Monday, 9 January 2017

Stop Trophy Hunt Auction: Open Letter To President Donald Trump

Dear President Donald Trump;

   As a member and compassionate individual in society I have always believed in the rights of the
innocent and the protection/safety of such life as well --- and along with this belief, I also hold the hope that we all can come together as one united force to make the world a more kinder and compassionate residence for not only humanity, but for all innocent lives and species as well.

    It is with this hope that we are reaching out to you, not just as a newly appointed President of the United States, but as an individual who has made the statement "Let's Make America Great Again!" and request that you urge your sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr, to please Not go ahead and proceed with the trophy hunt auction in which they are planning to hold one day after your inauguration at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center according to reports.

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    We truly acknowledge and understand that as an appointed President that there is much on your plate and imperative issues that needs attention... but it is this action in which your heirs are participating in and coordinating that is another issue within the eyes of society, trophy hunting ( a deemed sport that is not tradition but a travesty of conservation) --- and such actions of capitalizing off the lives of the innocent is truly inappropriate and unacceptable way to celebrate an individual, like yourself, ascending into the role of the "power of the people!"

    This is your opportunity to play a significant role in making a stand for our innocent voiceless, to be a positive role-model and figure who is not just a voice for humanity, but for all species --- and with that voice make a positive statement that "all innocent life matters" and must be treated with respect, compassion, care and humanely for the purpose of creating a better world and future --- not just for us, but for all species and future generations to come.

We thank you so much for your time, and hope that this open letter finds its way to you.

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