Sunday, 27 December 2015


  As an animal rights not-for-profit we have always relied on the compassion and support of others, individuals like ourselves who make a stand each and every day for our voiceless in hopes of saving and protecting them from issues in which they face.

    But there are times when mere voices are not enough, and the tears and sadness of such actions cannot remove these issues from the world – that only the power of action, making a stand and standing upon the frontlines is the only strategy that must be made in order to make a difference.

    A few days ago I wrote a blog about the cruelty that was happening at the Bowmanville Zoo, expressing my deep sadness and anger of the cruel actions of one Mr. Michael Heckenberger towards an innocent tiger that fell victim to this man.  Although my words were spread to listening ears of individuals, I felt that I needed to do more – to show more support and action than just sending out words that may or may not make any difference.

    I understood that there are apparently investigations going on, but in my eyes even though these organizations were trying to get down to the truth, leaving these animals within the walls of this establishment was not preventing these innocent lives from being further victimized with such treatment and actions.

    I still cannot understand how this man is still permitted to have these lives in his possession, considering that there has been past issues and a high number of concerns about the welfare and well-being of these animals within his care, and that the video that showed such actions was not enough to have these babies removed from the site.

But what sort of action could I take that may help these innocent lives?

    It wasn’t until I spoke with another animal angel that I decided to create a petition that would be addressed to the Mayor, City Council Members and the M.P.P for Durham in request for their assistance for the removal of these animals from the establishment and the revoking of Mr. Heckenberger’s permits to obtain and have animals within his care.

   Along with the petition I will be emailing each individual of the City Council and M.P.P for Durham, furthering my reach to make sure that this issue is acknowledged and taken seriously in hopes of protecting and saving these innocent animals.

  It is now that I am relying and pleading with each and every individual to please join me by not only signing the petition but to also make a stand for these innocent lives.. we as voices of humanity are the only ones that can have their voices heard and their pain and suffering acknowledged.  These cruel and inhumane actions and behaviors should not be tolerated and should consequences.

Please Raise Ur Paw Today, For the Voices We Raise Today, Is the Impacts Made Tomorrow!

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Bowman"Hell" Zoo - Something Needs To Be Done!

As many of you are aware a recent investigation video, that was done by PETA, has stormed social media and raising many red flags against the Bowmanville Zoo and it's owner Mr. Hackenberger.


      Being an animal advocate/activist and President of RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, I felt the need to view the video myself - and although I was quite hesitant at first, it was imperative that I seen for myself what was allegedly happening at this site.

These are the "RED FLAGS" that I got from the VIDEO:

   The video itself gave me many impressions and feelings towards this individual in question. Impressions and feelings that were not just of anger and disgust but also concerned for these innocent lives that are in his care.  There was absolutely no professionalism in his actions, and I could see much anger and hostility issues within this gentleman.

RED FLAG:  Sometimes when a person becomes angered their actions will extend further and more violently towards the victim. If the accused has already crossed that line of abuse/cruelty, you can be sure that it is a continuous behavior, not just upon one specific victim but others as well.  Such anger and hostility can lead to further concerns and may even lead to death of that victim or another life.

   The victim in question (Siberian Tiger) was on the ground, and you could definitely get the impression of fear, terror and distress from this life from the way the tiger was acting as the sounds of the whip were being heard.

RED FLAG: Putting an innocent life through such distress and fear, causes many concerns not just for the life being victimized but for others that interact with this victim as well.  In this case, the Tiger could turn the fear and distress that it is being subjected too to anger and violence against another life, which in the end would lead the Tiger to be destroyed due to this behavior.  The cruel and inhumane actions of Mr. Hackenberger in his so-called "training" sessions is not only endangering the lives of his victims but to all those around.

   Mr. Hackenberger is then shown explaining his cruel actions, and he clearly finds humor from the cruel acts in which he subjects these innocent lives too - there is absolutely no remorse, compassion or respect.

RED FLAG:  This is a redflag because he acknowledges his behaviour and finds it humorous, even adding that if PETA was to get a video of such treatment they would "Burn Him To The Ground" - and I get the impression that he believes that he will get away with such treatment,

   I believe that with this many red flags, plus many others and the fact that this is not the first time that Mr. Hackenberger and Bowmanville Zoo has been underfire ...


Limba The Elephant:

Bowmanville Zoo Director Swears at Monkey on Live TV:

    If these actions were against a human child you can be sure that the proper authorities would be involved and the children removed immediately from the situation - pending investigation.  It is desperately needed and imperative that these innocent lives be removed from the situation at hand, because how far does this inhumanity have to go before actions are taken in order to protect and help these innocent lives?




Wednesday, 16 December 2015

H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs)

   We at Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, was inspired to create H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) due to the lack of humane education within our educational institutes and educational system.

   These programs in which we are designing will help provide our youth with the knowledge of importance for humane education, the skills necessary to build up their characteristics, experience to fulfill a compassionate and respectful identity for bettering the world and future, and help them achieve their potential by being positive change-makers.

  We need to fully acknowledge that our youth are our most valuable resources, and that placing this stepping stone is an extensive and imperative investment into the development and life-altering benefit of such resources.

   It is crucial to also comprehend that basic education, which comes from parental involvement is not enough and that we as civilization cannot be only reliant on just this, we need the co-operation and participation of educational systems and institutes to continuously nurture and cultivate this beneficial wisdom in order to achieve a better world, future and difference makers.

Our programs will offer:

Lectures which are developmentally appropriate, and addresses such aspects as (animal welfare laws, respect and compassion for animal life, ways and methods to be animal-friendly) along with many other topics of interest and benefit.

Foundation in which such educational benefits and strategies can be integrated into the lifestyles of our youths and young adults.

Educational Professionals and Students the necessary resources, strategies, information and skill development assistance that can be implemented into the classroom in efforts to foster humane education and fulfilling the goals of compassionate & respectful lifestyles.

Age and Developmental appropriate awareness on the issues at hand.

Provisions necessary (guidance, knowledge, passion and expertise) to discover solutions and personal opinions to the most critical issues and challenges in which is faced.

Field trips (shelters, humane societies etc) gives observational learning and understanding.

Provide Vegetarian/Vegan snacks and meals (along with the recipes to make such meals at home) and provide information on such lifestyles. (if they choose to take that path.)

Opportunities and Developmental Experience to become part of positive change and difference, and to secure a wide range of abilities, sustainability and focus on our changing world.

    We are hoping that this coming year 2016, we will at least have our programs brought into area schools – and bring the idea to Government officials to apply these programs within educational institute curriculum.


Our H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) Kindergarten - Grade 9



   Youth will discover the imperativeness of taking care of their pets or animals around them through activities in which builds responsibility and empathy.  Other activities that will be involved is reading stories of animals and using informative flashcards to engage students in conversations about the resemblance of animal and human emotions, needs and actions along with an educational activity that is age and developmental appropriate.

  As like our Kindergarten program, we will use the similar strategy and method, except the GR 1 program will include the do’s and don’ts of your pet, a discussion of feelings towards animals, the responsibility that we have as humans towards our domestic animals, along with activities using coloring sheets and pictures to extend their views and opinions to further their way of thinking.

  The Grade Two program will hold a presentation from a local animal shelter, which will provide the youth with the knowledge of adoption, fostering and rescuing of animals, the important information on when you adopt/foster a sheltered animal,  The body language in which animals use to communicate and warning signs, which will involve activities (pictures, coloring sheets etc.) This program will also involve some aspects from the Grade 1 program as well.

    The Grade Three Program will introduce the Animal Welfare’s Three R’s (Respect, Responsibility, and Rights) and how we can act humanely towards living beings both wild & domestic.  Various topics will be brought to discussion which permits the youth to give their own insight, opinions and views – and even bring upon their own personal methods to use.  It will also include some aspects from the Grade Two Program.

   The Grade Four Program will provide the students with interactive, understanding and compassion building along with problem solving – such activities will include certain topics in which students will be able to discuss (giving their own views, opinions and work alongside other students) be provided with activities, information and resources to fully understand the task at hand.  There will also be a discussion on how to recognize and report animal abuse/cruelty and the imperativeness of responsibility to helping an animal in need. There will be certain aspects from Grade Three Program Added.

  The Grade Five Program will take a look into the world of captivity, the use of animals in entertainment, animal experimentation/research and the negative impacts that such use can cause to living beings, and students will be given activities and information in order to raise awareness in society but also within their own selves.

    Included in this program will be a presentation and even interactive discussion which permits students to give their own views, opinions and beliefs, and give them the opportunity to create their own awareness project in which they can present to other members of the class.  Certain aspects from Grade 4 Program will be added to this program as well.

  In our Grade Six Program, students will be taking a look into the laws dealing with animals (municipally, provincially and federally) – there will be a discussion (on own and as a team) to figure out what is working to help and what needs to be done or changed for the future.  This discussion will come with activities and even a debate to observe the youths opinion, methods/strategies and ideas.

     Included in this program will also be how animal abuse/cruelty is investigated and prosecuted, determine the different types of animal cruelty/abuse and informative resources that youth can use in order to further this educational experience.  We will also be adding certain aspects of Grade 5 program.

  In the Grade Seven Program, students will further their knowledge and understanding concerning the “Cycle of Violence” concerning animal abuse/cruelty and the transition to human violence. Students will be provided with scenarios of abusive behaviour which they will evaluate as a group and individually – this will help the youth discover and gain insight on the abuse/cruelty within the world and also observe that there are many views on abuse (individually and group)

    As in the Grade 6 Program – this program will also look at the laws for animal abuse/cruelty and animal welfare – and discuss what laws would apply to such scenarios or if there should be laws for such cruelty and abuse etc. Each student will be provided with the necessary resources and then later present a presentation upon the scenario in which they were issued.

  The Grade Eight Program will discuss industrialized cruelty and organized crime ( fur industry, factory farming, dog fighting, puppy mills etc.) it will also bring up on the issues of animal experimentation and vivisection, ag-gag laws, and worldwide issues that animals are facing and enduring.

  The program will also include certain aspects of the Grade 7 program – the laws of animal welfare.  It is then that students will be requested to do a research project on topic of choice, and present it to their fellow classmates, and after a discussion of what was learned, what can be changed, and how we can make the difference.

   The Grade Nine Program will discuss Conservation, Trophy Hunting, Poaching and the illegal trade of animals and their parts.   This educational experience will help students to create ideas and give their views and opinions on how we as humanity can save life that is endangered or not, and how we can unite to bring solution to the issues that are destroying these innocent species.

    Including in this program will be videos, educational resources necessary and even give the students the opportunity to help by creating an event to help raise awareness on such issues.  This experience will allow the students to become involved and do their parts to help bring light to the issues, there will also be a presentation to further that knowledge and discussions afterwards.

Although we are currently developing the programs for Kindergarten to Grade 9, we are also working on including from 10-12 as well.  We would like to inform that each program that children and youth are involved with will receive a certificate after accomplishment.  These programs will include Vegetarian/Vegan snack and meals along with information on choosing a lifestyle such as this and the benefits of such a choice.

   In the development of these programs, there may be additional educational materials, topics, and/or methods/strategies brought in.  

Your contribution to will help with the production, efforts and distribution of our programs, we appreciate any and all support :)

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

OFFENDER TO ANIMAL ADVOCATE: Can A Person Change Their Ways?

Could forgiveness and acceptance for actions of cruelty and inhumanity be given to offenders who have seen the errors of their ways and stepped into the light of fighting for animal rights/welfare instead?

    It is a question that I am sure that many people would stop and think about – or perhaps quickly turn towards the negative response and say that “leopards don’t change their spots!” Many times we as humanity will continuously reside with the image of the deeds done and make it very difficult to accept the amends being made for the wrongs that offenders have put out in this world.

   As an animal advocate/activists and President of RAISE UR PAW, I believe that it does take more than just an offender saying “I have seen the light, and now I want to change!” because it takes more than just words to be able to seek out redemption and demonstrate to the world that these individuals have truly transformed from the past image that they had displayed.

   I agree that it is truly difficult to see past the crimes in which offenders have created – because sometimes those actions have burned their image so far into our memory that seeing the individual as something different is a task that is truly challenging.

    As I sit here now writing this blog, I am still searching for the answer of whether or not an offender can truly be forgiven and change, and especially depending on the crimes in which they have put out into this world.  It is then that I think about other things such as:  If someone who wears make-up tested on animals changes to no-animal testing products should they be forgiven? if someone had been a meat-eater changed vegan... or if someone has participated in the actions to enslave innocent life changes can they redeem themselves? Because whether we do the action or participate and buy into these inhumanities, there is still a part being played in the destruction and cruelty to a living being.

    But the question still remains – can a person step away from these deeds and make a 180 and change for the better?

     Time is the key I guess, to truly witness if these individuals have revolutionized themselves from the past image that they have painted, and demonstrate this change for all to observe – and if by chance that they have indeed seen the errors of their ways and made that life-altering choice, then the decision falls upon us as humanity whether they deserve the acceptance and forgiveness for their past actions.

What is your opinion?  Can a person be forgiven and Change? We want to hear your opinion

#RaiseUrPaw Today
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Sunday, 6 December 2015


Dear Ian;

    As an animal activist/advocate and president of Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian federally incorporated not-for-profit, I would like to wish you not only a great happy birthday, (even though it's on the 8th of December),but also send out this special message to you, in hopes that you will see how much you touched my life and the lives of others who support you and the stands in which you make.

    Being a single and unimportant voice in this world fighting for a better world and future is a difficult task, especially when you are facing a world of million other voices – that was me when I first began this journey towards my goal of making a difference.  I knew in my heart that I wanted to do more, but to be honest I was afraid because I didn’t possess the voice that others had – the voice of power, influence and strength.

     I denied the capabilities of my voice and hid amongst the shadows, only sharing the words of others and sending out their voices, while mine remained unheard and unseen.  It wasn’t until a few animal angels reached out to me, and the countless messages that highlighted how important voices are needed that I began to realize that my fear and silence was not only denying me from doing something of importance and special in this world, but also denying the chance for real positive change for the world and the innocent lives that reside here.

    You were one of those animal angels, and although you didn’t see me there, it was the voice of yours and many others who helped me move closer towards the light – to be seen as a unique individual whose voice is just as influential, empowering and strong as the next and that even though I wasn’t famous or someone of importance, I still mattered in the fight for a better future and world.

    I want to say Thank You Ian, for not only being a voice and action taker, but for being an influence and inspirer to many.  Without your voice and the voices of animal angels worldwide, many people like me would have still remained within the shadows and never taken the opportunity to shine like diamonds and have confidence in the voices of power that we possess. 

Happy Birthday And Many Wishes Come True. 
Always and Forever A Supporter to #ISF


Sunday, 15 November 2015


My name is KISKA
The world’s loneliest killer whale
Incarcerated by the hands of man
My life a saddened tale.

I outlived all my offspring
Felt the sadness and the pain
Alone within this man-made cell
Freedom, I fear I will never see again.

Gazed upon by many
This isolated existence I do live
Enslaved and exploited
A broken soul is all I have to give.

Through the glass of this prison
All I see is those who care
About the entertainment and enjoyment
From my misery, they do share.

I pray one day my voice is heard
That united the world will see
That the life I live is inhumane

And come together to set me free.


Sunday, 8 November 2015


In this day and age many should already be familiar with or have some knowledge on the appalling inhumanity that comes from the production of fur – stemming from the environment of such industries, the condition in which innocent lives live, to the actions and brutality that they endure and subjected to in order to fulfill the demands of this callous fashion and vanity trend.

   It is within these industries that hundreds of thousands, if not more, lives face fates worse than death everyday – branching from electrocution, being stomped on, having their fur ripped from their fragile bodies while still alive, and so many more horrific and barbaric experiences.  Experiences that no life should have to suffer or undergo for any purpose.

   That is why we at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Not-For-Profit Incorporation, have created the “I WEAR COMPASSION AS A FASHION” campaign, which is focused and concentrates on not just to spread awareness about these horrendous and horrific fur industries, but to also merge voices worldwide in order to get these industrialized cruelty corporations prohibited and save the lives of the innocent.

   It is vital that the public is fully educated, and that the truth is acknowledged that these industries are not, nor will they ever be humane – and that we as humanity, will not allow such individuals and companies to pull the “wool” over our eyes by making claims that what they are doing is right, that the animals in which are enslaved within these fur-farms are living in appropriate condition & treated humanely... because the truth is what it is, no matter what kind of image they attempt to paint in order to popularize this profit-making cruelty.

   It is due to the publicizing and messaging that we as animal angels provide that extends the awareness of this reality – that the graphic images in which show this truth, are not meant or displayed in order for humanity to turn away, but to open humanity’s eyes and give knowledge to them of the issues, situations and extremities of suffering that these industries are bringing upon the lives of the innocent.

   Today and every day we need your support and be part of the movement to bring these corporations to an end, to save/protect the lives of the innocent, and assist the efforts to establish laws and enforcement that will end this inhumanity once and for all.  Please take that little moment of your time to share this message and movement on networking sites, family & friends, every individual of the world. 

Take the pledge to “Wear Compassion As A Fashion!” – educate, encourage & empower.

Thank You


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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Angels Walk Among Us!

I believe angels walk among us
Venturing through this world we know
And even though they don’t show their wings
The goodness within them will surely show.
They are the ones who help those in need
The ones who always lend a hand
Being the shoulder you cry upon.
To the ones who always understand.

 I believe angels walk among us
For they are the voices of compassion and hope
The ones that make a stand for what is right
Through our journey they help us cope.
The light within our darkness.
They are the ones who are caring and kind
The ones who always stand by our side
And never leave us behind.

I believe angels walk among us
Even though we don’t always see
That they are there within this life we live
Hidden among humanity.

~Douglas Atherton.

Monday, 2 November 2015


The horrific image shows an innocent life enslaved by a hunter’s trap – with the words “Do Yall do any trapping of any kind? Coyote, Fox, Raccoon? If so put some pictures in the comments. I want to see what you have got!”

   As you scroll down the comments, more and more images surface of innocent life being caught in the same manner – horrific photos that leaves any individuals with a heart, saddened and disturbed by such crimes against nature.

   We at Raise Ur Paw came across the photo, and was immediately disturbed and outraged over this heartbreaking display of inhumanity being networked on facebook, a social media outlet, on the page called “Predator Pursuit w/ Jeff Thomason”

    But even though there is a flooding of disturbance and outrage due to these images,  there is also this sickening reaction that individuals would actually support and be proud of such inhumanity ... making you instantly question their mentality and humanity – not to mention questioning the Government and these sport channels for even permitting such cruelty.

   As humanity, would we stand for or support the same actions and behaviors if it were a child that these displays of cruelty were against?  Would we look away and ignore the exhibit of such disrespect and inhumanity against such an innocent soul? Of course not... that would be warped and psychotic.. wouldn’t you agree?  And yet here these behaviors are being committed against animals, lives who are just as innocent as children – and yet we as animal protectors and angels are being condemned and ridiculed for seeing the truth and trying to get it exposed and stopped.


Thank You.

Saturday, 31 October 2015


Well it seems that huntress Kendall Jones showed her fading famed face once again and this time making Halloween Headlines with her Walter Palmer Costume display (Along with her friends, one who is portraying Cecil, and one as a Koala)

    The image made headlines right after she posted the picture on her facebook page -  with the words “Since Everyone Wanted to Dress Up Like Me For Halloween Last Year, Guess Who I am This Year? Walter!! Lol Ft. Cecil and a Koala climbing a tree!” – It didn’t take long for her hunting supporters to show their support about her costume choice, but it also brought upon the negative attention that we are 100% positive that she was aiming for...

    Kenall Jones has always fought against the negative attention, making statements that she is about conservation and helping others etc, and yet with this image she is only causing more negative reputation towards the efforts of conservation and leading more individuals against such a cause, so it really makes you question her real intentions, that in her eyes it’s not about standing up for conservation but making herself famous and in the spotlight.

     As I looked at the image,  I asked myself, how could anyone in their right frame of mind make fun of and a mockery of an innocent life being slaughtered, whether illegally or legally? ... would they dress up as a baby killer if the events had just recently taken place... for this is exactly what she had done, along with others who have made the choice to be Walter Palmer this year.

    But the more I looked at the picture, it was clear to me, that although she felt it would be funny and fame-grabbing to dress like this hated-individual, she was actually portraying Walter Palmer as a blood-thirsty killer, whether the intention was there or not, therefore being part of the rest of us who have been sharing this same image of Walter Palmer. 

   It goes to show though, that sometimes when you are trying to get people riled up with your opinions and beliefs – it could just turn-around and slam your case into the ground.

What is your opinion on this?


From Raise UR Paw.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

FREE KISKA: Our Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne.

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne:

   We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are writing this letter to you in hopes that we can fully reach your attention and hearts about the captivity of a lone orca named KISKA, and how such an enslavement is not only inhumane, but is a huge concern on the well-being and welfare of this beloved and highly-social life.

   Earlier this year, which I am sure you are well aware, the province of Ontario passed a bill which made it the first province in Canada to make it illegal to purchase, sell or breed orcas.  Although there is much thanks, appreciation and praise towards this plan for better protection of marine mammals, it is truly heartbreaking and shameful that Kiska, a lone orca in captivity at Marineland, Niagara Falls, is excluded from it.

    Kiska, who is estimated to be around 40 years of age, swims isolated in her concrete tank with no social interaction or have another to share her existence with.  It is such a heartbreaking issue & concern that you can be sure has effects upon this beloved animal (physically, emotionally and psychologically) and even reports and those who have seen her have observed the display of decline in her health – and as a highly-social being as her species is, this entire solitary condition is inconceivable and appalling.

    If we are truly working on a plan to bettering the protection of marine mammals, then why I ask, are these actions not being taken into account – Why is Kiska’s isolated life not raising flags within the eyes of the Government of Ontario and Canada to do the humane thing and help this beloved animal, considering that so many animal angels are shining the light upon this concern and issue.   

    It is our duty and responsibility as humanity, to protect and speak up for the welfare and well-being of life – whether it be the human race or animal species.  We are truly hoping that you will use your political influence and power to extend the reach of this plan for bettering the protection of marine mammals towards KISKA, who many are calling “the World’s Loneliest Orca!”  --- if this was your life, wouldn’t you want someone to care enough to help?

Thank You.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

HOWLEEN IS HERE! - Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween!

Halloween has always been an exciting and fun night, where children disguise themselves in spooky costumes and go door to door trick or treating....

   But for your furry family members a night such as this can be quite frightening and stressful, considering that they do not understand the idea of what Halloween can bring.  So it is our responsibility and duty to make sure that safety is a priority for not only our children, but for our innocent furry family members as well - just so that everyone has a Happy Halloween full of fun and thrill instead of fear, stress and other hazards.


KEEP CANDY AWAY FROM PETS:   Sure Candy & Chocolate can be a real "YUMMY TREAT" but for your furry friends, giving them or them getting into such objects of delight can be dangerous and harmful to your pets - (especially chocolate) - but there are also sugar free candies that contain an artificial sweetener called XYLITOL, which can be toxic to your babies.  Along with this please toss out any candy wrappers etc - just so that your furry family member doesn't swallow them and be in danger.

KEEP DECORATIONS, JACK"O"LANTERNS ETC.  UP & AWAY FROM PETS:  Decorations and Jack "o" lanterns give your home the spooktacular effect that will surely attract the attention of little trick or treaters... but it can also grab the attention of pets as well.  Wires and Cords should be kept out of reach, for if chewed can cause burns, cuts, or electrocution causing death or extreme injury to your beloved pet.  Jack "o" Lanterns should be kept out of reach as well, for if knocked over can cause injury or cause a fire within your home.   

TRICK OR TREATER TRAFFIC: With the constant traffic of trick or treaters coming to your door - this here can be extremely frightening and stressful for your pet (the constant knocking or ringing of the door bell and the fear of the costumes and masks in which children wear.) The best idea is to make sure that your pet is either in another room away from the hustle and bustle or kept under control and relaxed, because sometimes the animal can become protective and aggressive with the strange encounters that are happening. 

COSTUME OR NO COSTUME, THAT IS THE QUESTION: I do have to say that some pets love being dressed up for Halloween, and many find putting such costumes on their furry family members adorable and humorous -- BUT, there is a good chance that some do not like to be decorated up in such wear, and this can be stressful and frightening to them as well.  Those who do love wearing these costumes, be sure that they will be safe and to make sure that such costumes are tried on them so there is no restriction of breathing, or interfere with their vision, hearing or movement. Also be aware of any dangling pieces which can cause injury or choking, and also make sure that your pets do not have any allergic reaction.

MAKE SURE YOUR ANIMALS HAVE THEIR ID: Please be sure that your pets have an identification tag or someway to be identified if the frights of the holiday make them run away or become lost -  Some pets do get spooked from the excitement, which leads them to flee and hide, or if your pet happens to get out.  Identification tags will help anyone who finds your beloved family member identify them and bring them back into your arms.



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Saturday, 10 October 2015


Dear Chinese Authorities:

   We as individuals of the World are reaching out and extending our attempts to reach you in one powerful and united voice.  A voice that we are hoping that you will take the moment to hear, acknowledge and join.

   At this point we are convinced that you are aware and know of the many concerns/issues that are being brought to light due to the dog/cat meat trade that continues all year round, and that many other concerns that are unearthing due to these actions that are claiming and torturing these countless victims.

   We acknowledge that stopping this way of living will be a difficult task, but we also know that backing away and not being part of this so-called "tradition" or "culture" as some believe it to be, is merely giving the public and society a blank canvas of the truth that is occurring. It is the acknowledgement and taking of action on your part, as authority figures, enforcement and those of power, that methods and strategies are established in order to solve/prevent the issues and concerns that are at hand.

   As a responsibility and duty on your part, your influence and power, immediate actions and stands are needed urgently, whether it be the development of animal rights/welfare laws, society awareness on health/safety concerns linked to these actions or the consumption of the meat, to speaking out and bringing attention to the public - it is a united stand that we must take in order to bring resolution and prevention in the hopes of saving life and bettering the World around us for animals and for humanity.

   I am sure that you are well aware of the mounting pressure that is continuously increasing and that this nationwide outrage & outcry is far beyond just animal welfare issues and concerns, but also the health and safety issues that are effecting the citizens and individuals who are taking part in this trade, such as: drugging and poisoning of these innocent babies (dogs/cats) which can transfer such toxins to those who consume or prepare the meat, the unsanitary conditions and treatment (diseases/viruses/illnesses) and also the establishment of health concerns due to rabies transmission.

   This continuous uproar and outcry is what fuels the awareness and pressure, stemming from the countless nationwide voices of individuals, organizations, worldwide protests, petitions, the power of media coverage and viral branching out from social media & networking etc.  With over 4 MILLION signatures on our petition, plus the escalating numbers of countless others, along with media - this trade has gained much attention that cannot and should not be ignored or backed away from, and we are hoping that you, Chinese Authorities will proceed to do what is necessary and right for the welfare and well-being of the innocent at risk.


    This battle is far from over, and the pressure of the voices of the World will continue to stand strong, powerful and united.  Please stand along with us, not only as a voice but as a positive role-model, making a difference for the lives of the innocent, the reputation of your country, and a better world for future generations.  We can make this happen, but we all need to play our parts.

Thank You

Saturday, 3 October 2015

#DOGTOBER - "FALL" for a Dog In Need!


   If you do then OCTOBER is the perfect month to do so - especially since it is "DOGTOBER" adopt a sheltered dog month.

    Countless lives are always in need of loving homes and families and are waiting for that special someone like you to either adopt, foster, rescue them or even SHARE them with others in hopes of getting that new lease on life that they fully deserve.

   We at RAISE UR PAW are hoping to achieve this goal, and are reaching out to everyone around the globe to do the same -- even if you can't adopt, foster etc - your support and voice is just as important, because as a voice you are bringing attention to the desperate need of those loving homes and families that these innocent babies are reaching out for.

    If you have a moment, or even just a single second please RAISE UR PAW and put an orange pawprint upon your palm as a representation that you are taking these innocent babies by the paw and leading them to a new life, and being a pathway towards their dream, a family and home.

We can all make the difference - and we can all change the world for the innocent lives forever.


Thank You


Tuesday, 29 September 2015



   Sept. 28th - 30th, 2015, we are urging every individual, organization, celebrity etc to please take a moment and be part of the #BiteBack Campaign Against Puppy Mills by not only taking the PLEDGE but to also WEAR PURPLE in support.


      Every day countless lives are being subjected to the emotional and physical abuse of these "puppy-mill" operators: malnourished, not given the proper care which leads to many diseases, illnesses, viruses, forced to breed, some even inadequately protected from the harsh conditions of the weather, residing in unsanitary and disgusting environments. 

     But unknowingly many are paying into these prisoners for profit misery because of the high demand for purebred puppies. As the demands increases so does the motivation for profit in these operators, because after all, it is their aim to fulfill the demand by producing puppies with the least possible cost for maximum profit - and profit is given priority over the well-being and welfare of these innocent lives.


    Being our first year doing this campaign, our hope and goal is to unite voices together and extend the reach of awareness around the globe for not only to save prisoners for profit, and end the horrific/inhumane puppy mills, but to also save the countless sheltered animals who are losing their homes and lives due to these companies of cruelty.

    Even if only a few take that single second to spread the message and take the pledge, at least that is a little bit more fuel being added to the flame of hope  - the hope that we can help the innocent and bring an end to puppy mills,  the hope in making a difference that our powerful and united voices will be heard, and the hope that we as humanity will join as one to give a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

#BITEBACK in some helpful ways:

Take a Picture with hashtag #BiteBack
Make A Video About Why Puppy Mills Should Be Stopped etc.
Write Letters to Your Government Officials
Share Sheltered Animals - Promote Adoption, Fostering
Have A Group Discussion
Plan an Event or Presentation
Design Posters 

There are so many things that we can do to help - but the first step is being a voice.

Please Use the Hashtag #BITEBACK and WEAR PURPLE to inspire others to become involved in the movement.  Your Support can make a World of Difference for those in need - for the stand we make today is the difference we can see tomorrow!

 Thank You

Follow Us On Twitter: @raiseurpaw


Saturday, 26 September 2015


SEPTEMBER 28th - 30th, 2015 is #BITEBACK days!



  Our #BITEBACK campaign was established in uniting individuals around the world to bring global awareness about the issues of puppy mills, in hopes of bringing these companies of cruelty to an end and save the countless lives of prisoners for profit.

  We are asking that everyone take a moment of their time, even if it is for a second to wear something PURPLE, (representing the bruises & suffering that prisoners for profit are subjected to and endure on a daily basis in order to fulfill the needs of greed and selfishness) and use the hashtag #BITEBACK.


Although this is our first year with this campaign and movement, Raise Ur Paw is hopeful that many individuals, organizations, celebrities & animal angels worldwide will unite as one empowering and inspirational voice for the innocent prisoners of profit in desperate need of saving, and to raise those voices high in bringing forth an end to these cruelty mills.

  So many innocent beings will continuously be victim & endure a lifestyle that contains residing within unsanitary conditions among filth & waste, be uncared for without any veterinary care, continuously bred for mere profit, some even suffering from diseases, illnesses etc,  and these fragile souls NEED US TODAY! 

There are so many ways in which we all can BITE BACK in support against Puppy Mills: 

*Signing Petitions
* Wearing Purple in support & raising awareness with hashtag #BITEBACK
* Creating Videos, Snapping Photos of your Support 
* Lighting purple candles
* Spreading the Message worldwide
* Educating, Encouraging and Empowering Others
* Writing to your Government or Political Leaders
* The List Goes On and On...

The Stand We Make Today.. Is the Difference We See Tomorrow!


You can also let us know what you are planning to do to #BITEBACK by commenting in the comment box :) 

Friday, 25 September 2015

" A Light Fading Dim" - Raise Ur Paw Against Puppy Mills

Alone within these prison walls
My life and future very clear
to spend enslaved for human greed
bound by the shackles of pain and fear.

To reside among the filth and waste
everyday my faith grows slim
Abused and used for selfishness
my light for hope is fading dim.

I've had so many children
that my fragile body can bear no more
But the high demand for what I give
Is what I suffer for.

I may never see the light of freedom
or feel the warmth of a loving hand
But if my story can make a difference
within this prison I have made a stand.

So as a plea to all the World
to every heart and every voice
Please Raise Ur Paw Against Puppy Mills
the time is now to make a choice.

Written by Douglas Atherton

"The Stand We Make Today, Is the Difference We May See Tomorrow!"

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Jewish Chicken-Slaughter Gets OK from Judge - What Do You Think?

Should the death of thousands of lives be considered "Religious Freedom"? even if these lives are those of chickens?

   Well, according to a judged, who ruled on Monday, this religious (2,000-year-old) ritual can proceed to take place on the streets of Brooklyn - and now many are outraged over this outcome, including countless animal rights groups.

  The practice of Kaporos, during which chickens are slaughtered before the high holy day of Yom Kippur to atone for sins, involves grabbing chickens by their wings and swinging the birds above their heads three times and saying prayers. It is said that the purpose of this act is to transfer the practitioner's sins into the bird & then slits the chickens throats with a sharp knife & then donating the meat to the poor - according to sources.

   Animal rights groups and individuals state that such a practice is not only cruel and inhumane, but also chaotic public nuisance.


In my opinion,as an animal activist/advocate & President of Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, I do not agree with permitting such a massacre, whether or not if inflicts upon a persons religious freedom, because in my own personal opinion "animal sacrifice" is out-dated and does not belong in a civilized society.

   I know at this point that there will probably be many who will  disagree, or have negative opinions about what I have to say, but in all due respect to permit such actions like this, is like stating that you are okay with the Taiji Dolphin slaughter or Dog/Cat Meat Festival, considering that they are known as "age-old traditions".

   It is truly devastating that such acts of animal cruelty/inhumanity is permitted due to the fact that it might go against someone's rights or freedoms - but what about the rights/freedoms of animals, do they deserve to be treated in such a manner - to be treated so cruelly and inhumanely because individuals feel that doing so will rid them of their sins.

    What about the public? who have to observe such cruelty, the health and safety issues that may come from this, or the countless issues of animal cruelty -- isn't animal cruelty against the law? and if it truly is why do some get a pass for such actions. Would we feel the same way or permit such acts if they were being done to other humans?

When do we as individuals finally say enough is enough, to bring forth a whole new look on life - that all life deserves to be treated respectfully and compassionately, and that nothing should excuse any brutal/inhumane or cruel action towards or against life.


Today we JOIN THE CHARGE in Support of  #WorldRhinoDay, Sept. 22,2015, where countless individuals and groups around the world will be not only showing their support for Rhino Conservation, and the 5 species of Rhinos - but also to raise awareness on the matters at hand that these innocent, beloved beings are facing.

  Although many are stepping up their efforts to save and protect these magnificent creatures from the ultimate fate... EXTINCTION, the crisis of RHINO POACHING is still threatening their survival. 

This is where the Voices of the World are Urgently Needed:

* By making a stand and being part of the charge to Save/Protect Rhinos
* To spread awareness worldwide, educating, encouraging & empowering others to be involved
* Writing letters, Signing petitions, getting media attention.
* Protesting and Campaigning
* Joining groups, organizations & playing your part in taking action in support
* Plan an event or Create your own poster, video etc to get the word out about the crisis
* Check Out --

Every little bit of support will mean a great deal - because every voice is unique and can make a difference.

REMEMBER -- Extinction doesn't just wipe the world of the beauty and life of beloved beings, but robs the generations of humanity of the beauty and life of these beloved beings as well. Please take part in the CHARGE to SAVE/PROTECT RHINOS, the stand we make today, is the difference that could be made tomorrow.

Monday, 21 September 2015

THE COMPASSION CHALLENGE: The Fight to Bring Animal Testing To An End.

This Should Concern All Of Us As Humanity:
   I am sure that many are aware of the extreme distress, suffering and unexplainable inhumanity that animal testing/experimentation and vivisection that is being carried out as we speak – and although there are countless options for such research to be achieved without using innocent lives, countless organizations, companies & establishments are still proceeding with the use of torture, cruelty and even slaughter, an out-dated and completely unnecessary, to create cosmetics, products, medication etc  for the human race.
   It is truly disturbing and disgraceful that such a form of inhumanity is being permitted to occur, and that many are not seeing that such acts are indeed not “scientific” but crimes against nature --- continuously buying products etc that have been  produced by the suffering and the shedding of innocent blood.
   The living-beings are robbed of their lives & freedom, subjected on a daily basis to the extremities that such tests, experiments have on them (such as burns, scars, blindness, infections, extreme suffering and anguish & even horrific deaths – the list goes on and on).  Still this process continues, some using taxpayer’s dollars, due to being funded by the Government – and there is absolutely NO MERCY shown to these beloved babies.
.  I truly understand that certain things we do need – but not at the expense of a living-beings life and welfare, this is not the way that we as a civilized world  and race should be treating other life,  and we need to acknowledge that such actions of cruelty and inhumanity is NOT evolving us to a better world & future, but to a future that is brutally cruel and barbaric.
    We are asking each and every individual of the world to please make a stand against  Animal Testing/ Experimentation and Vivisection, to urge the Governments of the World to use their power and influence to stop these barbaric actions  - to speak out for the voiceless, raise awareness and to educate, encourage & empower others to become involved in becoming an animal-friendly and cruelty-free world and future.

RAISE UR PAW & TAKE THE CHALLENGE - Together United We Can Make A Difference.

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Light a candle against Taiji
For the Lives we need to Save.
from the Slaughter & Enslavement
May our voices be Strong and Brave.

Reaching out to all World Voices
To Speak Up and lend a hand
for the innocent beings who plead for help
We all must Make this Stand.

To represent the Greatness of our Nation
to come together in unity
We stand worldwide as an empowering beacon
To Shine light on this Inhumanity.

Written by Douglas Atherton

   With the TAIJI DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER & ENSLAVEMENT underway, so is the actions & voices being raised to end this annual dolphin massacre.  Countless individuals, organizations & celebrities etc are all coming together as one powerful army in hopes of not only saving the innocent lives who are in jeopardy during this time, but to also bring this "tradition"-as some will continue to call it, to a final end.

    But just like every year, the voices and cries of the world seems to be continuously going unseen & unheard by those who have the influence and the power to wipe out this stain that this annual massacre has placed upon the country's reputation and image -- and it is these barriers and obstacles that is strengthening the voices and creating more education, encouragement and empowerment -- tightening the grip on the goal in which we hope to achieve.....  The End of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter & Enslavement.

   As doing our part in the action to aid & support the fight against this slaughter, we are hoping to unite the world in lighting a candle as a beacon of hope and unity of humanity - to bring forth not only the light which shines upon the issue, but also as an eternal flame that our voices, our actions will continue to glow for those who need us desperately -- without flickering or extinguishing until a difference has been made, and this inhumane shadow that is enslaving and claiming innocent lives has been stopped once and for all.

   However, the ultimate decision to help or remain in silence falls upon humanity - since it is the lives of the innocent that has been placed within our hands to either protect or let fall victim, to care for or let die, to save or let be destroyed... 

What Choice Will You Make????

Please Light A Candle in Support Against the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter/Enslavement - Educate, Encourage & Empower Others to become involved, Follow the countless individuals, organizations who making a stand & taking action--- The Stand You Make Today, Is the Difference Made Tomorrow!

Hashtag: #Tweet4Taiji

Thank You 
Twitter: @raiseurpaw