Saturday, 10 October 2015


Dear Chinese Authorities:

   We as individuals of the World are reaching out and extending our attempts to reach you in one powerful and united voice.  A voice that we are hoping that you will take the moment to hear, acknowledge and join.

   At this point we are convinced that you are aware and know of the many concerns/issues that are being brought to light due to the dog/cat meat trade that continues all year round, and that many other concerns that are unearthing due to these actions that are claiming and torturing these countless victims.

   We acknowledge that stopping this way of living will be a difficult task, but we also know that backing away and not being part of this so-called "tradition" or "culture" as some believe it to be, is merely giving the public and society a blank canvas of the truth that is occurring. It is the acknowledgement and taking of action on your part, as authority figures, enforcement and those of power, that methods and strategies are established in order to solve/prevent the issues and concerns that are at hand.

   As a responsibility and duty on your part, your influence and power, immediate actions and stands are needed urgently, whether it be the development of animal rights/welfare laws, society awareness on health/safety concerns linked to these actions or the consumption of the meat, to speaking out and bringing attention to the public - it is a united stand that we must take in order to bring resolution and prevention in the hopes of saving life and bettering the World around us for animals and for humanity.

   I am sure that you are well aware of the mounting pressure that is continuously increasing and that this nationwide outrage & outcry is far beyond just animal welfare issues and concerns, but also the health and safety issues that are effecting the citizens and individuals who are taking part in this trade, such as: drugging and poisoning of these innocent babies (dogs/cats) which can transfer such toxins to those who consume or prepare the meat, the unsanitary conditions and treatment (diseases/viruses/illnesses) and also the establishment of health concerns due to rabies transmission.

   This continuous uproar and outcry is what fuels the awareness and pressure, stemming from the countless nationwide voices of individuals, organizations, worldwide protests, petitions, the power of media coverage and viral branching out from social media & networking etc.  With over 4 MILLION signatures on our petition, plus the escalating numbers of countless others, along with media - this trade has gained much attention that cannot and should not be ignored or backed away from, and we are hoping that you, Chinese Authorities will proceed to do what is necessary and right for the welfare and well-being of the innocent at risk.


    This battle is far from over, and the pressure of the voices of the World will continue to stand strong, powerful and united.  Please stand along with us, not only as a voice but as a positive role-model, making a difference for the lives of the innocent, the reputation of your country, and a better world for future generations.  We can make this happen, but we all need to play our parts.

Thank You

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