Sunday, 2 October 2016

RAISE UR PAW FOR HOPE: Making A Stand Against Breed Specific Legislation

Enough is Enough... We Need To Take Action Today!

     This OCTOBER 2016, we at RAISE UR PAW, are urging everyone to please play your active role and help in the fight against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) by joining united for our #RaiseUrPaw4Hope Campaign... H.O.P.E (Helping Out Pitbulls Everywhere)

     The H.O.P.E Campaign was designed not only to raise awareness about the extreme issue BSL, but offer education about a misunderstood breed that has been targeted due to fear and ignorance of a prejudice society, and shine the light on those innocent lives who perished and the ones who are needing our help so desperately today.

Will You Join Today?

     With your participation and support, you are showing the world that you are making the time to appreciate and spread education about a breed of life that should not be discriminated against,  that you are bringing to public attention that change of perceptions and stereotypes are needed, and that we all need knowledge and foster positive attitudes towards these beloved canines, and not punish an entire breed or responsible owners due to the bad reputation and image that society has placed upon them.


   We encourage everyone to please Tweet, Post, Share, Tag Photos of you or you and your pet, raising ur paw high against BSL & showing support for #RaiseUrPaw4Hope - Please Use The Hashtag and let's stop this discrimination together. Share Your Photos With Us @RaiseUrPaw & We Will Retweet Your Support

PLEASE ALSO STOP BY AND PURCHASE OUR "HOPE" CAMPAIGN T-SHIRTS TODAY - All Proceeds Go Directly To The Efforts To End BSL & To Helping Innocent Lives In Need => ( 5 Pawsome Colors To Choose From)


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Does BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) Really Work?? You Be The Judge!

  Although we are observing more bans occurring on innocent breeds, "pitbulls" mostly, and more places jumping onto the bandwagons for BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), like Montreal previously did, there is still that whole question that looms within the air, Does BSL really work? will it truly be effective? or is it simply a reaction to make people believe that they will be safe from dog attacks/bites by canine breeds.

    When it comes to such dilemmas like dog attacks, in which a person is either injured or killed, it increases the instant reaction that communities must be protected from dangerous animals, and thus leads Governments and Public Officials to adopt or consider BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) as a possible, and easy solution to making society feel safe, whether or not the proof is there that such a method or strategy actually works.

    We must understand and acknowledge that the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is basically a discrimination against a breed of dog, and applies such racial and unfair profiling towards that certain breed, even if the canine is a threat or danger to the community or not.  It is due to this discrimination that punishes and forces unfair restrictions and regulations not only on the breed of dog in which the legislation is applied too, but also the responsible owners of such canines as well, and basically doesn't hold irresponsible owners accountable for their actions or roles.

    But how effective is BSL really? ... well according to much research, it seems that countless countries etc who have already put BSL into effect, are actually now re-examining and in some cases repealing the applied legislation due to the recognition of existing problems and issues that go hand in hand with Breed Specific Legislation.. and these are only a few:  BSL leads to increased costs to the community, causes issues with responsible dog owners due to being punished & forced to comply with unfair regulations of this legislation, forces irresponsible owners to choose other breeds (forcing officials to continue to apply other breeds to the BSL list), re-educating enforcement officers to properly identify & basically become experts on breeds, forcing individuals to leave communities in order to keep their "fur-family" members, and no evidence of decreasing animal attacks/injuries or other improvement once the ban has been put into effect etc.

    If by chance that a community, or society want to find suitable and appropriate solution to the problems in which they are faced with when it comes to "dangerous dog" incidents, then the very first thing that must be done... is rethink and drop the idea of a possible breed specific legislation... it just doesn't work & is not the answer they are wanting to solve this dilemma.  What must be done and very imperative, is a complete address upon the matters at hand and find alternative strategies without having to put targets upon the backs of innocent canines.

    Such an address of this concern, should immediately and foremost be put toward the concern of irresponsible ownership - an effective method of animal control, once this has been established and brought to the table, development of policies that deal with these forms of incidents and with "dangerous dogs" can help in order to protect community citizens, and by developing strict animal control enforcement methods and definition of threatening behaviors within all breeds. Doing just these few things give a fair process and measurable actions that will not discriminate against any specific breed, will not lead to the murder of countless innocent lives or punish responsible owners or breeds, and it will create a more effective solution then what the BSL has to offer.

JOIN TODAY FOR H.O.P.E (Helping Out Pitbulls Everywhere) --- October 2016, Pitbull Awareness Month #RaiseUrPaw4Hope. Spread the Message, Raise Ur Voice Against BSL, and Make A Stand For Pitbulls Worldwide.


Wednesday, 28 September 2016


    It is with great heartbreak and sorrow that we announce that on Sept. 27th, 2016, Montreal, Quebec followed through and passed the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) on innocent pitbulls, despite the outpour of pleas and cries of worldwide individuals and organizations to not permit such a ban to occur.

    Even a day after news hit social media & media outlets like a tsunami, it is still shocking  and heartbreaking that due to an incident, that an entire breed of life, is now not only banned & being punished, but that innocent lives within shelters can no longer be adopted out & that they be murdered for mere fact that they were born of that breed.

     As an individual of humanity, I do send out my sympathy and condolences to the family of the woman who perished due to a brutal dog attack, which sent all this into motion -- because a loss of a family member is a pain that no one wants to feel or experience. It is this loss of a family member, that more individuals within the communities will experience, due to BSL, that innocent lives who have done absolutely nothing wrong will either be killed or punished for actions, that could be due, to an individual who didn't have control over their canine companion. It has even been stated that the dog identified in the mauling of this poor woman was a pitbull, but even though the ban has gone through, the police state that they are still waiting upon the DNA Test Results of the animal.

     But, someone somewhere, who had this much fear and ignorance, took this opportunity to see an entire breed suffer for such actions, and that these emotions played a huge active role in forcing individuals to literally punish their "fur-family members" or even give them up to be executed for crimes in which they did not commit.... and it truly sickens me that Government officials would force this cruel treatment on individuals who love these "Children" like their own.

Montreal Passes Controversial Ban On Pitbulls:

     I know that me being an animal activist/advocate would lead people to believe that I should be obligated to feel this way about BSL -- but I am a human and pet parent, who even if wasn't an activist/advocate, I would still find it morally wrong and sickening that Governments go to these full extents to target innocent life, and try to excuse it by stating "to keep people safe" and yet they permit pedophiles, ex-murderers etc to live next door to us... or walk freely within society...

      It is imperative to know that such methods as the BSL improves nothing in the attempts to keep society safe, it just merely creates more problems and concerns -- raising more issues to come to surface, and in turn jeopardizing more than just the safety of the society... If we continue as humanity to allow such bans to continue... then any breed is facing threat on the chopper's block, and are we really prepared to have our "fur-family" member added to that list? 


Monday, 26 September 2016

RAISE UR PAW FOR H.O.P.E: Pitbull Awareness Month This October


What is H.O.P.E? 

   We at Raise Ur Paw, wanted to bring to the world a message of H.O.P.E (Helping Out Pitbulls Everywhere) in hopes that individuals around the globe will make the stand and become advocates for these innocent canines, and help bring to an end the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation).

    For way too long the Pitbull breed has not only been sentenced to a life of homelessness and killed due to their breed, but they have literally been labelled & targeted as "dangerous", due to fear and ignorance of humanity.  We need the world to see that any dogs can become dangerous or a threat, if he/she feels threatened, abused or treated cruelly, or trained in manners which make them that way -- so really, any breed of dog can fall victim to the BSL, if we allow it!

Please Take A Second To Show Your Support - ORDER A "HOPE" T-Shirt Today & Make A Stand Along With Us For Pitbulls & Against BSL Worldwide -->

     That is why we need H.O.P.E, a time of appreciation and education about the breed, to raise awareness and bring to public attention that change of perceptions and stereotypes are needed, and that we all need knowledge and foster positive attitudes towards these beloved canines.. and not discriminate against an entire breed, because would we discriminate against the whole entire human race, due to one or two humans inflicting injury upon another????

     We need to unite and bring restoration to the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier, and stop BSL (Breed Specific Legislation ) from destroying more lives and families... for if Pitbulls are permitted to be a target, whose to say the breed of dog you have won't be next!

      So Let's Unite and Fight For H.O.P.E -- Tweet, Tag, Post and Share your images of you with your "fur-baby", and be part of the action: HashTag #RaiseUrPaw4Hope and let's make this world a world where no life is centered out.

Friday, 23 September 2016


Please ADD Your Name & Support To End Dolphin Captivity To The Petition Below - Be Part Of the Action To Give Back The Freedom To The Innocent Souls In Need:


     The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement was created by RAISE UR PAW, A Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, in 2016, to achieve measures and foundations that will aid in the freedom of dolphins from enslavement and exploitation within captivity.

     Like so many other individuals and animal rights organizations around the globe, the welfare and well-being of innocent life has always and forever will be Raise Ur Paw's number one priority, making it our mission to raise public awareness on the issues/concerns at hand, and see changes made in order to fully protect and save the lives of sentient beings from inhumanity, cruelty, abuse and other situations in which jeopardizes such lives... including those within the confines of captivity.

      Thanks to the documentary "Blackfish", in which made a huge impact by hitting society full force, opened the eyes of the world to the truth about captivity, showing first hand the inhumanity and cruelty that is behind this form of enslavement. and in turn lead numerous individuals, organizations, celebs and even some political figures to not only voice their outrage, but take part in battle to end such a heartbreaking exploitation and confinement of innocent life.

      It was truly this inspiration, along with much determination for the ban on orca captivity, that we felt that such a strong and united force could extend further than just orcas -- that such a branch could be divided and give hope to the intelligent and highly-social dolphins and other marine life that are being subjected and facing the same treatment, fate and lifestyle.

      We as an animal rights incorporation wanted to not only witness, but also believe enough in the compassion of humanity, that such support and reach can be provided for dolphins within captivity, that they too can receive the same bans upon aspects of their enslavement, like some in which captive orcas have achieved, and have individuals of humanity give to them the same support and foundation to help gain the freedom in which they should possess.


   The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement's mission and goals is making the changes necessary to help end dolphin captivity - changes in which will aid and support the efforts to fully protect the welfare and well-being of dolphins, providing them a voice and showing that their lives matter.  Such changes that we are hoping to achieve is retiring captive dolphins back to the wild or within sea sanctuaries, banning importation/exportation and breeding programs, and a full ban upon the exploitation for entertainment and profit-making purposes.

* The Removal of Dolphin From Lifestyle of Enslavement: 

    If you were to look up the definition for enslavement, it would say to make slave of, or to reduce to slavery, either way it is defined it perceives these lives within captivity on a daily basis.  They are imprisoned within concrete cells, forced to do "circus-like" tricks and completely robbed of their freedom, life, family and happiness.

Our Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement is designed to remove such chains of enslavement from these sentient and social beings and have them retired back to the wild or within sea sanctuaries from such marine parks or captive facilities, where they can fully live out the rest of their days in their natural environment and freedom.

    According to reliable sources and documentation, such change can happen as long as guidelines are followed before such release:  guidelines in which include - being released into a pod in which they would naturally be part of, be able to survive, and that their health is monitored and that such captive dolphins do not possess or carry any diseases or health issues that may effect them or members of wild pod etc in any way -- captive dolphins should be monitored and checked by appropriate experts before any release can be fulfilled.

    If by chance such captive lives are unable to be released back within the wild, it is then that a strong plan should be set into motion: for long-term care of these beings, with appropriate and satisfactory expertise and care.

* Ban Importation/Exportation Of Dolphins:

    We as humanity, must be aware that dolphins did not just appear in captivity, they were either imported or exported from one location to another by force: like countless lives that have been caught and sold during the yearly Taiji, Japan dolphin slaughter - a massacre that still continues on to this day, stolen from their families and natural environments within the ocean, brought in from another marine park or facility, or born within the confines of such establishments.

    However they were brought into these marine parks/facilities, you can guaranteed that there is some psychological damage and trauma due to the stress, fear, frustration etc. that they have experienced or enduring during the capture and transportation -- even physical damage can occur.

    Such methods or rehoming, is an infliction of psychological and physical scarring, and these issues alone can contribute to behavioral and attitude changes among these beings (causing injuries or attacks upon other captive beings or audience members/trainers.)

     The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement that we are bringing to the table, will urge Governments to place a ban on such importation/exportation of such sentient beings - prohibiting the capture, trade, selling or buying of these beings and give harsh penalties to anyone that is caught and/or participating in such exchange or purchases.

* The Ban On Breeding Programs:

    Like the ban on breeding programs, which has been put into place, for captive orcas within Ontario, California etc  We are aiming for the same worldwide for captive dolphins. We are determined to witness and take part in the stopping of any breeding or impregnanting of any dolphin held in captivity within such facilities and/or marine parks around the globe - this ban will include any import/export or collection of any semen, any gametes, and/or embryos held by any captive dolphins or within the wild for the purpose of artificial or natural insemination and fertilization.

    Such Breeding Programs of Marine Parks and other facilities, has been deemed as serving no scientific purpose by reliable and high-standard sources, and that such breeding programs are being used to impregnate family members to family members (father/daughter or mother/son etc) which causes much concern/issues about genetic problems and negative behavioral actions.

* The Ban On Entertainment and Profit Making Purposes: 

    Dolphins, like captive orcas and other marine animals, within marine parks/facilities are continuously being exploited and forced to perform "circus-like" tricks and actions in order to entertain those that enter such establishments - such acts that these intelligent and highly-social beings would not/nor ever do within their natural environment.

     With such forcing measures, being confined within concrete cells with artificial social groupings, and enduring the stressful and unnatural environment of captivity, keeping lives within this enslavement is leading towards a negative outcome (on the innocent life, and the well-being of audience members/trainers)

     With much of the outrage and more truth appearing about the negative impact captivity has on these sentient beings (both psychologically and physically) - Marine Parks/ Facilities still continue to argue that such means is for educational and conservation purposes only - an argument in the eyes of many reputable and reliable sources say is simply not true.

      It has also been brought to attention, through some social media findings, that the possibility that trainers are using strategies and methods that many are finding to be acts of criminal and inhumane nature: such actions consist of holding back food from these innocent beings as a form of gaining obedience or applying it as a punishment, and that certain medications are distributed along with the food in order to control the behaviors of these animals - so that marine parks/facilities can continue on with these forced-upon actions they require these lives to perform.

     The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement aims to achieve a complete ban on such actions and upon the display, performance and entertainment purposes of innocent captive lives, and request a ban on such methods as a form of profit-making purpose of such marine parks/facilities - since there is absolutely no educational value or achievement from this form of exploitation.


    We at RAISE UR PAW have extreme high faith that our Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement will indeed succeed in making much changes that are so desperately needed in the lives of captive beings around the globe.

    We believe that with enough support and backing, this movement can truly reach the end of captivity worldwide, and give back the freedom and life to these innocent beings that have been robbed of for way to long.


    As an animal rights organization and humanity, we have witnessed and experienced what the power of taking action and raising voices can do and achieve, especially when we stand united as one powerful force. We have observed differences being made in the lives of captive orcas, which in turn establishes that much stronger hope for the future of other sentient beings that are facing the same enslavement and fate.

     But yet even though the strength of hope is there, we still need to do our parts & contribute to the active roles in making this movement & change a reality, by doing this, we need to continuously use our voices, raise public awareness on the issue, keep fighting for the rights and welfare of these beloved animals, and gain support and backing from individuals, Governments and political figures -- writing emails or sending letters urging for such bans and movements to be put into motion.

    We need to think about what sort of message we want our future generations to receive, a world in which enslavement of innocent life is accepted and permitted, or a world where we as humanity removed the chains of captivity and gave back the freedom in which was robbed from these intelligent souls... 

 We would like to extend great thanks and much appreciation to the countless individuals, organizations and the removal of blindness from society about captivity, for all the dedication, tireless hard work, and determination that has helped to path to the future success that will one day bring an end to captivity.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


To Individuals & Organizations of The World;

   We as humanity, are reaching out in request to please support and take part in the Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement, a movement designed by RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, to fight in the battle to stop dolphin captivity and make such enslavement a thing of the past.

    The DFF Movement, aims at achieving not only the retirement of captive dolphins within marine parks and other facilities, but also ban importation/exportation and breeding programs of such sentient beings, and bring an end to the exploitation of such life for entertainment and profit-making purposes.

    Over the past few years, the issues that go hand in hand with captivity have shone brighter then ever before thanks to the hard work and dedication of individuals and organizations worldwide - it is with this determination and public awareness that our nation not only witnessed the truth behind the captivity of orcas, but has gained extreme amount of support and certain changes to be made in order to make a difference. 

    We believe that such support and unity can extend further to the protection and awareness of captive dolphins and other sentient beings that find themselves or living the same sentence and fate that captive orcas are enduring -- and make such differences that will surely be a historic milestone in the ending of captivity once and for all.

   Our organization is hoping that we can depend on you, individuals of humanity, to support and bring forth more life to the Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement, in order to reach and challenge  Governments around the globe to take firm action against captivity, and show compassionate leadership for the protection and freedom of innocent lives... a stand definitely worth taking.

We Hope We Can Count On Your Support Today :)


Monday, 19 September 2016

The DOLPHIN FREEDOM FOREVER (DFF) MOVEMENT: Let's Make This Movement A Reality!

  We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are writing to you as members of humanity to please JOIN countless others in support of the DOLPHIN FREEDOM FOREVER (DFF) MOVEMENT.

   The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement was established by our organization with the hopes of removing such chains of enslavement from these sentient and highly-social beings, through the retirement of captive dolphins back to the wild or within sea sanctuaries, to ban importation/exportation and breeding programs, and end the exploitation for entertainment and profit-making purposes.

But this success can only happen with your support and unity...

   We believe that with the battles being fought and the changes being made for captive orcas, in which the world has played enormous roles in, that such branches of historic milestones and strength and determination can also extend towards the countless other innocent lives in which are enduring and facing the same sentence and fate throughout the world... and that is why we are coming to you as humanity to help and support this movement and make this aim a reality.

How You Can Help Today:

  • Donate Your Voice & Sign The Petition:
  • Use Social Media As A Foundation:  Social Media is one great way to share and spread awareness - please take a second of your time to spread the message through facebook to friends, family, other groups etc or take to twitter and tweet out the hashtag: #DolphinFreedomForever - even the littlest bit of support and aid can make a world of difference in the lives of those in need.
  • Extend the Branch For Freedom:  The continuous actions and raising of public awareness is imperative to get this ball rolling in the right direction, campaigning, protesting and sharing the valuable information worldwide about the issues at hand and how support and unity can truly make a difference in the lives of captive beings.
  • Reaching Those Of Political Power & Influence: Writing, phoning, emailing or visiting your Members of Parliament is a step worth taking,  along with your support, their support helps greatly in seeing changes made - their voices and support brought to the table can increase the chances at making this movement a reality and bring further awareness on the issues at hand. 
  • Contact Your Prime Minister/President and Speak Out : The urging and pressure needs to be put upon your Prime Minister/President in order for such a movement to shine brighter for the lives of captive beings - so please take this opportunity, to call, write, or email and urge them to take part in the fight to save and protect lives. 

    It is these actions and voices that will make all the difference, for if such united forces can make difference for captive orcas, the same effects can happen in the lives of captive dolphin and other marine animals as well.

 We would like to extend great thanks and much appreciation to the countless individuals, organizations and the removal of blindness from society about captivity, for all the dedication, tireless hardwork, and determination that has helped to path to the future success that will one day bring an end to captivity.

Thank You 
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Friday, 16 September 2016

Open Letter to College Of Veterinarians of Ontario CEO & Registrar

Dear Mrs. Jan Robinson, CVO CEO & Registrar:

     We at RAISE UR PAW, A Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are writing to you in regards to your response statement about the punishment that was handed to one, Dr. Mahavir Rekhi, St. Catharines, Ontario for his violent actions against innocent animals that were under his care.

      After carefully reading the statement in which you had given, I have to say that much questions began to appear, not only as a concerned animal activist/advocate, but as a pet guardian myself, how the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) can stand by the sentence that was handed down.


      Does the CVO truly believe in the protecting the rights of the public to safe, competent and ethical veterinary care?  considering that you and the College of Veterinarians of Ontario believe that the 10-month suspension for such cruel and abusive actions in not only appropriate but considered "serious and severe"

     This whole situtation is not only upsetting but also angering,  due to the actions and behaviours of Dr. Rekhi, who countless individuals had trusted with their animal children, but also the actions and decisions of the CVO, who too have let down individuals with these mere "slap on the wrist" punishments handed to veterinarians for such cruel and abusive behaviours --- what lessons are truly being taught here?

      It is my opinion, and am sure the opinions of countless otehrs, that the CVO should have immediately revoked the license of Dr. Rekhi, the moment that the video proof, countless reports from ex-employees, and his guilty plea to these charged was presented -- and that local authorities should have been contacted, so that criminal charges could be laid.

    We are truly hoping that you will rethink your decision and take immediate action against Dr. Rekhi, not only for the victims and their families, but for the reputation of veterinarians and the College of Veterinarians of Ontario as well, that this Doctor has put a smudge upon.

Thank You



Saturday, 10 September 2016



     That's Right Folks, for the month of September, Animal Angels from all over the World are joining united to make a stand against these inhumane and cruel "Mills of Misery" -- and it is time that these mass dog-breeding operations and their crimes of mistreatment, negligence and inhumanity be brought to an end once and for all.

     We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are joining forces and reaching out to each and every individual to JOIN IN and take the challenge, raise awareness and "Raise Ur Paw" against these inhumane establishments of misery and suffering.


     During this month, we are requesting everyone to post their pictures with their pets, and attach the HASHTAG: #No2PuppyMillChallenge, along with 1 Reason why puppy mills need to be banned and stopped permanently.  You can nominate your friends, family, groups, celebs etc... and spread the message worldwide, challenging everyone to become involved in the fight against these horrific mills around the globe.

Sounds Easy Enough Right.... Well It Is....

   Tag your photos to @RaiseUrPaw, so that we can retweet to show countless others that you too Raise Ur Paw Against Puppy Mills and that you encourage adoption and fostering of sheltered animals instead of buying and contributing to puppymills -- cause we all don't want to participate in any misery or suffering of life.. 

Let's UNITE AS ONE and WORK TOGETHER as ONE POWERFUL FORCE to BRING PUPPY MILLS to an END --- Raise Ur Paw, Be A  Voice and TAKE THE CHALLENGE TODAY :) Your Support & Aid is Urgently Needed.

Thank You


Saturday, 27 August 2016


   We at Raise Ur Paw, A Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are working towards the removal of the label "Property" from the description of innocent animals, and extending our reach to Government Officials to support and take part in seeing and acknowledging our voiceless as sentient beings.

       For way to long, the social attitude towards animals has indeed been one that is very confusing and in many cases bias -- observing some as family members/pets, and in another breathe viewing others as mere "benefits to humanity" (eg. food, entertainment, scientific sacrifices, along with other countless uses) leading to the creation of different laws and protection for different species of life.


       It is these attitudes and labels as "property", that is not only showing disregard to life, but is permitting such crimes against them to be accepted (in some cases), and observing such actions against life as something "normal" or routine in our daily lifestyles (eg. animal testing, food and clothing, entertainment, sports etc.)

      But in all honesty, it is this response and way of thinking that is truly interfering with permanently stoping these inhumane and cruel actions against animals, because of the loopholes that the label "property" and the words "benefits to humanity" create within our laws -- and the fact that many believe that it is morally wrong to inflict suffering, torture, pain and death upon innocent life and yet make reasons and excuse the actions against others -- even if we can clearly observe that they are visibly wrong.

      Let's take a look for a moment at our Justice and Legal Systems, sure they have created such laws to protect animals -- but they too have played their roles in extending the confusion by highly limiting the type of legal protection and security that we give to our voiceless (protection of one, but excuse the actions of others), permittance to allow innocent lives to suffer due to reasons such as "benefits humanity", leaving open the inability to fully protect all species due to restrictions and excuses, giving offenders less consequences and punishments for their crimes, and even exemptions that allows & protects such industries, corporations etc. from facing any kind of punishment.

     Just with these issues and concerns alone, should enhance our determination and pressure to remove the label "property" from upon these sentient beings and make the stand to increase the power of authorities, update laws and strengthen consequences against such actions, whether against an individual or a huge corporation -- cruelty is cruelty, with no exemptions or excuses.


     What we can do as a compassionate species is not only take the pledge to be a voice, but also be a stand and action taker as well, to unite as one and show that we are no longer going to excuse or tolerate such actions of inhumanity and cruelty, or consider these innocent beings as mere "property" such as:

  • Extending the pressure to Government officials and urge them to remove such label as "property" from upon the innocent, update and strengthen laws, enforce stiffer consequences and punishments for acts of such crimes, and gain support from these political influences to make the stand and be a voice for animals worldwide.
  • Raise Public Awareness on the issues and concerns at hand, whether through campaigning, protesting or just sharing valuable and imperative information that can increase the support and attention of society and individuals.
  • Write letters or send emails to figures of influence
  • Be actively involved with other animal rights organizations, or create your own group etc raising support and voices from other individuals sharing the same interests and compassion for animal rights and welfare.
  • Create Petitions, flyers, posters - creative ways to gain attention against the issues at hand.
Even the littlest bit of assistance and support can make a world of difference.

Friday, 26 August 2016


When will we as humanity witness a breakthrough for animal welfare? especially when there are so many industries that still continue the process of cruelty and torture upon innocent lives within the meat industry.... and now-a-days this is becoming an extreme issue and concern that needs to be addressed immediately.

     If you were to take a look at the "Chicken Industry", for example,  you would observe first-hand the type of inhumane process in which takes place in order to fulfill the demand of the consumers craving the meat of these poor birds.

     You must understand that these defenseless birds within the industries are bred to suffer... forcing them to endure genetic processes which literally enhances their growth at a rapid pace - such a method can cause many defects to the bodies, like crippling of the legs under the weight of their massive bodies, troubles in breathing, and sometimes even heartattacks and lung failure.

     But the genetic manipulation in which these animals go through is only the tip of the iceburg of the cruelty and inhumanity that they endure.  Chickens within the meat industry are made to live their entire lives within confines that can be over-crowded, within small wire cages along with others, or by themselves where they can barely move -- literally packed wing to wing with countless others. 

     Even though the process in which they live, and how are they are grown is disturbing, along with the effects that take place with these processes - it is the method of death that surely sends chills down the spine of those that have compassion in their hearts for these innocent lives.

     For those who do not know what "Live Shackling" is - it is a system in which many industries use and live by - such methods of this system consists of chickens being dumped upon conveyor belts and the workers shackle the fully conscious birds.  It is then that the birds within these shackles are taken to what is known as "Electrified Water", a process that immobilizes the birds without unconsciousness, right before their necks are slit by a slicer.  In some cases though, improper shackling of these birds can lead to missing the slicer, and become drowned in the hot scalding water that they are then dumped in, in order to remove feathers.

Believe it or NOT... these actions of cruelty & inhumanity happen to billions of lives each year, in order to fulfill the demands for chicken.


 As humanity we need to make our voices known and take action :

  • Imperative to contact Government Officials and let them know of the situation at hand, and what needs to be done in order to improve such birds lives and treatment.
  • Increase animal welfare & well-being laws, so that such actions of inhumanity and cruelty will be punished accordingly and gives higher protection to the lives that are in desperate need of help.
  • To protest and raise awareness against such industries who are getting away with such acts & raise public awareness on the horrors of the meat industry.
  • Reach out to individuals worldwide for support and urge veganism to be the choice in order to save innocent lives.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

WE STAND WITH ANITA - Activist & Animal Angel Facing Charges For Giving Water To Pig

    We at Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are joining along with countless others in protest over the charges that were laid upon Anita Krajnc -- and we truly hope that you will assist and be a voice too.

      For those of you who don't know the story - Krajnc, an animal angel and co-founder of "Toronto Pig Save" is charged with mischief and faces jail time or maximum of $5,000 fine for providing water to innocent pigs within a tractor-trailer as they were heading to Fearman's Pork Inc. in Burlington on June 22, 2015.

       With her trial starting today (Aug. 24th, 2016), her lawyers and countless individuals from all over stood by her in support, and not just around the courtroom, but through social media as well -- even doing the hashtag #PigTrial, which was already seen trending. 

        To us as animal activists and individulas of humanity, we find the whole idea and scenerio that Anita is facing, is not only ridiculous, but unspeakable as well -- it shows that our legal system desperately needs to be questioned, who is it that our justice system truly protects and shows individuals that doing the right and humane thing could lead to consequences instead of heroism, in which individuals that care should receive.

      We must also acknowledge the fact that there was absolutely no harm done, sure it may have upset the company in which uses these defenseless animals as meat etc, or make profit of the deaths of these lives, but does that really come before helping a life in need, or giving a gesture of humanity, in which Anita acted upon by giving an innocent life in need a mere drink of water -- a life that was confined inside an over-heated vehicle with countless others?  She made a stand and showed that life came first - before profit, before humanity, and before the demands of those who make profit off and those who consume these beloved animals.

       Our country has set laws into place to protect the welfare and well-being of life, from harm, cruelty, abuse and inhumane actions -- and yet those who believe strongly in the rights and welfare of animals , and do their active parts to fulfill and achieve that goal are being punished, that is truly a heartbreaking shame -- especially when there are so many companies, industries etc that are continuously getting away with their crimes of cruelty because it is a so-called "benefit to humans" (animal testing, fur fashion, food, entertainment, trophy hunting and many others)

      We need  to show the Governments and the World that COMPASSION IS NOT A CRIME, and share Anita's story and stand by her side during this time -- united we stand in making a difference, because after all if we don't, who will!



Wednesday, 17 August 2016


   We at RAISE UR PAW, A Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit are bringing this proposal to you in hopes of gathering enough support and influence to ban the inhumane devices called GLUE TRAPS.


   Considered to be the most inhumane, torturous and health risking devices invented for the removal of rodents, snakes etc from one's home, business or place of establishment, these glue traps are also endangering the lives in which it is produced to remove, but also in other animals and even human beings as well - adding risk and injurty to health, life and well-being.

     Many individuals who are using such forms of removal are unknowingly setting up and/or purchasing devices of cruelty, not fully understanding the effects and process in which these devices inflict upon innocent life and the hazards that they can create.  Such companies who are manufacturing and distributing such methods to society, are not providing the consumers with the appropriate information and warnings that these devices should in fact consist of.

     Individuals observe glue traps as trays in which are covered with an adhesive that kills the life in which it has entrapped -- freeing there residence etc from these "little intruders", as some would call them.  However, what many are not understanding that this adhesive in which is used is actually a highly toxic chemical, and that due to these facts and according to sources that using such methods is not a rapid and painless death for such lives, in fact, it is completely the opposite. 
    The rodents and other animals who are victims of these traps, have been known to suffer extremely for the amount of time that it takes for them to perish.  Such extreme suffering can come from the intense stress and fear, starvation, dehydration, exhaustion and injuries that can occur from the efforts of trying to escape from this device --- known injuries have been ripped or torn patches of fur & skin, observations in which some of the victims have literally chewed threw their own limbs, or in other cases succumbing to exhaustion and collapsing face-down within the adhesive and suffocating.  Such an immense torture can even last up to approximately 3-5 days, depending.

       However, some of these victims or other animals who have accidentally got caught within these traps have managed to escape, some with extensive injuries, or bringing along with them the adhesive toxic chemical that has remained present upon their fur, feathers etc.  In these such cases, if another animal catches and/or devours the "escapee" -- they too can become seriously ill or even perish due to the toxic chemical, or if the animal - such as a pet - consumes the chemical threw trying to lick or remove adhesive from their body.

      It is imperative to also know that such devices can also pose disease and health risks to human beings as well - even warnings against their use have even been specified by sources due to the fact of threats of viruses that can be spread due to bites, through bodily fluids that have been distributed through fear, stress, and loss of control by death -- or by the adhesive, if improperly disposed of. 


    It is our proposed solution towards this situation that a complete ban be put into effect upon these cruel and inhumane devices in order to show zero tolerance for animal cruelty, to save and protect life from methods of inhumanity, and to prevent any form of health risks that can occur towards animals and/or human beings due to the use of and/or contact with such toxic chemical devices.

    We are also proposing that companies & industries that manufacture and distribute these forms of "rodent removal" be urged to supply the demand of consumers with humane methods, such as live traps,  and make it mandatory that such humane devices be produced instead of such methods that cause torture, suffering and death of such life, or lives that come in contact.


  • Urging Governments to play their active roles in the ban of such inhumane and cruel devices and support fully the ban upon such methods.
  • To reach for assistance and action of distributors, such as hardware stores, department stores and other businesses in which provide such products to consumers and request that they pull their support and involvement in the distribution and selling of such traps. 
  • Petition companies & industries that provide these devices to refrain from further development and distribution of these products and request for humane methods such as live-traps be manufactured in order to fulfill the demands of the consumers.
  • To extend our reach to individuals worldwide, to become aids and supporters of such a ban, and make a stand to help us successfully achieve our set goal & spread awareness in order to open the eyes of individuals, Governments etc. to the inhumanity and cruelty that such devices have on the innocent and the health & well-being of life as well.
  • To establish and present public awareness campaigns on the effects of such inhumane methods, distributing effective information and resources and demonstrate the importance of humane methods and alternatives in order to fulfill their demand for "rodent removal" etc.


The benefits of this proposed ban in which we hope to achieve is as follows:

  • The demonstration of compassion and zero tolerance towards animal cruelty and inhumanity of any kind.
  • Support the fight against animal cruelty and become influences to other business, companies, industries etc. to follow suit in attempts of ending torturous actions and methods against innocent life.
  • Protecting the well-being, welfare and safety of animals and human beings.
  • Reduces the use of toxic substances and/or chemicals that are used to manufacture such devices and within the process of "rodent removal" methods, and therefore reduces the risk of exposure, illnesses, and even death by these chemicals to animals and human beings.
  • Encouraging individuals to choose and become informed of more humane methods to rid their homes, businesses etc of these innocent lives without subjecting them to torture, suffering and death.
    It is imperative to know that we do acknowledge that such a ban may or may not cause some obstacles to appear with such a change - due to companies and distributors wanting to fulfill the demands of the customers with quick and easy removal of such animals from within their residence and/or places of business.

      However, such a change and ban will be beneficial, once individuals of our society acknowledge and understand the process and negative effects that goes along with using such methods - especially when it comes to the health and safety risks to our voiceless and human beings with such use.

     We believe and have faith that we can achieve this goal, in hopes of not just banning an inhumane device, but create another stepping stone towards the prevention of animal cruelty and abuse. 

      We hope that we can count on you to be a voice and make a stand for the innocent, to show that compassion does still exist within the hearts of humanity for animals within our community, in our country and within the world - Let's unite together as one & raise our paws for a better world and future for life.

Thank You

Follow Us On Twitter @RaiseUrPaw or Contact Us Via Email:

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Ban Glue Traps: Our Open Letter

Dear Sir or Madame;

We at Raise Ur Paw, A Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are writing to you in regards to the countless issues that are included with the use and manufacturing of the inhumane "glue traps" -- and as a distributor and provider of such products to consumers, we feel that it is extremely imperative that your attention and action is brought in order to save & protect the lives of the innocent from such cruelty that these devices are subjecting them too.

       Being well-known companies and industries throughout the country, and trying to supply effective products in order to fulfill the demands of the consumers, we are hoping that you will reconsider your involvement and participation in the distribution of such inhumane and cruel mechanisms.

      Your awareness and attention upon the effects of these products is necessary, an understand and acknowledgement that innocent victims in which become entrapped, endure extreme suffering, torture and death due to these traps nature -- including starvation, dehydration, exhaustion and even some succumbing to many severe injuries from such a process to rid households, businesses, and places of establishment of these little beings.

     Did you know that not only are these little lives enduring these forms of cruelty, but it could take up to approximately 3-5 days for them to perish -- a long torturous process, and you must understand that these actions of inhumanity do not just fall upon the shoulders of those that are manufacturing and establishing such methods, but also upon the participation of the distribution companies, and places of business that are providing them to consumers.

     We are requesting and truly hoping that you will play your active role in the fight against animal cruelty, and pull your support and participation from these "animal trap" companies - and choose to provide consumers with more humane devices such as live-traps to use.

Please Raise Ur Paw Today, and Do the Right Thing For Innocent Life.


Monday, 8 August 2016



     Through the worldwide power of social media and reports, we have all, in some-way, came in contact with or observed the horrific effects of animal cruelty and inhumanity, whether through articles in which people have posted, or images that leave unsettling and angering feelings within us.

     But even as we view or educate ourselves with the facts that are presented in front of us, many are still hiding behind the veil of denial and ignorance - turning away, ignoring or making unjustifiable excuses to unsee the reality that is forcing millions of innocent lives to be subjected too or endure torture, abuse and even loss of life to such inhumane treatment and actions.


    Through this blindness and ignorance, animal cruelty has been able to escalate - not only from individual's behaviours against our voiceless, but also from the actions of companies, industries etc that gain profit from such treatment -- attempting to fully excuse their actions as part of a necessity or benefit to the human race (ex. animal testing, captivity, culture, tradition etc.)

     Even our justice system has continued to fail our innocent animals - by creating laws that seem to merely strike at individual cruelty, with lenient consequences or loopholes in which some offenders are able to slip through, and turn a blind eye to many inhumane actions that industries have participated in or doing at this moment.

    That is why it is up to YOU - those who see the truth and refuse to be blinded, to make a stand and be a voice that are so desperately needed. It is about using the power in which you possess inside to educate, encourage and empower others to play their active roles in the fight to save and protect innocent lives, and bring forth awareness and justice against the issues at hand throughout the world.

    It is imperative that we, as humanity, pursue success in the battle against the countless forms of inhumanity and cruelty against our voiceless, to speak up and make our voices heard for the victims -- to show nationwide that there is zero tolerance for such actions against life, and to pressure for stronger laws that will give security and protection to the innocent.

     IT IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE - your time to not only be active players in the fight, but be examples that togetherness creates the difference that we want to see in the world - to be beacons that empower individuals to be the voices for the victims, warriors against the crimes, and pillars of encouragement and knowledge that will educate the next generation who will be following our footsteps and leading the future to a better world.


Friday, 5 August 2016


More and more we are hearing about news how innocent pets are being killed by police officers -- stemming from invasions of peoples homes, in backyards... and yes even at children's birthday parties.


     It is a constant issue that I believe needs more attention on, because honestly how can we truly feel safe, when innocent lives such as our beloved "fur-babies" are gunned down,  and many without any reason what-so-ever...  

    I have always stood and believed in our police services, to serve and protect as the statement goes - saluting and giving my highest respect to the brave men and women who risk their lives everyday in order to keep us safe and protected from the actions of those who wish to victimize us... but sadly, when you get those few officers that completely turn the tables and do opposite of what they should stand for.. it truly breaks my heart that these individuals are not only breaking down the reputation of police services, but also using the power in which they are given to take away the lives of the innocent.


    I want everyone to know that when I make this statement, my opinion,  I am NOT referring to every police officer or department, because there are countless men and women upon the force who do live by the statement to "Serve & Protect", who do make that stand and risk their lives in order to protect and keep us safe with much, much bravery doing it as well.  It is reflected upon those individuals who have literally destroyed people's lives, robbed them of their happiness and safety, and even partially removed that security that all individuals should feel when the police are around... 

     But when it comes to raising awareness about these killings and issues at hand,  we must take the time to acknowledge and make known that it is not just the police officers who claim these innocent lives, but the permittance of these deaths due to the legislation and discrimination against a specific breed -- and in many many cases it is the being on the opposite end of the leash that should actually be considered the fault and raiser of such a bad reputation.

      These issues at hand cannot be tolerated or turned away from --- for if we ignore these matters, anyone's pets are at risk and in danger--- and it is then that we will find ourselves facing the same tragedy and trauma as countless individuals who have had their beloved fur-babies fall victim to such actions.

Please Take the Time to Raise UR Paw and Be A Voice Against not only BSL, but also the issue of police enforcement killing innocent lives.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


This blog entry that I am writing to you is a "PET PEEVE ALERT"  (all opinions, beliefs are mine and mine alone)

     Okay folks, truthfully now, how many of us vegan/vegetarians have walked into a restaurant (fast-food or not), or went to a community event gathering only to find that there is absolutely no vegan/vegetarians foods being offered... *my hand immediately raises*

     You walk up to the person who is either taking your order, or co-ordinator of the event,  and you gaze at the menu, literally straining your eyes to find that little speck of hope that these businesses, or events, have provided for you a taste of the lifestyle that you have chosen... and yet, low and behold, your dreams and hopes are completely shattered when the cashier or co-ordinator states "Well, we have salads and fries?" really...... 

       After a long and awkward pause.. you shake your head wondering, if these places realize that vegans/vegetarians do eat, that they do indeed enjoy quick and easy meals away from cooking and the hecticness of their lives.... we are human after all.

       I mean come on, we vegans/vegetarians are a high percentage of the population too -- so it is not like these restaurants are going to go belly up from offering us the same service as they do for those who are not vegan/vegetarian... or the community event barbeques etc - where we donate our money, or help out the same as everyone else and yet while others are feasting and devouring their hamburgers, hot dogs etc... we gaze down at the lonely bun that is the only choice that is presented to us... 

     I know, I'm complaining... but this is a real pet peeve of mine... as part of humanity, I do enjoy the same exact things as everyone else, except meat and animal by-products are NOT in my daily meal routine or life.. and like everyone else, well sort-of, I believe that a lifestyle choice should not be denied the same options and serves, and that provisions should be given in order to meet the demands of everyone and not just some... am I the only one that feels this way?

       If you have been through this, or even went to the grocery store where vegan/vegetarian products have not been or limited providing we want to hear from you.... if they don't hear the voices of the people NOTHING will change.



Sunday, 31 July 2016

BEING SUPER "VEGANTASTIC": Making A Life-Changing Choice

    Did you know that to some the word "VEGAN" is something terrifying, or threatening --- well so these individuals believe it to be, if not why would so many who eat meat get so defensive when the word is brought up or begin poking fun at those who have chosen this way of life... 

     but besides the bullying  and the defensive actions that are uncalled for... I get where they are coming from... to some a life change such as this can be a scary thing, especially when you are already accustomed to meat and other animal by-products within your daily meal routine... I was one of them, years ago... before I educated myself on the true definition of the word and the reality of this benefitial way of life....

       The more I learned, the more I became intrigued and enthusiastic about this change, almost like a calling that I was meant to answer --- and the fear that I had felt from not making this decision sooner ( the bullying and the thought of taking meat & by products out of my routine would be the "End of The World" event) was basically blinders from opening my eyes to the reality and truth that was hidden away from me for way too long.

        But how can I choose this path and keep up with it when I am surrounded by those that have not made the same lifestyle choice? believe it or not, that was a very easy answer,  because even though my family and friends were not vegans, they supported my decision and even incorporated my new choice into their meal routines.... and yes even tried vegan meals themselves --- which I may add some found delicious, but there were a few who still "crinkled their nose" at the idea...

       That's okay with me though, at least they attempted to try --- and didn't avoid the whole new experience -- "Don't Knock It Til You Try It" right?  but it was the appreciation and support that meant the world to me... and it is always good to have that support foundation beside you as you take this journey and connecting with other vegans & groups is a benefit as well.

       Always remember though, not everyone is going to be supportive, and you could get degraded by those who feel the need to bully someone, or in my case, be bombarded by countless questions --- such as "Why Did You Choose To Go Vegan?" little things that merely challenge your opinions and beliefs... so as a response, I just say... it was time... time to pull the veil off my eyes and make a difference within my life and the lives of those affected by my past decisions to consume meat and by-products... Oh and of course the many benefits that come with choosing this lifestyle as well... very, very well worth it.

How well worth it, you say? well my friends, let's just take a little look....

     Choosing to go VEGAN, you are saving approx. 200 lives a year... 200 innocent beings that will not be inhumanely treated and killed that comes along with meat consumption... and also according to research, veganism also aids the environment as well, because animal food production produces most greenhouse gases, even more then the transportation industries etc..... 

    Along with saving innocent lives, you will also "SAVE MONEY" - due to meat and animal by-products being expensive in cases, veganism helps cut your food bill a great deal --- and you will be able to come up with "VEGANTASTIC" creations that are healthy & delicious from home, instead of going to restaurants or fast food places, that rarely have vegan dishes on the menu.

       and what about the benefits to your health,  well for me, I feel much healthier -- not saying that I wasn't before changing my lifestyle.. I just find that I have more energy, and my way of thinking is more clearer, like being a new person with a whole new outlook and approach on life.

       Now I am not saying that I am "Superior" to those who are not vegan, nor do I demand that people race off and quit eating meat & consuming animal by-products "Cold Vurkey"  - but I do request that individuals educate themselves on the benefits of this lifestyle, and to become aware of the lengths that some go in order to fulfill the demand for meat and animal by-product consumption...  and hey, who knows, maybe there will even be a point where individuals will add a vegan meal into their daily meal routine, just to show that the world will not end if meat etc was taken from their diet.... :)

        PLEASE SHARE MY STORY & HOPE That you too will SHARE your stories as well - we would love to hear from you --- 




Sunday, 24 July 2016

FREE KISKA to the Wild or to Sea Sanctuary: Remove Her From Isolated Life.


    We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are determined and dedicated to use everything within us to see Kiska, the last remaining captive orca in Canada, either freed to the wild, or to a sea sanctuary --- away from the isolated existence that she is enduring right now.

    In Ontario, there has been a bill passed that bans the selling, buying and breeding of Orcas, but according to what many are stating is that Kiska is excluded from this new marine mammal legislation - which leaves her (Kiska) to endure this life of loneliness, isolation and misery.

   Keeping innocent Kiska enslaved in this life and treated in this manner, we believe that this should be a violation of rights that she should possess as a living being, and a hazard to her welfare and well-being as well (physically and psychologically)... Unfortunately, Marineland continues to defend their actions and has support from individuals stating that Kiska is their "property" - a term that should never be used for a living being.

PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICE & SIGN THE PETITION: (Over 5K so far - let's keep the support going & voices raised)

     It is this movement that we are hoping to achieve laws in which makes it illegal to keep orcas in captivity, and with this including beloved Kiska, and also to create stronger laws for all captive life. With Kiska being the last captive orca in Canada, her freedom to the wild or to sea sanctuary would be a huge step forward in the fight against captivity - to demonstrate to the rest of the World that we have compassion for life, and that other Governments should follow within our steps.

    However, such a movement cannot be achieved unless we have the support of individuals, and political figures of power and influence to make enough pressure for such a milestone to be taken. We are hoping to achieve this pressure, to show that the voices of the people can make a difference & impact.


    We, at Raise Ur Paw, are hoping that we can count on you, to lend your voices for not only KISKA but for all the innocent lives that are enduring this slavery, to unite and make a stand with countless others as we push forward to being the change we want to see in this World and that all lives matter.

Thank You

Saturday, 23 July 2016


The World United To Speak Up For Tilikum, Can We Do The Same For Kiska "World's Loneliest Orca"?

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne:

     As a member of humanity, I am reaching out with much hope that we can count of you & your political power to help an innocent life that is serving an indefinite life of solitary, isolation and misery - and it is imperative that this issue be acknowledged & aided before it is too late.

    For over 40 years or so, Kiska has given her life to be a mere "tourist attraction" at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - forcibly kidnapped off the coast of Iceland in 1979 as a calf and has resided at the marine park since then, robbed of her freedom, natural aspects of her life, and her existence. 

    She has experienced loss of companionship - due to relocation or passing of tank-mates, and has a one hundred percent infant-mortality rate, losing all 5 of the calves she had :( a heartbreaking reality that seems to get worse --- and now living a life of isolation! 

    Are we not about equality, taking a stand & speaking out to show that all lives matter, or are we just directing these statement to only the human species, and leaving the countless others who have much right to life and being here as we do, to be used as necessities for humanity.

    To agree and accept this form of treatment - and not take the necessary steps that are much needed, is a form of failure on our parts, a neglect upon the responsibilities that we have as guardians of life. I acknowledge that some major steps were taken, but it appears that these movements have excluded Kiska, and why? is a question that many are requesting an answer for.

     Much of the unjustifiable treatment that we put animals through, we make excuses or create reasons to have the world accept -- for marine parks they use the "Education" card - trying to provide generations with the insight of the lives of these innocent beings, and yet here they live in concrete pools, enslaved and robbed of the natural aspects of their lives, and even being forced to perform - something that they do not do within their wild environment.

     If you or any other individual were to take the moment to observe or research Kiska's life within her confinement.  I am certain that you too would feel the same as we do - observing her treatment as one would treat "property" & the negative impacts that these actions have taken upon an innocent soul... and urgent action is needed to be taken today.

    Please do the right thing and make a stand - Let's show that Kiska has a voice, and set an example that we as humanity are making a difference for innocent life.  

OVER 5K have Signed to #FreeKiska - Please SHARE & JOIN TOO -

Thank You


Thursday, 21 July 2016



     I don't usually do the "Birthday Wishes" because to be honest, I have everything that I could ever wish for, a loving family, true friends, love and care and so much more... so really, wishing for anything else I would feel selfish on my part...

    So I have decided to give my birthday wish to an innocent life, that deserves a wish come true - and that is too Kiska, or to some "The World's Loneliest Orca"... a label that explains a lot of her life and existence in such a heartbreaking way.


    Everyday I am grateful that I have freedom, family, friends, love and home - but along with this gratefulness, comes sadness that so many innocent lives have had these things ripped away from them in order for some humanity to gain and make profit - a reality and saddening truth - enslaved for exploitation and for humanity's entertainment.

    I know that my "Birthday Wish" may never come true, but I refuse to believe that there is no hope - because if enough voices are raised & enough steps are taken anything is possible... the path to making a difference begins with one single step.

PLEASE take the moment to SHARE/SIGN this petition -

   Show your support not only for KISKA, who lives an isolated existence, but for all the innocent lives that have had their freedom and lives robbed from them.  RAISE UR PAW TODAY & EVERYDAY... be the change you wish to see in the World.

Thank You All For the Birthday Support


Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Dear Shannen Doherty:

     As animal angels we are constantly coming together to fight for lives in need, uniting our strength to journey forward, and using our love in hopes of achieving the goals that we aim to win.  These qualities about us as individuals, not only make the world a better place to reside, but also to show innocent lives that there are still remaining humanity that cares enough to make a stand and raise their voices.

    Like the innocent lives that need our strength and love to get through these times, we know that you too could use the same united strength, love, prayer and thoughts as you journey through your battle with cancer -- and we are hoping that you will take all this united love and strength, and proceed to use it as ammo against this disease that you face... for we "animal angels" are by your side. 

    You as an individual are an inspiration, not only for your strength and fight, but for your love, dedication and drive to help the innocent - even going above and beyond the call of duty to do what needs to be done in order to protect/save/and stand up for life - and that there makes a true golden heart.   

     I am adding along with my thoughts & prayers a poem that has helped me when my father had the disease when I was 15-years old, because even though Cancer stole so much - it could not take away the important things.


Cancer is so limited.....
It cannot cripple Love
It cannot shatter Hope
It cannot corrode Faith
It cannot eat away Peace
It cannot destroy Confidence
It cannot kill Friendships
It cannot shut out Memories
It cannot silence Courage
It cannot reduce Eternal Life
It cannot quench the Spirit.

 Thank You For Being A Friend, Inspiration & Animal Angel :)



Thursday, 16 June 2016


   With the annual Yulin Dog/Cat Meat Festival quickly approaching, many individuals and organizations from all over the world are coming together united in protest to bring this inhumane festival to an end.

      This coming together of voices and actions has truly shown the hope in humanity - whether it be upon the frontlines in saving and speaking up for the innocent, to spreading the word like wildfire through social media and protesting as one powerful force.

       Just recently, we at Raise Ur Paw were very honored to join up with Humane Society International, Duo Duo, Care 2 and Avaaz, in combing our petitions in order to create not only just one large petition in support of STOP YULIN 2016, but to become one strong and powerful voice in hopes of putting pressure upon the Government & authorities in order to save the thousands of lives, who will endure and be subjected to countless torture, suffering and death for human consumption.

   Although our petition was not accepted in London, England, the powerful message that was brought, thanks to celebrities and individuals, it was definitely acknowledged by people and media sources - shining a more brighter light upon the issue at hand.. and it was definitely seen that we as animal angels were not going to give up or turn away, it just added to our determination and dedication.


    With great thanks to Humane Society International, VShine, Beijing Mothers Against Animal Cruelty and Countless animal angels (individuals and celebs) who gathered outside the Yulin Government Office in Beijing, submitted the more than 11 million-signature petition.


The unity in saving and protecting lives should be an inspiration, hope in humanity and a very important message - that when we stand together as one, anything is possible, whether we are standing up and speaking out for our own humanity, or animals - we are coming together to SAVE and PROTECT LIVES and that itself is truly showing the greatness of our nation, and our species.


Thursday, 28 April 2016

STOP YULIN - Our Open Letter

Dear Chinese Authorities:

   We as individuals of the World are reaching out and extending our attempts to reach you in one powerful and united voice.  A voice that we are hoping that you will take the moment to hear, acknowledge and join.

   At this point we are convinced that you are aware and know of the many concerns/issues that are being brought to light due to the dog/cat meat trade that continues all year round, and that many other concerns that are unearthing due to these actions that are claiming and torturing these countless victims.

   We acknowledge that stopping this way of living will be a difficult task, but we also know that backing away and not being part of this so-called "tradition" or "culture" as some believe it to be, is merely giving the public and society a blank canvas of the truth that is occurring. It is the acknowledgement and taking of action on your part, as authority figures, enforcement and those of power, that methods and strategies are established in order to solve/prevent the issues and concerns that are at hand.

   As a responsibility and duty on your part, your influence and power, immediate actions and stands are needed urgently, whether it be the development of animal rights/welfare laws, society awareness on health/safety concerns linked to these actions or the consumption of the meat, to speaking out and bringing attention to the public - it is a united stand that we must take in order to bring resolution and prevention in the hopes of saving life and bettering the World around us for animals and for humanity.

   I am sure that you are well aware of the mounting pressure that is continuously increasing and that this nationwide outrage & outcry is far beyond just animal welfare issues and concerns, but also the health and safety issues that are effecting the citizens and individuals who are taking part in this trade, such as: drugging and poisoning of these innocent babies (dogs/cats) which can transfer such toxins to those who consume or prepare the meat, the unsanitary conditions and treatment (diseases/viruses/illnesses) and also the establishment of health concerns due to rabies transmission.

   This continuous uproar and outcry is what fuels the awareness and pressure, stemming from the countless nationwide voices of individuals, organizations, worldwide protests, petitions, the power of media coverage and viral branching out from social media & networking etc.  With over 4 MILLION signatures on our petition, plus the escalating numbers of countless others, along with media - this trade has gained much attention that cannot and should not be ignored or backed away from, and we are hoping that you, Chinese Authorities will proceed to do what is necessary and right for the welfare and well-being of the innocent at risk.


    This battle is far from over, and the pressure of the voices of the World will continue to stand strong, powerful and united.  Please stand along with us, not only as a voice but as a positive role-model, making a difference for the lives of the innocent, the reputation of your country, and a better world for future generations.  We can make this happen, but we all need to play our parts.

Thank You