Sunday, 31 July 2016

BEING SUPER "VEGANTASTIC": Making A Life-Changing Choice

    Did you know that to some the word "VEGAN" is something terrifying, or threatening --- well so these individuals believe it to be, if not why would so many who eat meat get so defensive when the word is brought up or begin poking fun at those who have chosen this way of life... 

     but besides the bullying  and the defensive actions that are uncalled for... I get where they are coming from... to some a life change such as this can be a scary thing, especially when you are already accustomed to meat and other animal by-products within your daily meal routine... I was one of them, years ago... before I educated myself on the true definition of the word and the reality of this benefitial way of life....

       The more I learned, the more I became intrigued and enthusiastic about this change, almost like a calling that I was meant to answer --- and the fear that I had felt from not making this decision sooner ( the bullying and the thought of taking meat & by products out of my routine would be the "End of The World" event) was basically blinders from opening my eyes to the reality and truth that was hidden away from me for way too long.

        But how can I choose this path and keep up with it when I am surrounded by those that have not made the same lifestyle choice? believe it or not, that was a very easy answer,  because even though my family and friends were not vegans, they supported my decision and even incorporated my new choice into their meal routines.... and yes even tried vegan meals themselves --- which I may add some found delicious, but there were a few who still "crinkled their nose" at the idea...

       That's okay with me though, at least they attempted to try --- and didn't avoid the whole new experience -- "Don't Knock It Til You Try It" right?  but it was the appreciation and support that meant the world to me... and it is always good to have that support foundation beside you as you take this journey and connecting with other vegans & groups is a benefit as well.

       Always remember though, not everyone is going to be supportive, and you could get degraded by those who feel the need to bully someone, or in my case, be bombarded by countless questions --- such as "Why Did You Choose To Go Vegan?" little things that merely challenge your opinions and beliefs... so as a response, I just say... it was time... time to pull the veil off my eyes and make a difference within my life and the lives of those affected by my past decisions to consume meat and by-products... Oh and of course the many benefits that come with choosing this lifestyle as well... very, very well worth it.

How well worth it, you say? well my friends, let's just take a little look....

     Choosing to go VEGAN, you are saving approx. 200 lives a year... 200 innocent beings that will not be inhumanely treated and killed that comes along with meat consumption... and also according to research, veganism also aids the environment as well, because animal food production produces most greenhouse gases, even more then the transportation industries etc..... 

    Along with saving innocent lives, you will also "SAVE MONEY" - due to meat and animal by-products being expensive in cases, veganism helps cut your food bill a great deal --- and you will be able to come up with "VEGANTASTIC" creations that are healthy & delicious from home, instead of going to restaurants or fast food places, that rarely have vegan dishes on the menu.

       and what about the benefits to your health,  well for me, I feel much healthier -- not saying that I wasn't before changing my lifestyle.. I just find that I have more energy, and my way of thinking is more clearer, like being a new person with a whole new outlook and approach on life.

       Now I am not saying that I am "Superior" to those who are not vegan, nor do I demand that people race off and quit eating meat & consuming animal by-products "Cold Vurkey"  - but I do request that individuals educate themselves on the benefits of this lifestyle, and to become aware of the lengths that some go in order to fulfill the demand for meat and animal by-product consumption...  and hey, who knows, maybe there will even be a point where individuals will add a vegan meal into their daily meal routine, just to show that the world will not end if meat etc was taken from their diet.... :)

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

FREE KISKA to the Wild or to Sea Sanctuary: Remove Her From Isolated Life.


    We at RAISE UR PAW, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are determined and dedicated to use everything within us to see Kiska, the last remaining captive orca in Canada, either freed to the wild, or to a sea sanctuary --- away from the isolated existence that she is enduring right now.

    In Ontario, there has been a bill passed that bans the selling, buying and breeding of Orcas, but according to what many are stating is that Kiska is excluded from this new marine mammal legislation - which leaves her (Kiska) to endure this life of loneliness, isolation and misery.

   Keeping innocent Kiska enslaved in this life and treated in this manner, we believe that this should be a violation of rights that she should possess as a living being, and a hazard to her welfare and well-being as well (physically and psychologically)... Unfortunately, Marineland continues to defend their actions and has support from individuals stating that Kiska is their "property" - a term that should never be used for a living being.

PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICE & SIGN THE PETITION: (Over 5K so far - let's keep the support going & voices raised)

     It is this movement that we are hoping to achieve laws in which makes it illegal to keep orcas in captivity, and with this including beloved Kiska, and also to create stronger laws for all captive life. With Kiska being the last captive orca in Canada, her freedom to the wild or to sea sanctuary would be a huge step forward in the fight against captivity - to demonstrate to the rest of the World that we have compassion for life, and that other Governments should follow within our steps.

    However, such a movement cannot be achieved unless we have the support of individuals, and political figures of power and influence to make enough pressure for such a milestone to be taken. We are hoping to achieve this pressure, to show that the voices of the people can make a difference & impact.


    We, at Raise Ur Paw, are hoping that we can count on you, to lend your voices for not only KISKA but for all the innocent lives that are enduring this slavery, to unite and make a stand with countless others as we push forward to being the change we want to see in this World and that all lives matter.

Thank You

Saturday, 23 July 2016


The World United To Speak Up For Tilikum, Can We Do The Same For Kiska "World's Loneliest Orca"?

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne:

     As a member of humanity, I am reaching out with much hope that we can count of you & your political power to help an innocent life that is serving an indefinite life of solitary, isolation and misery - and it is imperative that this issue be acknowledged & aided before it is too late.

    For over 40 years or so, Kiska has given her life to be a mere "tourist attraction" at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - forcibly kidnapped off the coast of Iceland in 1979 as a calf and has resided at the marine park since then, robbed of her freedom, natural aspects of her life, and her existence. 

    She has experienced loss of companionship - due to relocation or passing of tank-mates, and has a one hundred percent infant-mortality rate, losing all 5 of the calves she had :( a heartbreaking reality that seems to get worse --- and now living a life of isolation! 

    Are we not about equality, taking a stand & speaking out to show that all lives matter, or are we just directing these statement to only the human species, and leaving the countless others who have much right to life and being here as we do, to be used as necessities for humanity.

    To agree and accept this form of treatment - and not take the necessary steps that are much needed, is a form of failure on our parts, a neglect upon the responsibilities that we have as guardians of life. I acknowledge that some major steps were taken, but it appears that these movements have excluded Kiska, and why? is a question that many are requesting an answer for.

     Much of the unjustifiable treatment that we put animals through, we make excuses or create reasons to have the world accept -- for marine parks they use the "Education" card - trying to provide generations with the insight of the lives of these innocent beings, and yet here they live in concrete pools, enslaved and robbed of the natural aspects of their lives, and even being forced to perform - something that they do not do within their wild environment.

     If you or any other individual were to take the moment to observe or research Kiska's life within her confinement.  I am certain that you too would feel the same as we do - observing her treatment as one would treat "property" & the negative impacts that these actions have taken upon an innocent soul... and urgent action is needed to be taken today.

    Please do the right thing and make a stand - Let's show that Kiska has a voice, and set an example that we as humanity are making a difference for innocent life.  

OVER 5K have Signed to #FreeKiska - Please SHARE & JOIN TOO -

Thank You


Thursday, 21 July 2016



     I don't usually do the "Birthday Wishes" because to be honest, I have everything that I could ever wish for, a loving family, true friends, love and care and so much more... so really, wishing for anything else I would feel selfish on my part...

    So I have decided to give my birthday wish to an innocent life, that deserves a wish come true - and that is too Kiska, or to some "The World's Loneliest Orca"... a label that explains a lot of her life and existence in such a heartbreaking way.


    Everyday I am grateful that I have freedom, family, friends, love and home - but along with this gratefulness, comes sadness that so many innocent lives have had these things ripped away from them in order for some humanity to gain and make profit - a reality and saddening truth - enslaved for exploitation and for humanity's entertainment.

    I know that my "Birthday Wish" may never come true, but I refuse to believe that there is no hope - because if enough voices are raised & enough steps are taken anything is possible... the path to making a difference begins with one single step.

PLEASE take the moment to SHARE/SIGN this petition -

   Show your support not only for KISKA, who lives an isolated existence, but for all the innocent lives that have had their freedom and lives robbed from them.  RAISE UR PAW TODAY & EVERYDAY... be the change you wish to see in the World.

Thank You All For the Birthday Support


Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Dear Shannen Doherty:

     As animal angels we are constantly coming together to fight for lives in need, uniting our strength to journey forward, and using our love in hopes of achieving the goals that we aim to win.  These qualities about us as individuals, not only make the world a better place to reside, but also to show innocent lives that there are still remaining humanity that cares enough to make a stand and raise their voices.

    Like the innocent lives that need our strength and love to get through these times, we know that you too could use the same united strength, love, prayer and thoughts as you journey through your battle with cancer -- and we are hoping that you will take all this united love and strength, and proceed to use it as ammo against this disease that you face... for we "animal angels" are by your side. 

    You as an individual are an inspiration, not only for your strength and fight, but for your love, dedication and drive to help the innocent - even going above and beyond the call of duty to do what needs to be done in order to protect/save/and stand up for life - and that there makes a true golden heart.   

     I am adding along with my thoughts & prayers a poem that has helped me when my father had the disease when I was 15-years old, because even though Cancer stole so much - it could not take away the important things.


Cancer is so limited.....
It cannot cripple Love
It cannot shatter Hope
It cannot corrode Faith
It cannot eat away Peace
It cannot destroy Confidence
It cannot kill Friendships
It cannot shut out Memories
It cannot silence Courage
It cannot reduce Eternal Life
It cannot quench the Spirit.

 Thank You For Being A Friend, Inspiration & Animal Angel :)