Wednesday, 20 January 2016


    When Animal Organization PETA released the investigation video via social media about the treatment of a tiger at Bowmanville Zoo, a tsunami of outrage and outpouring of concern from individuals and other animal organizations quickly followed.  It sparked a worldwide demand of not only the removal of the innocent animals but also to revoke the permits/licenses of Mr. Michael Hackenberger, the accused who appeared on the video, apparently whipping the tiger at least 19 times (according to media sources)

   According to releases the OSPCA quickly began investigation, and even put out a statement on Dec. 23, 2015 reassuring the public that the society would be making sure that the animals were getting the care they require while the investigation was going on, and also stated that due to no immediate distress the animals could not be removed from the premises of the zoo.

     Even though there appeared much hope in the society to do what is right for the animals, this statement of reassurance did not sit well with countless others, especially when more footage and past allegations against this individual and zoo surfaced. 

     This here started a whole new whirlwind of outrage, not only for the zoo and the individual accused but also towards the OSPCA, especially since there has been no further updates on the investigation.  This has raised many questions and intentions of the OSPCA and there is much concern that this case could possibly be swept under the rug until forgotten.

    We are truly hoping that this will not be the outcome, and that these innocent lives will not end up being “failed” by the Government or the organizations whose duties are to protect and save the lives of the innocent.  We need to unite as one powerful voice and make the difference that is so desperately needed. 

Please RAISE UR PAW Worldwide.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


   So... today I had a good laugh, especially after reading an article that was called “Saying Your Dog Is Your Baby Is An Insult To Moms Everywhere” dated Aug. 29th 2015.

   Of course being an animal lover, a father myself and a “dog father”,  I felt the need to respond and give my thoughts on the amusing facts that the author was trying to make points and opinion as to why your pets are not  your children, and from what I noticed, was showing more similarities between pets and children. So here it goes....

Dear Author of this Article, Whoever You May Be:

   First off I would like to say that I understand that you and other individuals out there have many thoughts and opinions on individuals like us who call our pets our children, but what I do not understand is why for some unknown reason you feel the need to pass judgement upon us for the way we observe and connect to our furry family members and find it necessary to condemn our attachment by stating that it is an insult or some negativity towards others.

   After carefully reading your article, I do have to give you credit for attempting to make an argument, but... it seemed to me, not sure about others who read this article, that you were merely grasping at straws to make a case for yourself.

  The countless statements and points in which you added, seemed heartbreaking to me and I couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for you that you could not see past physical differences and observe the similarities between a child and a pet – and that your views and beliefs of the word “parent” and “child” restricted you to only human children, and prevents you from experiencing the connection and attachment that we hold dear to our fur-babies.

   It is in some way shocking that you had clearly stated that you had your dogs before you had your children, and there was absolutely no realization that it was these innocent lives (dogs) that perhaps gave you your first experience at parenthood, or you did but your opinions and beliefs made you deny that fact – because they were not human children, so therefore they do not deserve to have that recognition as being your first “child”.

   But the truth is certainly clear, especially in your article, that there are people who are completely closed-hearted and cannot see this realization even though it is staring them in the face – that the active roles that we play as parents and pet owners, the responsibilities, duties are indeed the same.

  The reason that I say this is because we nurture and provide the basic needs of life, we are guardians and caregivers, raising and nurturing them to the best of our abilities, and taking on the commitment no matter the race, species,  adopted or not it is what we feel within our hearts for these innocent lives, and the way that we observe them that makes us true “parents”.

   Is it really fair to judge us on who we consider our “children” or to be disparaged because we accepted a life that is different to be a child within our family, a piece of our heart, a living being that we love unconditionally --- how is that insulting or negative?

   I may not be able to change your opinions or views, but to be honest that is fine, but I will say that me calling my dogs my “children” is not what is insulting – it is the ignorance and negative views of individuals that is. 

Love Me and my “fur-kids”