Saturday, 30 May 2015


For those who feel the need to attack or bully those who are animal angels and voices for the innocent I have things I would like to say.
It is our voices and actions that will make the world a better place for not only animals, but future generations - mine and yours.
It will be our strength and determination that will allow the world's future generations to enjoy seeing the beauty of life, instead of just in books if we continue to allow this plague to continue on.
It will be our strive and protest that will prevent life from being tortured, abused and killed - both for humans and animals - considering the link between animal abuse and violence against humans is linked together.
It will be the stand that we make that will contribute to making an impact and difference within this world we live in - to prevent the crimes against nature that others have ignored and permitted for too long, allowing it to be out of control.
You may attack or belittle us because you do not agree with our values and beliefs - but in the end, when the world is a more compassionate and caring world for your children and ours and all life, maybe you will see the truth, maybe even a part of you will be thankful that we cared enough to give this gift and fight this fight and took the time to show what real humanity is about.
We were not placed here or given a voice to suit the needs of those who choose to ignore the pleas/cries of innocent life - we were given the voice to speak out for those who cannot, to make a stand for those in need and show them that hope and faith in humanity exists.
and you must ask yourself - what sort of world and future do I want to leave for my children & future generations? Will my hate and ignorance make any difference and is it something my children will be proud of?

Friday, 29 May 2015

#FreeKiska - A Letter From The Heart

The news traveled far and wide about Ontario passing a Bill that prohibits the breeding and acquisition of Killer Whales as well as other animal protection rules, but through the joys and excitement of such a milestone there was this sudden heartbreak and sadness within the hearts of many as it was reported that KISKA a lone killer whale in Marineland was excluded from this Bill.

   As a citizen of Canada, and resident of Ontario, this heartbreaking news really got to me, I was overjoyed that this bill was passed, but saddened that this lone innocent life seemed to have been betrayed and again denied the protection and life that she should rightfully have. In the years that have passed,  KISKA has been alone in captivity, without any form of social interaction or even being part of a family that every life should be entitled too, and that this life and freedom that was intended for her was taken away for the purpose to exploit and use her as some entertainment prop.

   The whole idea of excluding Kiska from the bill is certainly something that I just can't understand, and it makes me question what was going on in the minds of those who decided to exclude her, especially when they had a chance to be her voice and save this highly-social life from being confined in solitary - is her life not worth fighting for?

I understand and acknowledge that the Bill includes the requirements of qualified vets with marine animal expertise to oversee prevention and clinical care, but it still will not give to Kiska the natural requirements that she needs, nor will it give her the social interaction and family nurturing that every life deserves, because even though qualified vets can take care of her physically -- it is the emotional, social, and psychological care that needs to be fulfilled as well, and I believe that only members of her own species can achieve that.

   I am not sure how many would agree with me, or if they even share the same thoughts and heartbreak as I am, but I wanted to write this blog entry to get my opinion and thoughts out there in hopes that maybe someone can explain to me how anyone can create a milestone such as this to help killer whales and then turn around in the same breathe and exclude this lone orca from a bill that is meant to protect her species, it just doesn't make sense to me!

I hope that this blog entry will reach the hearts of many to raise their paws united to #FreeKiska, because it is a shame that she must continue to stare out the glass of her imprisonment alone, instead of living her life free and with those that are her family.

Thank You


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Veto AG-GAG BILL - Our Open Letter To Gov. Pat McCrory

Dear Governor Pat McCrory:

      We at Raise Ur Paw, and concerned individuals are writing in hopes that you will do what is right for innocent life and veto the North Carolina AG-GAG Bill.

By permitting such a bill to be approved, it will punish those who are trying to expose and stop the criminal acts of animal cruelty/abuse, and permit industries/businesses to get away with their crimes, and provide them the security to keep such acts of inhumanity in the dark from the views and attention of the public. 

      As many individuals in your position of power, you are meant to be the voice of the people, to keep them protected and make a stand for their rights and well-being - but should that voice be raised to protect those who commit crimes against nature, to punish those who are making a stand united in order to create a humane and compassionate world - a world that we all hope to one day see for our future generations.

    The decision to take a step towards a humane world falls in your hands, to show that like many other abuse/cruelty and violence - such actions against innocent animals is not tolerated and will be stopped once and for all.  You have the power to make this happen, to make a difference and impact that will place another stone on the path towards a better world and future.  So we are pleading with you to veto the AG-GAG Bill.

The differences we make today, are the impacts that will better tomorrow.

Please Be A Voice For Not Just The People, But For The Voiceless Too!

Thank You

Saturday, 9 May 2015

H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) Should Be Compulsory In Educational Institutes.

To Whom It May Concern:

   We at Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are writing this open letter in hopes of reaching out to individuals worldwide to request for H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) be placed within schools around the globe.

   We are calling for such programs to be compulsory and be placed within our curriculum for the developmental growth and personal fulfillment of our youth in hopes of creating a more compassionate, respectful and brighter world and future.

 "For what we do today will make a strong impact for tomorrow."

  Individuals of all ages should be given compulsory humane education considering the importance of this life-altering and world-changing component.  Such wisdom and knowledge on this subject within educational Institutes and Home Environments will gain the individual's interest with the early positive experiences and the countless benefits that form from such educational materials, resources and opportunities.

   It is this "strong" strategy for improvement that will not only aid in the solution and addressing of the problems, issues and concerns in which our voiceless & environment face, but will also improve the world in which we reside in and inhabitants (humans, animals) and environment.

   Just like other subjects such as Sex Education, Math, Science etc - Humane Education should be given the same importance as other subjects, due to the imperative nature and impact that such knowledge and wisdom will have on bettering the world for our future generations.

   As of now, our idea for our H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) has received much amounts of positive feedback and backing on this proposed program - and we are in the process of proposing this idea to Governments worldwide in hopes that they will take the initiative to invest and bring forth this idea into our educational institute timetable.

    Our youth have a right to information that will and can further their development and make them more respectful and compassionate individuals - and it is these recommended programs that will help our youth live happy and compassionate lives.

Please Help Us Reach Our Goal - by not only being a voice to bring humane education into our schools/home environments, but to also contribute if you can to our efforts to produce and distribute materials needed for such programs to be established.


Thank You So Much For Your Time & Voices: