Monday, 3 August 2015

Is Calgary Zoo planning to hold Trophy Hunting Auction?

According to media reports the answer is YES, the Calgary Zoo is planning on such an event, and they are under fire for these plans to host auction to hunt African Wildlife - which auction will be run by the Safari Club International, a group that has in the past included Walter Palmer - the American Dentist who killed the protected lion Cecil, while in Zimbabwe.

  Reports state that this Trophy Hunting Auction is set to take place next April, so you can be sure that many of these so-called "Hunters" will be drooling and racing at the chance to take the life of an innocent & pay big bucks to do so.

  The auctions will include several hunting trips including a 10-day African Safari with the chance to hunt (apparently 23 different species) including Impalas, Gazelles, and Leopards. 

   At this point, there are so many that are already against the captivity of animals (zoos, marine parks etc.) and with this "inhumane" event being set to take place, you can be sure that the disgust and sparks of outrage will flood like a tsunami - and it could very well bring down the reputation of the Calgary Zoo an extreme amount for their role in participation of this auction.

  But even with the outrage flying - according to news article in which I read - Calgary Zoo representatives say the money from the rentals of the property provide a large portion of its annual revenue.


Please Raise Ur Paw Along With Us and Help Stop This Vile Auction From Taking Place - Write to Calgary Political Figures & Calgary Zoo - Tell them that they should step away from promoting the slaughter of life, and promote the well-being and life of animals.  Together United We Make A Stand.

Calgary Zoo Email For Concerns:
City of Calgary:

Thank You!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

I MAY NOT HAVE A NAME! (Animal Poem)

I may not have a NAME
but my life is worth the fight
to have a voice who speaks for me
and stands up for what is right.
To protect me from the hands of man
those who do not care.
To keep me safe from inhumanity
an angel who is always there.

I may not be a HUMAN
but the cruelty that I face.
should be brought to light and seen worldwide.
by all eyes of the human race.
To raise their hands to help us
to be our guardians and our friend
to stop the issues that we face
and bring inhumanity to an end.

I may not be the SUPERIOR SPECIES
but I am more than what some see.
I am a life who has a purpose
within this World I am meant to be.
So please take a single moment
and spread this message far and wide.
Raise Ur Paw and make a stand
as an inspiration and a guide.

Poem Written by Douglas Atherton.