Sunday, 15 November 2015


My name is KISKA
The world’s loneliest killer whale
Incarcerated by the hands of man
My life a saddened tale.

I outlived all my offspring
Felt the sadness and the pain
Alone within this man-made cell
Freedom, I fear I will never see again.

Gazed upon by many
This isolated existence I do live
Enslaved and exploited
A broken soul is all I have to give.

Through the glass of this prison
All I see is those who care
About the entertainment and enjoyment
From my misery, they do share.

I pray one day my voice is heard
That united the world will see
That the life I live is inhumane

And come together to set me free.


Sunday, 8 November 2015


In this day and age many should already be familiar with or have some knowledge on the appalling inhumanity that comes from the production of fur – stemming from the environment of such industries, the condition in which innocent lives live, to the actions and brutality that they endure and subjected to in order to fulfill the demands of this callous fashion and vanity trend.

   It is within these industries that hundreds of thousands, if not more, lives face fates worse than death everyday – branching from electrocution, being stomped on, having their fur ripped from their fragile bodies while still alive, and so many more horrific and barbaric experiences.  Experiences that no life should have to suffer or undergo for any purpose.

   That is why we at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Not-For-Profit Incorporation, have created the “I WEAR COMPASSION AS A FASHION” campaign, which is focused and concentrates on not just to spread awareness about these horrendous and horrific fur industries, but to also merge voices worldwide in order to get these industrialized cruelty corporations prohibited and save the lives of the innocent.

   It is vital that the public is fully educated, and that the truth is acknowledged that these industries are not, nor will they ever be humane – and that we as humanity, will not allow such individuals and companies to pull the “wool” over our eyes by making claims that what they are doing is right, that the animals in which are enslaved within these fur-farms are living in appropriate condition & treated humanely... because the truth is what it is, no matter what kind of image they attempt to paint in order to popularize this profit-making cruelty.

   It is due to the publicizing and messaging that we as animal angels provide that extends the awareness of this reality – that the graphic images in which show this truth, are not meant or displayed in order for humanity to turn away, but to open humanity’s eyes and give knowledge to them of the issues, situations and extremities of suffering that these industries are bringing upon the lives of the innocent.

   Today and every day we need your support and be part of the movement to bring these corporations to an end, to save/protect the lives of the innocent, and assist the efforts to establish laws and enforcement that will end this inhumanity once and for all.  Please take that little moment of your time to share this message and movement on networking sites, family & friends, every individual of the world. 

Take the pledge to “Wear Compassion As A Fashion!” – educate, encourage & empower.

Thank You


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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Angels Walk Among Us!

I believe angels walk among us
Venturing through this world we know
And even though they don’t show their wings
The goodness within them will surely show.
They are the ones who help those in need
The ones who always lend a hand
Being the shoulder you cry upon.
To the ones who always understand.

 I believe angels walk among us
For they are the voices of compassion and hope
The ones that make a stand for what is right
Through our journey they help us cope.
The light within our darkness.
They are the ones who are caring and kind
The ones who always stand by our side
And never leave us behind.

I believe angels walk among us
Even though we don’t always see
That they are there within this life we live
Hidden among humanity.

~Douglas Atherton.

Monday, 2 November 2015


The horrific image shows an innocent life enslaved by a hunter’s trap – with the words “Do Yall do any trapping of any kind? Coyote, Fox, Raccoon? If so put some pictures in the comments. I want to see what you have got!”

   As you scroll down the comments, more and more images surface of innocent life being caught in the same manner – horrific photos that leaves any individuals with a heart, saddened and disturbed by such crimes against nature.

   We at Raise Ur Paw came across the photo, and was immediately disturbed and outraged over this heartbreaking display of inhumanity being networked on facebook, a social media outlet, on the page called “Predator Pursuit w/ Jeff Thomason”

    But even though there is a flooding of disturbance and outrage due to these images,  there is also this sickening reaction that individuals would actually support and be proud of such inhumanity ... making you instantly question their mentality and humanity – not to mention questioning the Government and these sport channels for even permitting such cruelty.

   As humanity, would we stand for or support the same actions and behaviors if it were a child that these displays of cruelty were against?  Would we look away and ignore the exhibit of such disrespect and inhumanity against such an innocent soul? Of course not... that would be warped and psychotic.. wouldn’t you agree?  And yet here these behaviors are being committed against animals, lives who are just as innocent as children – and yet we as animal protectors and angels are being condemned and ridiculed for seeing the truth and trying to get it exposed and stopped.


Thank You.