Tuesday, 29 September 2015



   Sept. 28th - 30th, 2015, we are urging every individual, organization, celebrity etc to please take a moment and be part of the #BiteBack Campaign Against Puppy Mills by not only taking the PLEDGE but to also WEAR PURPLE in support.


      Every day countless lives are being subjected to the emotional and physical abuse of these "puppy-mill" operators: malnourished, not given the proper care which leads to many diseases, illnesses, viruses, forced to breed, some even inadequately protected from the harsh conditions of the weather, residing in unsanitary and disgusting environments. 

     But unknowingly many are paying into these prisoners for profit misery because of the high demand for purebred puppies. As the demands increases so does the motivation for profit in these operators, because after all, it is their aim to fulfill the demand by producing puppies with the least possible cost for maximum profit - and profit is given priority over the well-being and welfare of these innocent lives.


    Being our first year doing this campaign, our hope and goal is to unite voices together and extend the reach of awareness around the globe for not only to save prisoners for profit, and end the horrific/inhumane puppy mills, but to also save the countless sheltered animals who are losing their homes and lives due to these companies of cruelty.

    Even if only a few take that single second to spread the message and take the pledge, at least that is a little bit more fuel being added to the flame of hope  - the hope that we can help the innocent and bring an end to puppy mills,  the hope in making a difference that our powerful and united voices will be heard, and the hope that we as humanity will join as one to give a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

#BITEBACK in some helpful ways:

Take a Picture with hashtag #BiteBack
Make A Video About Why Puppy Mills Should Be Stopped etc.
Write Letters to Your Government Officials
Share Sheltered Animals - Promote Adoption, Fostering
Have A Group Discussion
Plan an Event or Presentation
Design Posters 

There are so many things that we can do to help - but the first step is being a voice.

Please Use the Hashtag #BITEBACK and WEAR PURPLE to inspire others to become involved in the movement.  Your Support can make a World of Difference for those in need - for the stand we make today is the difference we can see tomorrow!

 Thank You

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Saturday, 26 September 2015


SEPTEMBER 28th - 30th, 2015 is #BITEBACK days!



  Our #BITEBACK campaign was established in uniting individuals around the world to bring global awareness about the issues of puppy mills, in hopes of bringing these companies of cruelty to an end and save the countless lives of prisoners for profit.

  We are asking that everyone take a moment of their time, even if it is for a second to wear something PURPLE, (representing the bruises & suffering that prisoners for profit are subjected to and endure on a daily basis in order to fulfill the needs of greed and selfishness) and use the hashtag #BITEBACK.


Although this is our first year with this campaign and movement, Raise Ur Paw is hopeful that many individuals, organizations, celebrities & animal angels worldwide will unite as one empowering and inspirational voice for the innocent prisoners of profit in desperate need of saving, and to raise those voices high in bringing forth an end to these cruelty mills.

  So many innocent beings will continuously be victim & endure a lifestyle that contains residing within unsanitary conditions among filth & waste, be uncared for without any veterinary care, continuously bred for mere profit, some even suffering from diseases, illnesses etc,  and these fragile souls NEED US TODAY! 

There are so many ways in which we all can BITE BACK in support against Puppy Mills: 

*Signing Petitions
* Wearing Purple in support & raising awareness with hashtag #BITEBACK
* Creating Videos, Snapping Photos of your Support 
* Lighting purple candles
* Spreading the Message worldwide
* Educating, Encouraging and Empowering Others
* Writing to your Government or Political Leaders
* The List Goes On and On...

The Stand We Make Today.. Is the Difference We See Tomorrow!


You can also let us know what you are planning to do to #BITEBACK by commenting in the comment box :) 

Friday, 25 September 2015

" A Light Fading Dim" - Raise Ur Paw Against Puppy Mills

Alone within these prison walls
My life and future very clear
to spend enslaved for human greed
bound by the shackles of pain and fear.

To reside among the filth and waste
everyday my faith grows slim
Abused and used for selfishness
my light for hope is fading dim.

I've had so many children
that my fragile body can bear no more
But the high demand for what I give
Is what I suffer for.

I may never see the light of freedom
or feel the warmth of a loving hand
But if my story can make a difference
within this prison I have made a stand.

So as a plea to all the World
to every heart and every voice
Please Raise Ur Paw Against Puppy Mills
the time is now to make a choice.

Written by Douglas Atherton

"The Stand We Make Today, Is the Difference We May See Tomorrow!"

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Jewish Chicken-Slaughter Gets OK from Judge - What Do You Think?

Should the death of thousands of lives be considered "Religious Freedom"? even if these lives are those of chickens?

   Well, according to a judged, who ruled on Monday, this religious (2,000-year-old) ritual can proceed to take place on the streets of Brooklyn - and now many are outraged over this outcome, including countless animal rights groups.

  The practice of Kaporos, during which chickens are slaughtered before the high holy day of Yom Kippur to atone for sins, involves grabbing chickens by their wings and swinging the birds above their heads three times and saying prayers. It is said that the purpose of this act is to transfer the practitioner's sins into the bird & then slits the chickens throats with a sharp knife & then donating the meat to the poor - according to sources.

   Animal rights groups and individuals state that such a practice is not only cruel and inhumane, but also chaotic public nuisance.


In my opinion,as an animal activist/advocate & President of Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, I do not agree with permitting such a massacre, whether or not if inflicts upon a persons religious freedom, because in my own personal opinion "animal sacrifice" is out-dated and does not belong in a civilized society.

   I know at this point that there will probably be many who will  disagree, or have negative opinions about what I have to say, but in all due respect to permit such actions like this, is like stating that you are okay with the Taiji Dolphin slaughter or Dog/Cat Meat Festival, considering that they are known as "age-old traditions".

   It is truly devastating that such acts of animal cruelty/inhumanity is permitted due to the fact that it might go against someone's rights or freedoms - but what about the rights/freedoms of animals, do they deserve to be treated in such a manner - to be treated so cruelly and inhumanely because individuals feel that doing so will rid them of their sins.

    What about the public? who have to observe such cruelty, the health and safety issues that may come from this, or the countless issues of animal cruelty -- isn't animal cruelty against the law? and if it truly is why do some get a pass for such actions. Would we feel the same way or permit such acts if they were being done to other humans?

When do we as individuals finally say enough is enough, to bring forth a whole new look on life - that all life deserves to be treated respectfully and compassionately, and that nothing should excuse any brutal/inhumane or cruel action towards or against life.


Today we JOIN THE CHARGE in Support of  #WorldRhinoDay, Sept. 22,2015, where countless individuals and groups around the world will be not only showing their support for Rhino Conservation, and the 5 species of Rhinos - but also to raise awareness on the matters at hand that these innocent, beloved beings are facing.

  Although many are stepping up their efforts to save and protect these magnificent creatures from the ultimate fate... EXTINCTION, the crisis of RHINO POACHING is still threatening their survival. 

This is where the Voices of the World are Urgently Needed:

* By making a stand and being part of the charge to Save/Protect Rhinos
* To spread awareness worldwide, educating, encouraging & empowering others to be involved
* Writing letters, Signing petitions, getting media attention.
* Protesting and Campaigning
* Joining groups, organizations & playing your part in taking action in support
* Plan an event or Create your own poster, video etc to get the word out about the crisis
* Check Out -- https://www.savetherhino.org/events/1303_world_rhino_day_2015

Every little bit of support will mean a great deal - because every voice is unique and can make a difference.

REMEMBER -- Extinction doesn't just wipe the world of the beauty and life of beloved beings, but robs the generations of humanity of the beauty and life of these beloved beings as well. Please take part in the CHARGE to SAVE/PROTECT RHINOS, the stand we make today, is the difference that could be made tomorrow.

Monday, 21 September 2015

THE COMPASSION CHALLENGE: The Fight to Bring Animal Testing To An End.

This Should Concern All Of Us As Humanity:
   I am sure that many are aware of the extreme distress, suffering and unexplainable inhumanity that animal testing/experimentation and vivisection that is being carried out as we speak – and although there are countless options for such research to be achieved without using innocent lives, countless organizations, companies & establishments are still proceeding with the use of torture, cruelty and even slaughter, an out-dated and completely unnecessary, to create cosmetics, products, medication etc  for the human race.
   It is truly disturbing and disgraceful that such a form of inhumanity is being permitted to occur, and that many are not seeing that such acts are indeed not “scientific” but crimes against nature --- continuously buying products etc that have been  produced by the suffering and the shedding of innocent blood.
   The living-beings are robbed of their lives & freedom, subjected on a daily basis to the extremities that such tests, experiments have on them (such as burns, scars, blindness, infections, extreme suffering and anguish & even horrific deaths – the list goes on and on).  Still this process continues, some using taxpayer’s dollars, due to being funded by the Government – and there is absolutely NO MERCY shown to these beloved babies.
.  I truly understand that certain things we do need – but not at the expense of a living-beings life and welfare, this is not the way that we as a civilized world  and race should be treating other life,  and we need to acknowledge that such actions of cruelty and inhumanity is NOT evolving us to a better world & future, but to a future that is brutally cruel and barbaric.
    We are asking each and every individual of the world to please make a stand against  Animal Testing/ Experimentation and Vivisection, to urge the Governments of the World to use their power and influence to stop these barbaric actions  - to speak out for the voiceless, raise awareness and to educate, encourage & empower others to become involved in becoming an animal-friendly and cruelty-free world and future.

RAISE UR PAW & TAKE THE CHALLENGE - Together United We Can Make A Difference.

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Light a candle against Taiji
For the Lives we need to Save.
from the Slaughter & Enslavement
May our voices be Strong and Brave.

Reaching out to all World Voices
To Speak Up and lend a hand
for the innocent beings who plead for help
We all must Make this Stand.

To represent the Greatness of our Nation
to come together in unity
We stand worldwide as an empowering beacon
To Shine light on this Inhumanity.

Written by Douglas Atherton

   With the TAIJI DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER & ENSLAVEMENT underway, so is the actions & voices being raised to end this annual dolphin massacre.  Countless individuals, organizations & celebrities etc are all coming together as one powerful army in hopes of not only saving the innocent lives who are in jeopardy during this time, but to also bring this "tradition"-as some will continue to call it, to a final end.

    But just like every year, the voices and cries of the world seems to be continuously going unseen & unheard by those who have the influence and the power to wipe out this stain that this annual massacre has placed upon the country's reputation and image -- and it is these barriers and obstacles that is strengthening the voices and creating more education, encouragement and empowerment -- tightening the grip on the goal in which we hope to achieve.....  The End of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter & Enslavement.

   As doing our part in the action to aid & support the fight against this slaughter, we are hoping to unite the world in lighting a candle as a beacon of hope and unity of humanity - to bring forth not only the light which shines upon the issue, but also as an eternal flame that our voices, our actions will continue to glow for those who need us desperately -- without flickering or extinguishing until a difference has been made, and this inhumane shadow that is enslaving and claiming innocent lives has been stopped once and for all.

   However, the ultimate decision to help or remain in silence falls upon humanity - since it is the lives of the innocent that has been placed within our hands to either protect or let fall victim, to care for or let die, to save or let be destroyed... 

What Choice Will You Make????

Please Light A Candle in Support Against the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter/Enslavement - Educate, Encourage & Empower Others to become involved, Follow the countless individuals, organizations who making a stand & taking action--- The Stand You Make Today, Is the Difference Made Tomorrow!

Hashtag: #Tweet4Taiji

Thank You 
Twitter: @raiseurpaw







Monday, 14 September 2015

Open Letter To Ellen Degeneres - NO TO LEATHER

Dear Ellen Degeneres:

   Throughout the years I have always been a huge fan of yours, seeing you as a person who inspires many, speaking out and standing up for animals worldwide and even taking your fame and powerful voice & nature to do what is right.

    The encouragement, education & inspiration makes you an empowerer, and to be honest i had always hoped, and even still do, that you would never change or bend these high qualities in which makes you such a unique individual.

    So you could just imagine the great sadness, and even let down when I read about your plan to launch an "ED by Ellen" shoe line, which includes real leather -- and I really prayed that this was some kind of misprint, and that you didn't have your animal angel wings clipped...

    I know right now that you are receiving much outrage and a tsunami of backlash from individuals worldwide, some of your supporters included, but even through the sadness & let down due to your plan to use real leather - there is this part of me that still has faith & hope in you, that you have inspired me so much that I could inspire you just a bit to get you to rethink your decision to go forward with this - and not subject innocent beings to a lifetime of suffering...

    I am not sure if you will read this open-letter, but it is an attempt that I must take as an animal activist/advocate, a voice for our voiceless, and a believer in you --- do not let your candle that burns bright for the welfare/well being of animals be dimmed, continue to let it shine bright and say NO to using real leather.

P.S.  Animals are Living Beings, NOT Products for Profit - #RaiseUrPaw

Thank You
Douglas Atherton

ARTICLE --> http://www.examiner.com/article/vegan-ellen-degeneres-under-fire-after-launching-leather-shoe-line?cid=sm-twitter-9.14.15-4.00pm-EllenDegeneresLeatherShoes