Thursday, 30 April 2015

TEACH THE WORLD - H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs)

 We at Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are currently endeavouring on unveiling H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) in which we hope to establish and present within school curriculums and branch out worldwide. These programs are to produce a foundation of Education, Encouragement and Empowerment – plus offer resources and strategies for awareness, information, and skill development in efforts to foster a more compassionate and respectful world in which we live in towards life and environment.

   We believe that taking part and permitting such programs into educational institutes and homes, will give individuals the knowledge, passion and expertise to not only find resolutions to the most crucial issues and challenges in which life faces at this time, but also become informed of ways to help educate, give confidence, and make others powerful to participate in furthering the journey towards a better world and future, and create an impact for future generations.

   Our Humane Education Learning Programs (H.E.L.P) will engage individuals of all ages and provide them with the guidance in which to develop the skills to live their lives with compassion, empathy and new ways to observe the issues and dilemmas being faced by not only our innocent animals but by the environment as well.

   We have chosen educational institutes and homes of individuals, due to the fact that they are suitable environments and atmospheres which are main components towards development and educational experience.  It is within these environments that not only knowledge is taught, but where information is assembled and individuals are provided with the opportunities to progress and practice such skills that are essential for the protection and promotion of animal rights/welfare and also the welfare and well-being of the environment.

    With Sex Education, Science, Health and many other subjects in educational curriculum today, we believe that Humane Education should be another focus point in which individuals can use in their everyday lives.   The development of such knowledge would be beneficial to allow individuals to focus on the changing world, participate in being part of making a positive change, and secure a wide range of experience and sustainability that is already offered through available and up to date humane education information.

   Our H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) will supply participants and individuals with more than just a learning experience, but also provide to them an essential component and contribution to their developmental process into making a difference in the world we reside in, through involvement, experience, expression of views and opinions, information gathering, turning compassion and respect for life into actions and integrating such wisdom, expertise and abilities into their daily lives, work and world.


Your Support And Participation Would Be Greatly Appreciated
Thank You.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


   For the past few days I have been observing tweets being distributed around about the Government of Yulin promising to take the dog meat section out of the festival, which is due to take place June 21, 2015.

   According to the tweets, Yulin Party Secretary LI JUN (Green Food and Drug Administration) stated that:

“This year, if businesses hold the dog section (festival) we will resolutely ban it!”

  It is then stated that at a meeting with lawyers he said:

 “If the public are to report illegal dog runs, we will resolutely investigate” “I want to end the dog section!”

   However, these words don't seem to really be strong enough to stop the outrage and constant protest of this inhumane and cruel section of this festival - for many (including myself) are eagerly waiting for anything official to be signed, stamped and delivered by the Government confirming the ban and promises that are being made.

   As an individual, and not-for-profit incorporation, who has continuously been fighting and protesting to get this part of the festival stopped and banned - I do have this to say "I will believe it when I see it!"

   I am not stating that the Yulin Government will not make good on their promises, but until something is actually put into writing and sealed - then I still cannot shake the feeling that perhaps this may be just a mere method to push away the negativity and outrage that has been continuously falling upon them - due to this section of the festival.

   And for this reason here, I am going to continue on with putting the pressure upon them, and raising awareness on the brutal torture, inhumanity and slaughter that thousands of innocent lives are subjected too and endure for their fur and meat.

    The Government of Yulin desperately needs to acknowledge and take control over this situation at hand, for it is not only the lives of thousands of dogs/cats at risk, but the populations of their society which are consuming the meat - that could be tainted by drugs, viruses, diseases, and so much more, due to being unregulated, unsanitary conditions in which they are transported in and raised,  to health conditions in which the animals are in, the list goes on ~ which can be hazardous and even fatal to those consuming the meat.

    If the Government truly cares about it's citizens and keeping the reputation of their community in a positive and healthy state they will stand by the promises in which they made and finally put an end to the dog meat trade - the ball now is in their court.

Please Keep Up The Fight to Stop This Trade and Raise Awareness Until Something is Done.  Every Voice Makes A Difference - Let's Raise Our Paws Worldwide.

Join the 28,000 others who have signed to #StopYulin2015 - Spread the Message and Mission to Save the Lives Of Thousands of Dogs/Cats  -


Saturday, 25 April 2015

OUR THOUGHTS - Man Ends His Own Life After His Dog Confiscated By Police

Dear Readers:

   I was reading this article called "Man Ends His Life When Dog Confiscated By Police" and for some reason it made me flash back to when I lost my little girl "PJ" (my dog of 13 years).


   When it comes to companion animals, there are many who see these living beings as just that, but then there are others who see them as family, their children, important parts of their world and life - and without them life just doesn't have as much meaning and purpose as it did when they were there.

   I am one of those individuals, and although I was constantly being bombarded by others statements saying "she was just a dog" or "you can always get another" - it really affected me because would these people state these same words if it were a parent who had just lost their child, or look at you strangely because you held these beings so deep within your heart that when they are taken from you, you instantly fall into a deep depression, or feel like your entire world had been shattered.

   There were countless times that I kept my feelings and emotions locked up inside, because of some people's responses ~ feeling that what I was feeling deep inside was being judged or criticized because to them she was just a dog, even though to me she was my baby and my first experience at being a parent, and it disturbed me that people could actually make me feel ashamed of feeling what I was feeling -- or to think that I could just replace her like some possession or object.

   Although I did not choose to end my life, it did feel like my life had ended, because everything seemed different to me; the way you seen things, your environment and surroundings, waking up and hoping that it was all a nightmare that you had experienced... but then you get back to reality and you realize that your life will never be the same.

   I cannot say that I know exactly what this poor gentleman went through, but it was obviously severe enough for him to take the route in which he did, and although there are some who will never understand why -- or perhaps see his extreme actions as "crazy" because of some animal - perhaps they need to take a moment and view the situation differently

   This form of depression is just as real as any form of depression, and should be acknowledged and understood as it would be for a parent who has just lost their child - no matter if the child is human or animal, they still touch your life and heart in the same way.

Thank You


Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Rebecca Francis Story - Our Opinion

I decided to write this blog entry after reading about the backlash that Rebecca Francis had received after a photo of herself laying beside a dead giraffe smiling, hit social media like a tsunami.  If there is one thing that I have observed is that Mr. Ricky Gervais, is not one to hold back, especially when it comes to the cruelty and inhumanity that some individuals put our innocent voiceless through, and trust me whether male, female or industry, if you are going to be cruel, disrespectful or inhumane to a living being, you are definitely putting yourself out there.

   In my opinion the whole accusing Mr. Gervais of using his “influence” to specifically target female hunters is something that Mr. Gervais would never do, or intend to do, he states his opinions as he sees them and it doesn’t matter, like I said, whether you are female, male or industry – he will use his voice to spread awareness and bring attention to the world on the issues at hand. 

His question that he put with the photo “What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal and then next to it smiling?” is a question that countless of us have asked when we observe such photos like this – it would be the same as if someone murdered a person and laid next to them smiling for a photo opportunity...  and then try to excuse this form of disrespect by claiming that the giraffe went to the villagers for food, necessities etc.  Does that really excuse the fact?

    According to one article in which I read, Mrs. Francis stated that she chose to honor the giraffe’s life by killing it, but along with this honor she took that moment to take the photo opportunity to establish a disrespectful act, instead of just doing what the villagers had asked her to do, and I don’t think they asked her to take a selfie?

     Like many other trophy hunters (MEN AND WOMEN) who have decided that it would fun and enjoyable to take such images like this – it is those images that are putting a bad reputation upon conservation, and making the country in which these killings occur look bad – making people believe that they are permitting such disrespect and dishonor towards innocent life. 

    I do want to add that I do not believe in death threats or raping of children etc, because there is already so much hatred, cruelty and inhumanity out there in this world – but I do believe that such outrage and negativity that these images burn inside individual’s minds and hearts should be put towards ending this issue and concern that has been targeting and claiming countless lives for centuries and empower individuals to become involved in helping save and protect life, that should be the influence and drive.

 Together United We Can Make A Difference – But we need to Raise Our Paws Worldwide.

Thank You

Friday, 17 April 2015

An Animal Prayer!

Treat us with compassion
For we count on you each day
To be our saviours and protectors
And speak for us in every way.

Be our guardians and our angels
For we look to you to be strong
And fight for our well-being
When some will treat us wrong.

Be our hope in humanity
To lift us up when we are weak
To be the friend that we rely on
To give us love in which we seek.

Be the one that makes the choice
to stand up for the world to see
that we deserve to be respected
by all of humanity.

We thank you for your voices
And being angels from above
For being a special breed of humans

Full of compassion and unconditional love.

Written by Raise Ur Paw.

Sealed With Blood - The Canada Commercial Seal Hunt

  While countless individuals thrive on the warm temperatures that are happening, this is the time of year that I as a Canadian Citizen hate, because it also brings upon the Canada Commercial Seal Hunt.

   At this moment thousands of innocent seals are being shot, clubbed and dragged across the blood-covered ice towards fulfilling a quota that the Government permits, while still standing by their claim that this is all “humane”.  Not only is this claim ludicrous, but I am racking my brain as to how anyone can believe such a statement, especially when there is absolutely no “humane” way to murder an innocent being.

   If we actually sat down and thought about this, it all leads to one “Major Thing” and that is profit – money being made off the shedding of innocent blood, no matter how torturous, horrific or disgraceful the process is... after all in their eyes these are just animals.

   According to sources the sealing industry will receive 2 million dollars if not more of tax payers money to fund this inhumane business.  Millions of dollars that could go towards more imperative concerns and aid that will benefit everyone, instead of being wasted on a slaughter to provide seal fur luxuries and making of profit.

    The Canadian Government needs to acknowledge the outrage and inhumanity that this commercial seal hunt brings, and it is up to us as taxpayers and humanity to have our voices heard and oppose this horrific slaughter of life.. because after all, do we really want our tax dollars going towards the tortures and deaths of innocent beings?

Let’s All Make A Stand to #STOPSEALHUNT.. Life is Precious and Priceless!

Thank You


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Our Deepest Apology!

Dear Supporters:

Let me first say that I truly appreciate all the support and love that we have been shown, it truly means the world to us.

Sadly it seems that some individuals are tired of the fact that I am continuously posting about requesting contributions towards our efforts and aims that we hope to achieve.

We want to personally say that this was not our intention (to annoy or anger) anyone, we were merely reaching out in hopes of support since this has been our first attempt in 3 years since we started our Canadian Federally Incorporated Not - For -Profit. We have tried to accomplish many efforts and tasks without requesting any financial support, because we were trying to make our mission to only rely on the voices & support from individuals, without having to request any such donations etc.

When we created this campaign we never anticipated that we would find ourselves reaching for others for donations, and to have people upset, we are now second guessing our actions considering that we are here to help animals and not create enemies or dislikers frown emoticon

So once again we apologize for our pestering etc ~ We truly hope that you all can accept our deep apologies.

Raise Ur Paw

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

YOU CAN H.E.L.P! Humane Education Learning Programs


We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are working to develop and establish H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) in support of raising not only awareness, but also educating, encouraging and empowering individuals to become involved in helping to bring light and attention to the issues and dilemmas that our voiceless are facing on a daily basis.

   Our H.E.L.P programs will provide individuals with not only the knowledge and awareness, but also informative resources that can aid in reaching out further towards a better and more compassionate world – helping make connections between our lives and the effects they have on animals , and to shine light on ways that we can change our world through compassionate and respectful behaviors towards our  voiceless. 

   We intend to have these programs engage individuals of all ages, considering the imperative role that we all play in the World we live in and it's development - that all the differences and changes that can be made depend on us and our behaviors and ways of thinking.


   With the increase of issues and dilemmas that our voiceless face, Humane Education creates a foundation in which fosters critical thinking about our behaviors and relationships with animals, establishing more compassion, respect and responsibility for these innocent living beings.

    It is the power of this educational and informative process that will not only inspire and encourage individuals to empathize with animals, but also to reach out worldwide to empower more participation and support in order to create more representatives of positive change around the world and in our own community.


We are hoping that individuals around the world will take a moment of their time to not only spread the message about Humane Education, but also Aid & Support our efforts to see our H.E.L.P programs become a reality :)  

PLEASE DONATE TODAY IF YOU CAN - even a little bit can make a huge difference!

*NOTE* All donations in which we collect will not only go towards helping with the development of our H.E.L.P Programs but will also go towards helping our innocent voiceless in need ~ Thank You For Your Support.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

LETS GO ORANGE - Please Help Make A Difference!

We Stand Not Just As A Voice But As Beacons of Hope for A Better World!

   Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month Is more than just a time to acknowledge the importance of individuals around the world working together to prevent animal cruelty, but to promote the physical well-being of our beloved voiceless.  During this month of April we are holding our #LetsGoOrange Campaign, encouraging those around the world to share the issues and dilemmas in which victims of violence face, and promote prevention around the World. 

   We are hoping that the World will wear orange, not as a color, but as a message of hope that we can find solution to the inhumanity and cruelty that is plaguing the earth, victimizing innocent beings  and even claiming the lives of some ~ and unite as one strong and powerful voice to finally bring this issue to an end.

As this strong and powerful voice we are making a meaningful connection with animals, building not only a foundation of support and aid, but also a safe haven and circle of compassion for these innocent victims.  But to achieve such a goal, everyone needs to play a role in preventing animal cruelty and speaking out for their rights and welfare.


PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN -  So many lives need our help.

With your support and contribution we are hoping to accomplish the following efforts:
  • To  fight for effective and better animal protection laws
  • To  aid in any medical treatment, rehabilitation & necessities that are desperately needed
  •  To establish and maintain outreach programs to the public
  • Develop and present humane education for all ages, as a means of compassion, responsibility and respect for animals.
  • To reach out to every individual in efforts to create a foundation of support through education, encouragement and empowerment.


   At this moment we are going door to door in our community and surrounding communities raising awareness and donations through Prevention of Animal Cruelty Awareness Ribbons, all donations go towards the efforts of our not-for-profit incorporation and helping the innocent victims of violence.  

   If you can spare a dollar or any amount, your support & help would be greatly appreciated - every little bit makes a world of difference for those in need.

When it comes to animal cruelty it's not just companion animals who are victims, but all animals ~ Cruelty doesn't discriminate.  Please be a voice today :)

Thank You
Raise Ur Paw

Saturday, 4 April 2015

MAKE A PACT! Preventing Animal Cruelty Together!


  When it comes to the prevention of animal cruelty, we must ask ourselves what we can do to help? what sort of role can we can play in order to do our duty to protect the welfare and well-being of the innocent lives that reside on this earth with us?

  The issues & dilemmas that our voiceless are enduring and subjected to has existed for generations – and although much progress has been established and achieved to protect the welfare and well-being of animals, there is still a great deal of need for aid and support in furthering these strategies and progress.

  and it is you as individuals of humanity, that can provide this aid and support needed, plus the voices and power to accomplish the goals in which have been set in order to prevent and stop these acts of cruelty and inhumanity once and for all!


   Taking the steps to prevent animal cruelty is imperative. Many individuals worldwide are unaware of the hidden cruelty which is occurring every day and it is our responsibility and duty to open their eyes and encourage them to help be voices for our voiceless.  

   Through encouragement, empowerment and education, we can further not only our reach worldwide, but also increase the support and help in protecting the well-being, welfare and lives of our innocent ~ a goal in which we hope our “Let’s Go Orange” Campaign can achieve with your support and voices.

    Our mission is not to preach or demand people to follow our choices, but to inform them of the issues and concerns at hand, and promote involvement to help and support the fight to prevent animal cruelty.  Every voice no matter how big or small can make a world of difference, and every little bit of support can aid a great deal in succeeding in saving and protecting the lives of animals worldwide.


   With the amount of lives that are at risk or enduring cruelty and inhumanity, we are hoping to achieve just as much support and voices.  It only takes a second of an individual's time to stand up and speak out in order to help save and protect a life in need.

    Please wear orange this APRIL 2015 for Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month and share with the world that you are "GOING ORANGE" for animals.

Please take that mere second to make the pact to be a voice for our voiceless ~ they are depending on us.

Thank You!