Thursday, 29 October 2015

FREE KISKA: Our Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne.

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne:

   We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are writing this letter to you in hopes that we can fully reach your attention and hearts about the captivity of a lone orca named KISKA, and how such an enslavement is not only inhumane, but is a huge concern on the well-being and welfare of this beloved and highly-social life.

   Earlier this year, which I am sure you are well aware, the province of Ontario passed a bill which made it the first province in Canada to make it illegal to purchase, sell or breed orcas.  Although there is much thanks, appreciation and praise towards this plan for better protection of marine mammals, it is truly heartbreaking and shameful that Kiska, a lone orca in captivity at Marineland, Niagara Falls, is excluded from it.

    Kiska, who is estimated to be around 40 years of age, swims isolated in her concrete tank with no social interaction or have another to share her existence with.  It is such a heartbreaking issue & concern that you can be sure has effects upon this beloved animal (physically, emotionally and psychologically) and even reports and those who have seen her have observed the display of decline in her health – and as a highly-social being as her species is, this entire solitary condition is inconceivable and appalling.

    If we are truly working on a plan to bettering the protection of marine mammals, then why I ask, are these actions not being taken into account – Why is Kiska’s isolated life not raising flags within the eyes of the Government of Ontario and Canada to do the humane thing and help this beloved animal, considering that so many animal angels are shining the light upon this concern and issue.   

    It is our duty and responsibility as humanity, to protect and speak up for the welfare and well-being of life – whether it be the human race or animal species.  We are truly hoping that you will use your political influence and power to extend the reach of this plan for bettering the protection of marine mammals towards KISKA, who many are calling “the World’s Loneliest Orca!”  --- if this was your life, wouldn’t you want someone to care enough to help?

Thank You.

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