Saturday, 31 October 2015


Well it seems that huntress Kendall Jones showed her fading famed face once again and this time making Halloween Headlines with her Walter Palmer Costume display (Along with her friends, one who is portraying Cecil, and one as a Koala)

    The image made headlines right after she posted the picture on her facebook page -  with the words “Since Everyone Wanted to Dress Up Like Me For Halloween Last Year, Guess Who I am This Year? Walter!! Lol Ft. Cecil and a Koala climbing a tree!” – It didn’t take long for her hunting supporters to show their support about her costume choice, but it also brought upon the negative attention that we are 100% positive that she was aiming for...

    Kenall Jones has always fought against the negative attention, making statements that she is about conservation and helping others etc, and yet with this image she is only causing more negative reputation towards the efforts of conservation and leading more individuals against such a cause, so it really makes you question her real intentions, that in her eyes it’s not about standing up for conservation but making herself famous and in the spotlight.

     As I looked at the image,  I asked myself, how could anyone in their right frame of mind make fun of and a mockery of an innocent life being slaughtered, whether illegally or legally? ... would they dress up as a baby killer if the events had just recently taken place... for this is exactly what she had done, along with others who have made the choice to be Walter Palmer this year.

    But the more I looked at the picture, it was clear to me, that although she felt it would be funny and fame-grabbing to dress like this hated-individual, she was actually portraying Walter Palmer as a blood-thirsty killer, whether the intention was there or not, therefore being part of the rest of us who have been sharing this same image of Walter Palmer. 

   It goes to show though, that sometimes when you are trying to get people riled up with your opinions and beliefs – it could just turn-around and slam your case into the ground.

What is your opinion on this?


From Raise UR Paw.

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