Wednesday, 3 August 2016


This blog entry that I am writing to you is a "PET PEEVE ALERT"  (all opinions, beliefs are mine and mine alone)

     Okay folks, truthfully now, how many of us vegan/vegetarians have walked into a restaurant (fast-food or not), or went to a community event gathering only to find that there is absolutely no vegan/vegetarians foods being offered... *my hand immediately raises*

     You walk up to the person who is either taking your order, or co-ordinator of the event,  and you gaze at the menu, literally straining your eyes to find that little speck of hope that these businesses, or events, have provided for you a taste of the lifestyle that you have chosen... and yet, low and behold, your dreams and hopes are completely shattered when the cashier or co-ordinator states "Well, we have salads and fries?" really...... 

       After a long and awkward pause.. you shake your head wondering, if these places realize that vegans/vegetarians do eat, that they do indeed enjoy quick and easy meals away from cooking and the hecticness of their lives.... we are human after all.

       I mean come on, we vegans/vegetarians are a high percentage of the population too -- so it is not like these restaurants are going to go belly up from offering us the same service as they do for those who are not vegan/vegetarian... or the community event barbeques etc - where we donate our money, or help out the same as everyone else and yet while others are feasting and devouring their hamburgers, hot dogs etc... we gaze down at the lonely bun that is the only choice that is presented to us... 

     I know, I'm complaining... but this is a real pet peeve of mine... as part of humanity, I do enjoy the same exact things as everyone else, except meat and animal by-products are NOT in my daily meal routine or life.. and like everyone else, well sort-of, I believe that a lifestyle choice should not be denied the same options and serves, and that provisions should be given in order to meet the demands of everyone and not just some... am I the only one that feels this way?

       If you have been through this, or even went to the grocery store where vegan/vegetarian products have not been or limited providing we want to hear from you.... if they don't hear the voices of the people NOTHING will change.



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