boxes of death" 

    After reading this one letter that I came across, although dated June 22,2011, it still struck the heartstrings and truly opened my eyes to the hardships and torture that not only the living beings have to endure, but those that have to make that final step and flip the switch.

Here is the Letter: (Petition To Ban Gas Chambers On the Bottom)

A Letter from a Gas Chamber Man in an Animal Shelter

This where your pups will end up, I put dogs in the gas chamber Yes, I Gas Dogs and Cats for a Living.
I'm an Animal Control officer in a very small town in central North Carolina. I'm in my mid thirties, and have been working for the town in different positions since high school. There is not much work here, and working for the county provides good pay and benefits for a person like me without a higher education. I'm the person you all write about how horrible I am.

More... I'm the one that gasses the dogs and cats and makes them suffer. I'm the one that pulls their dead corpses out smelling of Carbon Monoxide and throws them into green plastic bags. But I'm also the one that hates my job and hates what I have to do.

First off, all you people out there that judge me, don't. God is judging me, and I know I'm going to Hell. Yes, I'm going to hell. I wont lie, it's despicable, cold, cruel and I feel like a serial killer. I'm not all to blame, if the law would mandate spay and neuter, lots of these dogs and cats wouldn't be here for me to gas. I'm the devil, I know it, but I want you people to see that there is another side to me the devil Gas Chamber man.

The shelter usually gasses on Friday morning.

Friday's are the day that most people look forward to, this is the day that I hate, and wish that time will stand still on Thursday night. Thursday night, late, after nobody's around, my friend and I go through a fast food line, and buy 50 dollars worth of cheeseburgers and fries, and chicken. I'm not allowed to feed the dogs on Thursday, for I'm told that they will make a mess in the gas chamber, and why waste the food.

So, Thursday night, with the lights still closed, I go into the saddest room that anyone can every imagine, and let all the doomed dogs out of their cages.

I have never been bit, and in all my years doing this, the dogs have never fought over the food. My buddy and I, open each wrapper of cheeseburger and chicken sandwich, and feed them to the skinny, starving dogs. They swallow the food so fast, that I don't believe they even taste it. There tails are wagging, and some don't even go for the food, they roll on their backs wanting a scratch on their bellies. They start running, jumping and kissing me and my buddy.

They go back to their food, and come back to us. All their eyes are on us with such trust and hope, and their tails wag so fast, that I have come out with black and blues on my thighs.. They devour the food, then it's time for them to devour some love and peace. My buddy and I sit down on the dirty, pee stained concrete floor, and we let the dogs jump on us. They lick us, they put their butts in the air to play, and they play with each other. Some lick each other, but most are glued on me and my buddy.

I look into the eyes of each dog. I give each dog a name. They will not die without a name. I give each dog 5 minutes of unconditional love and touch. I talk to them, and tell them that I'm so sorry that tomorrow they will die a gruesome, long, torturous death at the hands of me in the gas chamber. Some tilt their heads to try to understand. I tell them, that they will be in a better place, and I beg them not to hate me. I tell them that I know I'm going to hell, but they will all be playing with all the dogs and cats in heaven. After about 30 minutes, I take each dog individually, into their feces filled concrete jail cell, and pet them and scratch them under their chins. Some give me their paw, and I just want to die. I just want to die.

I close the jail cell on each dog, and ask them to forgive me. As my buddy and I are walking out, we watch as every dog is smiling at us and them don't even move their heads. They will sleep, with a full belly, and a false sense of security. As we walk out of the doomed dog room, my buddy and I go to the cat room. We take our box, and put the very friendly kittens and pregnant cats in our box. The shelter doesn't keep tabs on the cats, like they do the dogs. As I hand pick which cats are going to make it out, I feel like I'm playing God, deciding whose going to live and die.

We take the cats into my truck, and put them on blankets in the back. Usually, as soon as we start to drive away, there are purring cats sitting on our necks or rubbing against us. My buddy and I take our one way two hour trip to a county that is very wealthy and they use injection to kill animals. We go to exclusive neighborhoods, and let one or two cats out at a time. They don't want to run, they want to stay with us. We shoo them away, which makes me feel sad. I tell them that these rich people will adopt them, and if worse comes to worse and they do get put down, they will be put down with a painless needle being cradled by a loving veterinarian. After the last cat is free, we drive back to our town.

It's about 5 in the morning now, about two hours until I have to gas my best friends.

I go home, take a shower, take my 4 anti-anxiety pills and drive to work.. I don't eat, I can't eat. It's now time, to put these animals in the gas chamber. I put my ear plugs in, and when I go to the collect the dogs, the dogs are so excited to see me, that they jump up to kiss me and think they are going to play. I put them in the rolling cage and take them to the gas chamber. They know. They just know. They can smell the death.. They can smell the fear. They start whimpering the second I put them in the box. The boss tells me to squeeze in as many as I can to save on gas. He watches. He knows I hate him, he knows I hate my job. I do as I'm told. He watches until all the dogs, and cats (thrown in together) are fighting and screaming. The sounds is very muffled to me because of my ear plugs.

He walks out, I turn the gas on, and walk out.

I walk out as fast as I can. I walk into the bathroom, and I take a pin and draw blood from my hand. Why? The pain and blood takes my brain off of what I just did. In 40 minutes, I have to go back and unload the dead animals. I pray that none survived, which happens when I overstuff the chamber. I pull them out with thick gloves, and the smell of carbon monoxide makes me sick. So does the vomit and blood, and all the bowel movements. I pull them out, put them in plastic bags.

They are in heaven now, I tell myself. I then start cleaning up the mess, the mess, that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not spay or neutering your animals. The mess that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not demanding that a vet come in and do this humanely. You ARE THE TAXPAYERS, DEMAND that this practice STOP!

So, don't call me the monster, the devil, the gasser, call the politicians, the shelter directors, and the county people, the devil. Heck, call the governor, tell him to make it stop.

As usual, I will take sleeping pills tonight to drown out the screams I heard in the past, before I discovered the ear plugs. I will jump and twitch in my sleep, and I believe I'm starting to hallucinate.

This is my life. Don't judge me. Believe me, I judge myself enough. 

     This is why it is important for the world to come together and make our voices heard, to work united to get the Governments and Individual's attention on this issue, and show them that there are more humane methods, so that this sort of torturous death will never again take place.  Please Raise Ur Paw and help BAN GAS CHAMBERS, without your voices this inhumanity will continue and be permitted by Governments - It's time to stand up and speak out.

 Without Your Voices -- more innocent lives will take their last gasp of life.

Thank You

Saturday, 8 November 2014


    When a video surfaced showing a pregnant orca named Kalia caught between a metal bar of a gate and the wall as the gate closes on her at SeaWorld San Diego, it not only captured the attention of many animal lovers and activists, but also SeaWorld as well.

    This recent footage of the trapped orca, which was filmed by one of the visitors at the park, once again flooded social media with outcries and outrage from animal angels, sparking more negativity against this company of captivity, and shining the light once more on the dangers of holding these innocent beings captive.


     The nine-year-old captive-born female is said to be due in December, this being her first calf – so many are concerned that this incident might have not only injured the momma, but the unborn life as well – considering that according to the footage, Kalia was trapped for a full minute until the gate finally opened and freed her.

     According to past history, an incident such as this is not the first of its kind to darken the doorway of SeaWorld – apparently a wild-caught male named Kotar, who is the genetic “grandfather” of Kalia, had reportedly died when he was approx. 17 years old when a gate closed on his head, causing a fracture, which lead to severe blood loss at SeaWorld San Antonio in 1995 – another apparent “playing with the gate!”

     With the incident with Kalia, SeaWorld jumped in to defend itself by stating that the gates of Shamu Stadium use a small amount of pressure, and open and close slowly.  The whales can easily move them when the trainers begin the gate cycle.  They then proceed to say that Gate Play is an enjoyable game for whales, when a whale plays with a gate trainers are always nearby.

     Now with SeaWorld already facing much negativity and backlash – since the documentary “Blackfish” appeared, many can’t help but believe that SeaWorld is merely fabricating the “Gate Play” story, so that further negative attention doesn’t continue to do more damage to their industry – considering the damage that they have already faced.  But in all honesty I don’t think that many are buying what SeaWorld is selling? and this incident is just another danger that is added to the list of many contributed to captivity.

    I do believe that if this was an accident, then SeaWorld needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility, because that is what is damaging their reputation is the amount of excuses that they are making in order to make captivity alright - they need to stop putting the blame on the life they hold captive and put the blame on the real culprit “captivity”.

But that is my opinion...  what do you think?

Thank You


STOP GAS CHAMBERS: Our Open Letter To Government Officials

Dear Government Officials Nationwide:

    We as humanity around the world are coming to you in hopes that you will find it in your hearts to deal with an issue at hand that is in desperate need of your attention.

    This issue that we are speaking about, is the use of the inhumane and cruel gas chambers that are being permitted to be used as a method to kill innocent sheltered animals – a method that is subjecting poor living beings to extreme and inexcusable suffering & pain.

     For centuries we have not only considered these precious lives companions and members of our family, but we have also used them as service animals (seeing eye dogs, companions for the elderly, protection /rescue services and so many more) and due to their loyalty and unconditional love they have provided care and hope to those who are needing this form of friendship and loyalty... and yet how do we show many of these angelic lives, who are homeless, abandoned, unloved, our loyalty? ... by forcing them into gas chambers and then turning it on – because according to some its controlling pet populations, or other excuses to get away with these inhumane and unjustifiable actions.

     So right now the question we must ask ourselves is have we truly turned away from being a compassionate and humane species – especially when we permit such inhumanity & cruelty to be brought upon the lives of the innocent in this manner, turning our heads away from the heartbreaking and sickening truth that is right before our eyes, refusing to use the power that we possess to stop this crime against nature from happening.


    Due to the facts presented, the use of gas chambers is not only undermining the purpose of animal shelters, to provide safe havens for stray and neglected animals, but it is also going against the laws that Governments have set in order to protect our voiceless from cruelty and abuse.

    According to the laws to date, actions that inflict cruelty/abuse upon an animal is considered a crime, and although many states and provinces have banned the use of gas chambers, unfortunately there are still those that are continued to be permitted to do so (Government Approval) – so I ask, how can it be against the law for one category of people, but justifiable for another? For instance:
  • The process of Gas Chambers, is a slow and painful one - that could take up to 40 minutes.
  • Before the gas is even turned on, you can clearly observe the fear and terror within these beings – and if the chamber is at full capacity, many will fight, attack one another brutally in attempts to escape, even though there is none.
  • Due to these chambers having no oxygen, only carbon monoxide being pumped in, you can witness these lives (puppies/kittens included) pawing and scratching at the walls and glass in desperation, crying out and whining as they suffer, even pressing their little noses to the bottom of the door in hopes of getting breath of fresh air.
  • Slowly they suffocate, eyes and noses burning as the deadly gas enters their bodies – and the whines/cries become heartbreaking and agonizing sounds.
  • Then when the process is complete, if any are still alive, they are put through a second round.
  • And not only is the use of carbon monoxide inhumane to animals, but it can also be harmful to humans as well – considering operational and safety concerns.

 Justifiable? Humane? You decide?

     As Government officials that have been elected by the people, you have the power to make a stand and finally stop these barbaric chambers of death.  Stopping this inhumane method should not be something that we have to pressure you to do, or protest – it should automatically be in your hearts to do and we truly hope that you will not only speak out against this issue, but do everything necessary to bring it to an end, for the countless lives that are depending on you to enforce and abide by the laws that you have set.

    Please be a voice and show your loyalty to these companion animals, the end of this cruelty and inhumanity lies in your hands, so we are begging you to open your hearts and do what is right - it's time we stand together united to protect and save the innocent lives of animals.


Thank You


Thursday, 6 November 2014



   We at Raise Ur Paw, are coming to you with a cruel and heartbreaking truth that many states and provinces are still allowing to continue -- and that is the killing of sheltered animals using the inhumane and cruel "GAS CHAMBERS" - robbing innocent lives of their second chances and subjecting them to extreme pain, suffering and agonizing death.

    I express to you all that this form of slaughter is not innocent, humane or even justifiable - although many shelters who use this form of killing will try desperately to make up reasons to excuse these actions of cruelty and barbarism.


    The cruel truth is that the poor defenseless babies are put in a small, dark, hot box - sometimes to full capacity - a terrifying experience for these souls - especially with the lingering smell of those other babies before them that sweated, urinated and defecated before meeting their inhumane end. 

    Due to their terror and extreme fear & desperation, these animals begin to fight - the strange noises, sights often makes the panic that these animals feel escalate - spending several minutes clawing and crying out for a way out, and yet no one comes to save them.  Even baby puppies and kittens (yes my dear readers, even they are gassed) begin to paw desperately on the walls of these chambers along with the others trying to escape - some even pressing their noses against the bottom of the door, trying hard to grasp that last breath of fresh air.

     They howl or cry out in excruciating pain as their little bodies reject the carbon monoxide being pumped in - their eyes and noses burning - and slowly & painfully they suffocate to death --- a death that could last up to 40 MINUTES (so the carbon monoxide can fill up their lungs and kill them.)

     But sometimes you get some of these babies who do not die the first time, so have to go through the suffering and pain again --- It is a cold and sickening truth and it is heartbreaking and outrageous that some states and provinces even allow such brutality and inhumanity to exist.


    We are requesting that you have your pets spayed or neutered, it's time that we take responsibility of our pets and make sure that they do not find themselves in such situations as this.  Secondly, if you are wishing to get a furry friend to become a lifetime family member - Adopt/Foster/Rescue - Save the life of a sheltered animal in need.

    Most of all my friends PROTEST THE USE OF GAS CHAMBERS - make your voices heard by the Governments, let them know the cruelty and inhumanity that comes with such horrific methods. They are the ones that have the power to make the difference and get these chambers of death stopped.

     The Governments need to acknowledge the fact that there is nothing humane about this type of killing, and that permitting such cruelty is showing that compassion and respect for innocent lives does not exist in their eyes - because to allow a living being to suffer in such a way is just as inhumane as flipping the switch on these death machines.

     Secondly, the use of these machines can also pose risks for those using them - causing them to be injured by the biting & scratching of the panicked and frightened animals, not to mention becoming injured or even killed by the carbon monoxide gas that is being used.

Third, is that using such methods is costly, and therefore more taxpayers money is distributed to run these horrific machines - instead of putting the money to more humane and responsible strategies.  


Thank You





Saturday, 1 November 2014

BAN YULIN FESTIVAL : Open letter to Yulin Govenor Chen Wu & People's Republic of China

Dear Mr. Chen Wu, Yulin Govenor, and People's Republic of China:

We as the people of the world, are writing to you to request that you use your political influence and power to cancel what is known as the horrific “Dog Meat Eating Festival” that takes place every year on June 21 in Yulin – a festival that has not only brought upon the outrage of many, but also the deaths of innocent lives by the thousands, and the inhumanity that goes along with it.

   Due to this festival, your country’s reputation has been stained and tainted, and slowly the flame of respect is being dimmed – for the people of the world are saddened and angered that such inhumanity and an event such as this is being permitted, and believe that there is absolutely no place for such cruelty & slaughter in modern civilized society. It is time now that we join united to put an end to this barbaric “festival of death and cruelty” and save the innocent.

     You must understand that such an event not only brings suffering and death to innocent animals, but it can also bring upon sickness and death of the people as well – considering that, according to research, China has the second largest number of rabies cases in the world (338 cases reported in Yulin between 2002-2006) and due to this fact, think of the annual economic costs, and the toll it is taking upon the health of your residents.

      But it is not just rabies that is an issue, but other illnesses as well – with these innocent lives being transported in crammed cages, cruelly treated, and with compromised immune systems – it is leaving many vulnerable to other sicknesses, which is showing in the eyes of many the lack of care & compassion towards the lives and health of the people and animals by allowing the dog meat festival to continue.

     This negligence on the Government’s part (public health, disease prevention etc) is also bringing upon violence, in the society that you are trying to build as respectful and caring – and it is not just the barbaric cruelty and abuse that these poor dogs endure due to some inhumane people, but also between civilians and those involved – for some pets are stolen or watch dogs for families etc, and therefore many pet owners are retaliating & fighting against this trade of disgrace in a violent manner, and with permitting this festival you are promoting dog theft and also encouraging violence – and it will continue to escalate and intensify until something is done immediately.

     The Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival is nothing more than an inhumane and cruel crime against nature, that is unsafe, torturous, and excused as “tradition” or “custom” – and that the abusive and sick acts are educating your future generations – and so I ask, is this how you want your country to be observed? To grow into?

    You as the Government cannot keep ignoring this issue, or permit it to escalate and destroy your society any longer. It is time to rejuvenate and glorify the Chinese culture, by abolishing this issue that is damaging your reputation and tainting your society with the blood and inhumanity. You can no longer allow this disgrace to cause any more negative consequences on commerce and on your tourism industry – it is time to RAISE UR PAW and help save innocent lives, and do your duty to ban this festival and make a mark that your society and the world will be proud of.

Be a voice for the voiceless, and end the dog meat festival – be a positive inspiration for your future, and make the right choice.

Thank You

Raise Ur Paw

Please Take A Moment to Sign The Petition to Help Ban Yulin Dog Meat Festival- OVER 21,000 have already Signed