Saturday, 21 January 2017

RAISE UR PAW CHALLENGE -- A Challenge For Life.


MAKE FEBRUARY ( Animal Adoption/Fostering Promotion Month)

The Raise Ur Paw Challenge --- What is it exactly and What Does It Do???

   The Raise Ur Paw Challenge, is a challenge in which we at Raise Ur Paw created in order to promote the adoption and fostering of sheltered animals in need -- and encourage individuals, like yourselves, to participate in and share with others for their involvement as well.

   With the countless images of beloved pets that are constantly being shared and tweeted out on a daily basis through social media (via Twitter and Facebook) in search of loving homes, families and second chances at life and love --- we wanted to take that extra step and create another method to better their chances.

    This challenge encourages participants who have been nominated to either make a video in which promotes adoption/fostering of sheltered lives, or the video could give a short message about the issues that causes countless lives to be brought to humane societies/shelters, or even a picture of yourself promoting adoption/fostering etc.  Within the video you must use the hashtag #RaiseUrPawChallenge and nominate at least 5 other individuals to become involved!  

   If by chance you want to add a stipulation to the challenge --- you can give nominated individuals 48 hours to accept or forfeit the challenge by making a small donation to an animal shelter or humane society of yours or their choice.

    We are hoping that this challenge will prompt and raise enough participation in order to better the chances for these loving beings to find their "fur-ever" homes and families & extend further the awareness that is desperately needed against the countless issues at hand that is leading these innocent lives within such places.

Please Unite With Other Animal Angels & Take the Challenge ... It only takes a moment to make a world of difference for a life in need.  Raise Ur Paw High Today and Believe In Second Chances For Love.

Thank You.

Raise Ur Paw 
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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Shut Down Bandung Zoo -- Open Letter to President of Indonesia

Dear President Joko Widodo;

   We at Raise Ur Paw and individuals of society are writing to you about the disturbing and inhumane viral video that has been circulating throughout social media -- showing within the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia a group of starving and skeletal-like bears: which according to many sources has been apparently going on for months.

    Judging by the matter at hand and the condition in which these innocent beings display, the Bandung Zoo is clearly and most-definitely negligent and irresponsible --- and that such actions against beloved animals should be seen as a criminal act.

   According to much research and through other sources, this is not the first time that innocent lives were treated in this inhumane and horrific manner -- many have even perished due to such actions within the premises -- without any remorse or changes in order to better or make difference to the welfare and well-being of these innocent beings.

   We are reaching out to you and extending the urgency to please take this imperative concern and issue into your immediate attention, and use your political power/influence to put pressure upon others within your Government to make the necessary and dire steps needed to save and protect these innocent souls that are enslaved and mistreated there.

     This form of action that we are requesting is one that will surely make a positive difference not only in the lives of the animals inhabiting there, but for the future generations to observe that we had come together as a unity to make the impact to protect and be voices for our voiceless and demonstrate compassion and respect by not tolerating or accepting such cruel and inhumane treatment within our modern society.

     We are truly hoping that you, as President of Indonesia, will shut down the Bandung Zoo, find and demand appropriate and suitable veterinary care for all the inhabitants there, re-locate these lives to either sanctuaries or within the custody of appropriate animal-rights organizations, and lastly, to make changes or create animal welfare laws so that this issue does not appear again.

Please RAISE UR PAW --- We Are Counting On Your Support!


Thank You
RAISE UR PAW @raiseurpaw


Monday, 16 January 2017



  We at Raise Ur Paw are very committed to helping not only animals worldwide, but to also aid and support the development of our youth and future generations through humane education.  This imperative learning opportunity will educate, encourage and empower our youths to become not only positive role-models and change-makers, but it will also help them become more compassionate, respectful, responsible and caring towards all animal species and the environment around the world.

   Through our H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) we assist by preparing youth for life after they leave educational facilities, because we believe that future generations need to be instructed of a great number of other issues/concerns, besides just learning the basic curriculum.  Such learning experiences and skills that humane education offers will be a great benefit to our youth as they venture towards the future and proceed to make impacts and differences within the world.

    Our programs in which we are establishing will not only prepare and aid youth's development and growth into critical-thinking and compassionate individuals, it will also form the skills and abilities to aid in making the world around us a more humane and respectful place to live.

     Humane Education helps form the connection between humanity, environment and other species of life- it is this knowledge and learning experience that will aid in shining more light to the matters/issues at hand, and encourage our youth to contribute their thoughts, opinions, and positive empowerment in order for them to play their active role and add their contribution to making a difference.

BENEFITS OF H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs)!

  • Educate positive values within our youths : such as compassion, respect & responsibility
  • Encourages involvement and participation in making difference and empowering critical and creative ways of thinking.
  • Develops empathy upon animals: which aids and supports in creating solutions against the issues and concerns that our voiceless face and endure on a daily basis.
  • Provides age-appropriate resources, materials and experience.
  • Promotes awareness on the issues - and how they can play their active role in making changes and differences.
  • Motivates our youths to become positive influences and role-models for a better world and future. 
  • Aiding in the development and growth of skills and experiences in which they can use or incorporate into their daily lifestyles.
  • Creating more compassionate and respectful citizens within our society.
  • Shape behaviors and attitudes of our youth towards other individuals, animals, and environment.
   Education, Encouragement and Empowerment is key components in making a positive impact.  We believe that with enough backing and support from individuals, like yourselves, we will be able to achieve this goal by offering and presenting our H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) to educational facilities and within home and community environments.  

    Please take this imperative opportunity and join along with other animal angels worldwide and support bringing our programs into the educational curriculum --- we can surely make the difference that we all want to see within the world and future.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

RAISE UR PAW CHALLENGE - Promote Adoption & Fostering Today!


    We at, RAISE UR PAW, are excited about giving you this challenge and presenting to you the opportunity to promote adoption and fostering of a sheltered life in need. At this moment there are so many innocent lives that are depending upon us, as humanity, to take that moment of our time and help them receive their forever loving homes and families and giving them that second chance at life that they so rightfully deserve.

JOIN US this FEBRUARY 2017 and make the month Adoption and Fostering Month!

    All individuals around the world are invited to take this challenge and nominate others to become involved in a fun and challenging way to play their active roles in promoting adoption and fostering of life.


   We are challenging everyone to either make a small video, or develop a creative design in which does any of the following:

  • The promotion of adoption/fostering 
  • Raising awareness on the issues in which leads innocent animals to shelters or humane societies
  • Shares stories of adoptive or fostered pets in which you have taken into your home & family.
  • Or even add a picture of you and your adoptive/fostered pet supporting this cause.
Remember to use the hashtag #RaiseUrPawChallenge and nominate at least 5 individuals  - They have the choice to either take the challenge or forfeit and make a small donation to any animal shelter or humane society of their choice.  (A common stipulation you can use is by giving them 24 hours to either enter the challenge or forfeit)

   The #RaiseUrPawChallenge and our not-for-profit incorporation is hoping to show that when each of us individuals contributes, even just a little -- it increases and supports our efforts towards making this dream a reality.  Only us, as humanity, can make the difference, and it is us who these innocent souls depend to help change their lives forever... we need to make their voices, our voices.



Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Go No Kill - Adopting No-Kill Policies Within Shelters

To Whom It May Concern;

   We as a compassionate society are writing to you in hopes that we can request everyone to please support and urge kill shelters to fully adopt no-kill policies in order to give full second chances for innocent lives in need.

    Although there are a countless number of no-kill shelters within our society today, there are still many others that still proceed with the extreme measures of euthanizing healthy and treatable life for the mere reasons that forever and homes and families cannot be found within certain time periods (stemming from one week to one month, depending on the space and policies), as well as the over-crowding and lack of space of facilities.

    It is our belief and within our opinion, that we can make a difference and have these kill shelters adopt no-kill policies and find adequate and humane methods in order to deal with situations that they find themselves in without using such inhumane strategies.  It is also with this belief that we feel that with enough backing, voices and support, we can truly reach this goal.

   Euthanasia should not/nor ever be used as a "solution" to over-crowded shelters, or for our innocent voiceless who have been over-looked and unable to find suitable and loving homes, especially since there are other alternative solutions that are present.

    With the support of individuals, like yourselves, we can not just encourage kill-shelters to follow in the same footsteps as other shelters, but also reach out and spread the imperative message that will also play an active role in making the changes necessary in the process of saving and protecting the innocent lives that find themselves within these facilities.


  • Reaching out to politicians and municipalities and request support, and encourage their voices in helping urge kill-shelters to change their policies.
  • Spreading awareness on the importance of spaying and neutering, which will help decrease animal over-population.
  • Educating on the importance of responsible pet ownership 
  • Urging such shelters to establish and maintain screening of potential adopters, to decrease the amount of animals who have been relinquished, abused, neglected, abandoned etc.
  • To encourage and urging re-training and rehabilitation of animals which may have behavioral problems (which can be achieved through much dedication and determination by caring and compassionate volunteer or staff members)
  • Raising awareness and promoting adoption and fostering instead of buying.
  • Relocating animals from "kill-shelters" to "no-kill shelters" 
  • Working at coming up with ways to gain funding so that kill-shelters can be provided with the necessary aspects so that they can change to no-kill.
  • Urging our municipalities and political figures to play their active roles in helping save/protect innocent sheltered life by making changes to laws so that euthanasia is unacceptable: unless the animal is suffering or terminally ill, and no medical treatment or methods can save them. 

 PLEASE JOIN US IN SUPPORTING "NO-KILL" and let's unite as one and raise ur paw to make this dream a reality... we can make this happen, and with a compassionate and dedicated network of individuals we can truly make "kill-shelters" places of the past and bring forth a new hope in humanity in the fight to protect and save innocent lives in need.

Raise Ur Paw
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Monday, 9 January 2017

Stop Trophy Hunt Auction: Open Letter To President Donald Trump

Dear President Donald Trump;

   As a member and compassionate individual in society I have always believed in the rights of the
innocent and the protection/safety of such life as well --- and along with this belief, I also hold the hope that we all can come together as one united force to make the world a more kinder and compassionate residence for not only humanity, but for all innocent lives and species as well.

    It is with this hope that we are reaching out to you, not just as a newly appointed President of the United States, but as an individual who has made the statement "Let's Make America Great Again!" and request that you urge your sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr, to please Not go ahead and proceed with the trophy hunt auction in which they are planning to hold one day after your inauguration at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center according to reports.

Link To Article:

    We truly acknowledge and understand that as an appointed President that there is much on your plate and imperative issues that needs attention... but it is this action in which your heirs are participating in and coordinating that is another issue within the eyes of society, trophy hunting ( a deemed sport that is not tradition but a travesty of conservation) --- and such actions of capitalizing off the lives of the innocent is truly inappropriate and unacceptable way to celebrate an individual, like yourself, ascending into the role of the "power of the people!"

    This is your opportunity to play a significant role in making a stand for our innocent voiceless, to be a positive role-model and figure who is not just a voice for humanity, but for all species --- and with that voice make a positive statement that "all innocent life matters" and must be treated with respect, compassion, care and humanely for the purpose of creating a better world and future --- not just for us, but for all species and future generations to come.

We thank you so much for your time, and hope that this open letter finds its way to you.

Please Raise Ur Paw Today - @raiseurpaw 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Animal Angels United: Coming Together For Humane Education

   We at Raise Ur Paw, are deeply committed to not only make a stand and be voices for animals in need worldwide, but to also bring humane education to our youths within educational facilities --- and feel passionate about our belief that with the right education, empowerment and encouragement we and our future generation can truly make a difference in this world in which we reside in.

JOIN countless others and SUPPORT the efforts to make this dream a reality... Be Part of #AnimalAngelsUnited This February, 2017!

   Many of us are already aware of the importance humane education is within the lives of our youth --- and how such education can be a leadership skill to establishing the impacts and differences needed for fostering a more kinder and compassionate world and future.  But even though such knowledge is of great importance and necessary... educational facilities and curriculum still does not provide this imperative learning experience to our youths and future generations.... and that desperately needs to change.

   That is why, along with our efforts to raise awareness on the issues in which our innocent animals face and endure on a daily basis, that we are reaching out and hoping to establish and bring H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) to the table in order to support and help our youths fulfill their potential in being positive role-models & action takers by providing them with age-appropriate education, resources, materials and empowerment.

PLEASE ORDER OR DONATE Today --- (Only Days Left To Help The #AnimalAngelUnited Campaign) Hope We Can Count On Your Support!

        With your contribution and as part of #AnimalAngelsUnited you become part of the extension of the branch that will create stepping stones and positive motivation for our younger generations, to foster and promote the connection that is urgently needed for a more humane world and inspire role-models that will keep the journey and efforts to saving and protecting innocent life alive for decades...if not centuries to come.

     We can all make a difference --- not only in the lives of animals worldwide, but within our youths as well.  Will You Raise Ur Paw With Us for #AnimalAngelsUnited.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017


As an individual of society, my support when it comes to politics and to those who are or will be brought into power as leaders, has always been to those who are about making positive changes and differences in order to make impacts and improvements in this world we live in... and upon the lives and well-being of all species of innocent life, not just humanity.

  In recent reports it was brought to the world's attention the fact that Donald Trump's sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, hunting enthusiasts, will be ringing in their father's ascent into power by holding a fundraiser and party which would include the opportunity to trophy hunt.. from wild turkey, grizzly bear, and even bald eagle!


  Such actions and displays as this, is by far so unacceptable and inappropriate for a celebration of an individual who is ascending into power of the people, such as president. This role is suppose to be an empowering position that many view as a leader and defender of the lives and welfare of species, and a positive and reflective role-model for the bettering of our world and future. 

     In my honest opinion, I for one am truly disgusted and disgraced that individuals -- NO matter who they are, would take this role or aspects around this role of greatness, and abuse it in a manner to excuse and/or take opportunity to capitalize from the inhumanity and cruelty of taking an innocent life, such as the unjustifiable trophy hunt.

    What I believe needs to be done is for the President to first-hand "nip this in the butt" and show voting individuals that this form of "conservation", as many would describe it, is not the way that we protect and save innocent species from extinction --- and with that urge or demand his heirs to withdraw from hosting such a brutal event , and to lean further on other humane forms or strategies of conservation.

     Only we as humanity can truly make a difference and change, but we need to unite as one powerful force to make that goal a reality for ourselves, the world and future.... Raise Ur Paw Today!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs) Raise Ur Paw


We at Raise Ur Paw would like to introduce the idea and future development of our H.E.L.P (Humane Education Learning Programs).

    Our H.E.L.P was created by our not-for-profit incorporation, RAISE UR PAW CA9102493 with the mission to bring upon the fostering of compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment through educational lessons and resources for youths and educators within educational institutes and facilities.

    Such educational services and resources are specially designed to provide a combination of focus points such as building awareness, sharing knowledge and resources, animal protection, responsibilities, environmental preservation and encouraging and empowering the involvement of youth of all ages.

If you would like to ORDER one of our #AnimalAngelsUnited T-Shirts Or Donate to Helping Establish Our Humane Education Learning Programs - Please Click on the Link here, and also share with your friends, family, groups etc. ---> 

(Only a few days remaining to support this pawsome campaign)

   With our advocacy efforts and our strong aims and goals, we are hoping to directly present our humane educational learning programs and services to educators and students in hopes of establishing and forming impacts upon our young individuals and their development.

Such Goals and Aims That We Hope To Achieve:

  • Raising awareness and education on current animal welfare issues, along with promoting kinder and compassionate choices in order for our youths to play their active roles and parts for our voiceless, and the world in which we reside in.
  • Gaining support, empathy and empowerment to create a world of acceptance and compassion towards animals of all species and using such skills to be positive role-models and action takers.
  • To establish and encourage involvement from youths and those around them (family and friends) and participate in the efforts that is imperative in the fostering of a kinder and compassionate world and future.

    These programs will be designed and linked to age-appropriate instruction, materials and resources and will provide students/educators with the necessary tools to make positive changes and differences, role-models, lifestyle decisions and informative teaching that they can carry with them as they journey into the future.

    We believe that our programs are not only imperative, but essential in the development of young minds for a kinder and more compassionate world and future --- and that such an introduction of important lessons within the education curriculum is a step in the right direction.

     We are truly hoping that each and every animal angel and individual of the world will take this opportunity to support and take part in such a positive and life-changing experience....

" When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts"

                                                                                                                        ~ Dalai Lama

Raise Ur Paw Today For The Future....For Life!